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It also does not want to join if the nation it evaluates for this is already a member of the HRE, even if some other non-hre nation might have the appropriate threat/strength levels, it seems to choose whichever nation it finds most threatening, and it seems to give preference to rivals and nations with cores or claims, for instance, Dauphine might evaluate for its rival Savoy instead of France, if France has no claim/core on its territory, even if it feels threatened by France. When playing as the Emperor, in order to get as many princes as possible as vassals, it is worth increasing Imperial Authority to a level where all or most members would vote yes for this reform.

Basically once you are 40 or less it’s hard to keep the alliance.

The Holy Roman Emperor has various powers at his disposal and a great deal of responsibility to maintaining and protecting the Imperial territorial, religious, and cultural status quo. [5] Once the Emperor has more than 50 imperial authority and half of the members' support, for each additional point they gain a boost to the nations' willingness to support said reforms. However AI-controlled emperors do not actually demand unlawful territory from countries at war. Passing the imperial reform 'Embrace Rechenschaft Measures' allows for an eight electorships to be granted. By default the player opposes them.

These values can be found in, /Europa Universalis IV/common/defines.lua, Religious_league_events#The_Evangelical_Union_is_Victorious, Static modifiers#States in the Holy Roman Empire, Static modifiers#Free Cities in the Holy Roman Empire,, Articles with potentially outdated infoboxes. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

For every Free Imperial City, the amount of Imperial Authority is increased by +0.005 monthly, and the Emperor also receives +2 annually for each city.

When a reform is passed, all Imperial Authority is removed (the counter is set to 0). What links here; Related changes; Special pages; Printable version; Permanent link; Page information; Holy Roman Empire missions . Alternatively, while you can't move your capital into or out of an HRE province normally, such a move can still happen by other means like events or losing your current capital (at least if there is no other province of the same HRE status as the lost capital), and will result in respectively joining or leaving the HRE. Thanks. If the Elector is a vassal of any country other than the Emperor or the war leader, it is "independent. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Each province over five the prince owns reduces the likelihood they will be an elector.

Take and core the province while the Emperor has a long truce with you.

Once passed, if a new vassal is engaged in war, as the vassal overlord the emperor will take control, but be aware that this includes wars with belligerents both outside and inside the Empire, which may mean that instead of becoming overlord of a HRE province the player declare war on it, even if it agreed to the reform. This disables further league wars and means that only countries of this religion can become electors or emperors. Hover over a cheat code to view detailed argument explanation. came out of nowhere it seems to me. Dismantling the HRE will grant +100 prestige to the war leader, and remove the HRE interface altogether. In the chance that number decreases, the emperor may appoint new ones (if the proposed nation accepts) as needed up to the maximum number of 12 Free Cities.

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