News: facebook marketplace not showing number of views

Does anyone have tips that they might have used to avoid what I mentioned above? The pictures of the item. Have a tip or story idea? No one goes on Kijiji for that in my experience. I've had very happy buyers and easy transactions, -Been posting through my phone on the Facebook app itself. I've also posted non-phone items and they've sat up for months and get like 15 views, no matter what kind of pictures I take. Maybe it was competition. The item itself (obviously) -- a pair of old dirty New Balance sneakers will understandably get less views than a brand new shiny TV. Is your facebook name and details accurate, do you use a real photo of yourself? Only 5 right now but 3 of which are experiencing the issue where I can't find my own ad, -Ive checked the location and tried to even shift the map a bit as some posts have suggested, -Ive never had a bad experience selling so I doubt anyone could have reported me.

Facebook Marketplace issues, No views, posts always being flagged!! Now this same thing has happened to my other two items I'm trying to sell. On the other hand, do you really want a big, faceless corporation covertly shielding your feelings from being hurt? When you publish a video as a Page you manage, you can see other metrics about video viewing behavior from a desktop computer. If a video has been shared as Public, the number of views will be displayed below the video. I primarily sell iPhones, and when I post a phone with fancy pictures (nice angles, lighting, backdrop, etc.) A place to discuss tactics and success stories of buying things for a low price and selling them for a higher one. I am guessing facebook wants to have real users buying and selling, and not a user with a horse photo, 4 friends which may not be a true account. It was odd since I got tons of response on another iPhone I flipped. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. A Phone call? I then try to search for my ad using the exact same title words and nothing shows up! Warzel also suggested that the only people who are given this kind of information are advertisers, which Backstrom pointed out is untrue, since anyone who operates Groups and Pages on Facebook can also look at page views — for example, we see how many people see posts to the Geekosystem Facebook page, which helps us know what articles you’re interested in, and what you’re not. I do most of my sales on Facebook Marketplace and the number of views your item gets really depends on 1.) Have a tip we should know? Press J to jump to the feed. Who needs the News Feed when you can navigate Facebook by hashtag? Trying to sell my mom's Michael Kors purse and I've sold a few other ones before. Or to keep it anonymous, click here. Also keep in mind that you can "renew" your posting after 7 days, and it will reset the view count and bump the posting further up on the item list. I literally can't find my ad anymore at all. I try to repost or post a new ad for perfume or a purse my mom is trying to get rid of and it gets flag for "prohibited item"....yeah how about the other thousands of purses on marketplace. According to Facebook engineer Lars Backstrom, the call was made that users wouldn’t be interested in how many people saw the content they passed along — just how many reacted to it. I've done a few searches and came up short on the results but I'm having some issues with Facebook marketing place and was wondering if anyone has found a fix to this while selling on Facebook. Click on the far right icon Then, swipe up a bit and from the set of options select the option “ Marketplace ” and your Facebook Marketplace will open up. “People are way more interested in seeing *who* liked their posts, rather than just the number of people who saw it,” he said in a Facebook post of his own. Facebook Will Ban Political Ads … AFTER the Polls Close? mascot-5 Subscribe Login Email us. it attracts many more views than the phones that are just simply pictured in somebody's hand, with their dirty fingernails wrapped around the phone and smudges all over the screen. Even though the feature would be simple to implement, he said it wasn’t worth the space on a page for the average person. I’ve noticed that if I include the brand (Burberry, Nike) the post gets flagged shortly after going live. How do I call them? A Dream Come True: Facebook Will Pay Some Users to Deactivate Their Accounts Ahead of the Election, Facebook Promises To Do the Bare Minimum, Restricts New Political Ads a Week Before the Election, Mark Zuckerberg Blames Kenosha Militia Page on “Operational Mistake”, Trump Ad Tries to Stoke Fear of Protesters With 2014 Photo … From Ukraine. Press J to jump to the feed. I made 3 or 4 different posts now all were flagged and deleted, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. At least I’m able to view other people’s Marketplace posts and message them. Why is my Marketplace listing not getting views? My ad was not flagged and shows as active. I've had the exact same issue!

I recently decided to try marketplace and made a posting. As previously mentioned, Facebook wants to see that accounts are active. Is there anything I can do. Did you piss someone or a group of people off lately? They didn't send a proper notification on it. “That’s because these people care about how many people see these posts; everyday users — not so much,” Backstrom wrote. Social media is all about engagement; does it matter if you view something but don’t respond? I tried to get my GF to see if she could see the post and she can't access the marketplace at all (hits an error page and searching for answers on Google doesn't yield any quick answers). That being said, I followed the advice on here and as of mid-May 2020, the Facebook mobile app (Apple) does indeed show the item views. It doesn’t get more than 1view, which is from me, and I don’t get any responses at all. Maybe you are experiencing a shadow ban on a temporary suspension. So a large bit of the view count depends on the item. 2.

If I’m more generic (Men’s watch, men’s shoes) the posts remain up. What To Stress Eat or Drink Today, Based on Your Zodiac Sign, Trump Orders "Non-Scalable" Wall Surrounding White House Because He's a Scared Little Man.

Then I go look, it's stuck on 100 views for a day or two which doesn't look right. I don't remember how I got the quick link on the side of my FB page (I am a very infrequent user of FB) but my GF doesn't have the same link and can't search within FB for access. He said that tests showed that “any time we stop ranking and show posts in chronological order, the number of stories people read decreases and the amount of likes and comments people produce decreases.”. List something for ridiculously cheap that you would expect 30 inquiries from and see if there is any break through. And 2.) Backstrom, who works on Facebook’s News Feed, was responding to a recent BuzzFeed article by Charlie Warzel that suggested Facebook is deliberately concealing information on page views from its users. I'm not flipping or anything and my original ad was up for days now it gets flagged and taken down within minutes. "People are way more interested in seeing *who* liked their posts, rather than just the number of people who saw it," he said in a Facebook post of his own. On the Facebook app: Menu > Marketplace > Profile > Your listings > Click on item > Scroll down and look for "listing views"

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