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TEE Tables are based on the middle 3 letters of the STEEL acronym, standing for Technique, Example and Effect. Devil’s advocate thesis: Negative experiences shape humans in greater ways than positive ones by not reinforcing repeated actions but rather providing a chance to enable change. Generally you’ll want to have around 6 techniques/examples/effects per text, giving you 3 for each paragraph for comparative essay. Plus they make it way easier to figure out which quotes or examples are the strongest, or best suited to your essay. You write sophisticated analytical responses (ignore the imaginatively part for this section) confidently, using your own, detailed original ideas and with strong structure. It’s time for you to look over your HSC English essay with a critical eye and figure out what isn’t working. “Frankenstein” serves as a warning to humanity to not easily tinker with God’s powers, the consequence that befalls Victor through his failure to take responsibility for his creation  is exemplified by the eye motif which signifies his guilt. Devil’s advocate thesis: The telling and receiving of stories allows us to partake in a shared human experience, but it may not involve us becoming more self-aware. It also allows you to look at your work critically and identify any issues or weaknesses with your writing and work to fix them. You do need to stop jumping back and forth between texts and make a clearer connection between your quotes (and ideas) and how they resonate with values in an audience. English Advanced: Human Experiences 1984 Essay ... 2019 hsc; english adv english ext 1&2 math ext 1 legal studies economics HSC w/ a stresshead {class of'19} Recent Posts. You show that you can write a detailed, sophisticated analytical response with your own, developed ideas. The exploration of nature and it’s (its) sciences, as encouraged in the 1800s Unitarian world could have negative consequences, as warned by “Frankenstein”. Try to stick to the same keywords that you use in your topic sentence. When you’re coming up with your devil’s advocate response there are heaps of ways to go about it, and most of the time it’ll come to you naturally. This in turn makes you more aware of where your writing needs improvement and therefore allows you to be more aware of these things and hopefully improve on them in the future.

Maddison has had a passion for writing since her early teens, having had several short stories published before joining the world of blogging. I think you also need to make a clearer definition about traditional and second wave feminist values, and make a critical assessment of their importance to both texts).

Luckily, we’re here to break it all down for you in this article with a step by step guide to writing a Band 6 essay in 5 simple steps. Structure. A discursive essay is a type of non-fiction writing that explores an idea or thing from different perspectives. Composes imaginatively, interpretively and critically with sustained precision, flair, originality and sophistication for a variety of audiences, purposes and contexts in order to explore and communicate ideas, information and values.”. “In The Hobbit by Peter Jackson shows that Bilbo feels a sense of belonging in the Shire, because he spends much of the film in his home. Art of Smart

In religions (religious) thought, the creation of life was one of gods (God’s) greatest achievement, Victors encroachment on this power was regarded as a blasphamy,  as metaphorically “the cup of life was poisoned forever”.

When you’re writing an HSC English essay it’s easy to forget that the marker won’t always know everything you know, so you may be leaving out vital information because you already know it. Here’s where you’re going to start talking about just how the techniques and examples you’ve chosen actually reflect your argument. When it comes to the actual editing there are lots of ways to do it: Text titles not underlined, quotes not in italics, Paragraphs that seem much longer/shorter than 250 words. The purpose of your effect/analysis column is to very briefly and simply get down what point or idea you’re proving with the technique and example you’ve already listed. [L] Through this a visual link between him and his home is established and proves to the viewer just how connected to it he feels. Why is the discursive essay important?

Science and technology has been a valuable driving force for the progression of humanity. Plus you will have had at least 8 hours away from your essay while you slept, so you’re looking at it with fresh eyes. Le Chatelier’s Principle | Haber Process | HSC Chemistry, Diffraction | X-ray and the Braggs | HSC Physics. He doesn’t seem to need to leave the place he calls home, because he feels like he belongs there. The 1980s cyberpunk film, “Blade Runner”, directed by Ridley Scott, was produced (is set) in a post-modern world which sees the encroaching success of technology on society, 2nd (second) wave feminism and increasing religious secularity. The biggest thing to remember when it comes to playing devil’s advocate is that you still have to answer the question – you’re not ignoring it, just twisting it. The critical concerns of humanity transcend context, through synergism of two texts we can … We provide practical step-by-step guides for a range of texts being studied as part of the new HSC syllabus, taking you through all of the analysis and essay writing skills that are necessary to achieve a high band 6 result. How can it be paired with perhaps the monster’s will for a normal life in Frankenstein?). Do not copy from this work. Question statement: Through the telling and receiving of stories, we become more aware of ourselves and our shared human experiences. Those techniques and examples that are missing from the first paragraph is what really fleshes out the STEEL paragraph, while the analysis is much more advanced because of following the structure! Obviously we’re aiming for a Band 6 here, so the first thing we need to do is check out what’s actually required of us to achieve that mark. are fairly easy to spot. You jump back and forth between the texts a lot and this weakens your argument. It might sound like you are repeating yourself but it does make what you write clearer.

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