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Shorty Bulls have a While these "impostor" dogs might look exactly like true Shorty Bulls, they're often markedly different in temperament, and may have behavioral problems. A few specifications: Shorty Bulls are small- to medium-sized, with short-haired, sleek coats that come in numerous colors; the coats are normally bi-colored, often with white as the secondary color.Here are some good (and not so good) qualities of this fairly new breed: A small- to medium-sized breed.

© 2020 ( This dog has been bred not merely on its looks, but also for its working ability and physical characteristics. We participate in some of the protection sports and it is strictly for “sport“….. Bull-NA-ChinaShop TV 13,695 views. Chest, shoulders, head, full rear swinging counterweights and a bad ass paint job too. farm.

Head:  Round head with typical bulldog features. Crate training is also recommended to begin at a young age and again, routine is key to good crate habits. These dogs are affectionate with kids and friendly toward other pets (though they may chase cats due to a high prey drive). Personality: The personality of the Shorty Bull is very friendly, active, and sometimes comical. While other clubs & organizations have sprung up, the BBC maintains the highest qualifications for Shorty development. Shorty Bulls should never be aggressive to humans.

Its birth has been explosive and has gained momentum with every breeding. Follow a routine over a period of time to give them housebreaking and crate trainings, until the puppy makes it a habit by itself. Most Shorty Bulls are born with a naturally short tail which may be either kinked or screwed, but longer tails occasionally appear in the breed at this point and those must be docked. They are not lumped into a category with Developed as companion animals, Shorty Bulls are novelty dogs. The Shorty Bull should be a stout, small bully...but never fragile. The back should be short in comparison with the legs, so the dog resembles a box when viewed from the side. This website is estimated worth of $ 8.95 and have a daily income of around $ 0.15. They make well-rounded dogs for the entire family, have a zest for life and are little comics. The Shorty Bull should always be stout and never appear fragile or fine boned. Temperament is one of the breeds most important characteristics. Because of its short coat, this breed is better suited to warmer climates. Most Shorty Bulls breed and whelp on their own with litters ranging from four puppies to as many as ten with six being the average litter size. Shorties have short-haired, sleek coats. What began as a personal challenge to test my own breeding theories and to conquer the quest to custom build a bulldog became the Shorty Bull as we know it today. For a long time the choices for bull breeds in a 25-35lb travel size has been limited. Body: Body should be short from withers to tail. The newest cocktail from the bulldog blender comes in the form of a small package of nothing short of TNT. In 2007, Isaac’s Moby Dick of Blue River received his IronDogIII title and completed the 12 mile run. Most Shorty Bulls breed and whelp on their own with litters ranging from four puppies to as many as ten with six being the average litter size. As no active threats were reported recently by users, is SAFE to browse. Over the next several years, Sweet, along with fellow dog breeder Amy Krogman, used selective breeding techniques to create a compact, powerful breed of bulldog; this they did by crossing Staffordshire Bull Terriers, English Bulldogs, and French Bulldogs, then choosing the smallest and healthiest of each litter to continue their crossbreeding. Not many families of dogs have had the constant re-interpretation the Bull Breeds have had. With aging, these dogs often start to develop dominance issues, when they start to believe that they are actually ‘bigger’ than their true size. They are alert and usually alarm its family about the approach of a stranger in the house which makes them a great watchdogs. The ever expanding color palette brings shades of fawns, reds, chocolates, black, white, pieds and brindles in all shades. Feet: Tight feet and straight pasterns are desired. Rocky Mountain Shorty BullsPUEBLO, COUnited States.

Color should never be a factor in breeding good Shortys, but there’s something for everyone in this cookie jar. Train them to socialize well with strangers, other animals and pets. They make well-rounded dogs for the entire family, This breed enjoys the company of all kids, however, it is always best to socialize any puppy at a young age to ensure the best possible outcome. 7 Acre Kennels, Caldwell, Idaho, United States. By combining the traits I wanted to preserve and by using several established breeds the Shorty Bull is now it’s own breed and carries it’s own distinct traits and characteristics that sets it apart from the foundation breeds used in the process. have a zest for life and are little comics. Therefore a proper training i… 1:01. © COPYRIGHT 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 808SHORTYBULLS.COM.

Splayed feet and weak pasterns area fault. We love them dearly & they are happy here, but if someone can give them an indoor life & a loving retirement, we will let them go. They are well-behaved dogs with an even temper and are naturally happy with a fondness of its family. The development will continue as long as dedicated bulldoggers like BLUE RIVER keep their eye on the prize. Shorty bulls are prone to same-sex aggression. Since the first bulldog fell from the sky and took its first snort we've been fascinated and captivated by its command of one's attention. Shorty Bulls tend to be very curious about their surroundings. The prime characteristic of the shortie bull is its comical personality. Being durable, they are also at home on the farm in a rural setting living outside. With its Bull Breed ingredient list, this breed is a blend of the best qualities of each while striving to overcome some of the congenital and structural set-backs afflicting it's bully cousins. Some bull breeds have been described as "dogs of velvet & steel". The following dog breed registries and organizations recognize the Shorty Bull as a dog breed:, Extremely well-balanced and even-tempered, High prey drive; may chase cats and other smaller pets, Excellent jumping skills, so a high-fenced yard required, May turn destructive if left alone for extended periods, Fairly rare, and thus expensive to purchase. Eyes should be set far apart and not protrude. All the things I enjoyed with my large dogs is possible to some extent with the Shorties.

Written by THE WATCHDOG.

Though it would prefer to sleep inside with its family, if a Shorty is kept in a fenced yard, the fence will need to be quite tall; these dogs are excellent jumpers and climbers, and will easily escape over a short fence. Chest should be broad for height and have a depth reaching the elbow. Behavior: The Shorty Bulldog has a high prey drive and will run after some small animals if they see one. Height for both sexes is 13-16 inches at the shoulders; weight is 20-45 pounds for males, and 15-40 pounds for females. Shorty Bulls have a Unfortunately, since the breed's initial creation around 2000, disreputable breeders have used small dogs of other breeds like Pit Bulls or American Bulldogs in their selective breeding, then sold the offspring as Shorty Bulls. Constant observation of progeny and breeding stock is needed and knowledge of bulldog development and husbandry is paramount. Copyright 2012 Rocky mountain shorty bulls. The shorties love sports and activities, and would frequently bounce and jump.

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