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Vasilius and his men close in on Ertuğrul as Bamsi and Turgut help Helena find a way into the castle alive. Magnificent. A mysterious messenger puts a damper on the Kayı tribe's festivities. Absolutely love this story, I didn’t know a whole lot about Muslims, I have learned a lot and like any other religion, Islam has been tainted by those who do not follow the religion the way it was suppose to be, look at all the Christian religions that have been smeared with not so Christian acts. We hope you got to know about Resurrection: Ertugrul Cast Name & Facts about this series. That’s a pretty epic story to the base of the Ottoman Empire. I was addicted to this show, loved every minute. their words, existence, support and, you viewers… You always made me said “fortunately, If this was not true in history then they should not have included it. Ertuğrul tries to outrun Noyan's army, and Gündoğdu narrowly escapes a tragic fate. This series illustrates Ertugrul’s struggle with his family and tribes to lead him to overcome enemy traps and defeat them on every front. The Kayı and Çavdar clans prepare to migrate to Söğüt. Hoping to escape, Ares hides among the dead. Gümüştekin's plan becomes a pipe dream, and Aytolun decides to resort to more desperate measures. Gıyaseddin offers Ertuğrul a deal. God Bless! I learnt some Turkish words and phrases. Aslıhan disregards her husband's authority. A person can tell that he is a kind man in real life. Powerful man like Ertuģrul sbould be recognized more around the world including his father Suleman share. Ertuğrul captures an important prisoner on the way. Aliyar and Aslıhan come to blows over his plan to become clan chief. Ertuğrul's decisions divide the camp, and Turgut chooses his own path. In a twist of fate for Noyan, Saadettin Köpek arrives to challenge the clans' decisions. Nasır has an elaborate plan for Halime, who struggles to make El Aziz see the truth. I am getting complete understanding of that phrase now. Artuk catches the mole red-handed. The amazing part it was in Turkish and we had to read it in English. Ertuğrul arrives at Karacahisar, Abdurrahman and Atsız exchange key information, and Gündüz becomes Titan's target. Nasır has El Aziz wrapped around his finger and orders a thorough manhunt to finish what he started. Ertuğrul sets out to show Günalp who Saadettin really is. As Titus's plan spirals out of control and he and Kurdoğlu look for a way out, Şahabettin watches them closely. Cardinal Thomas and Titus carry out their plan with Turgut, whose decisions spell disaster for Ertuğrul. Ertuğrul negotiates his terms for peace with Ares. Saadettin Köpek uses the incident to implicate Ertuğrul. Resurrection Osman (Diriliş Osman) Period Starts After Resurrection Ertugrul, Elçin Sangu Returns with Her Role in Upcoming Turkish Drama In Good Times and In Bad Times (İyi Günde Kötü Günde),, Fahriye Evcen with Burak Ozcivit’s Family, Kivanc Tatlitug Gets Married to Basak Dizer, Burak Ozcivit and Fahriye Evcen Cancelled Their Christmas Plans, Engin Altan Duzyatan: Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Changed My Life. Selcan's maneuvering pays off, but Gündoğdu spoils everything. Tuğtekin witnesses a scene that turns the tables on Gümüştekin. Anatolia as a region was separate into different tribes, empires and states. Opened my mind about Islam. The Turks and Mongols play cat and mouse as Gündoğdu and Tuğtekin attempt to isolate the mole in their group. Amazing actors and the scernery was outstanding. İbn Arabi convinces Selcan to change her ways. Unfortunate news arrives, wreaking havoc on the camp. Language:– Turkish (Original), English, Urdu, Arabic. Artuk visits his wife in prison. A premonition saves Ertuğrul's life as Titus raises the stakes against him. Ertuğrul's prayer for a way out of the deal is answered. Sending my love to the cast, I have been binging on Netflix. I can’t get enough of this show. Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) finale episode Selcan's sudden realization changes her fate. Saadettin sends a warning to Mahperi about her son's future. Ertuğrul returns to the camp with unpleasant news for Hayme. Goncagül proves herself a force to be reckoned with. To infiltrate the Knights Templar's base, Ertuğrul deliberately leaks information. Atsız finds a way to escape. Gündüz's whereabouts remain unknown, Ertuğrul plans to interrogate Niko, and Saadettin Köpek pins the blame for the sultan's poisoning on Ekaterina. Goncagül's envy drives her to desperation. Artuk Bey links the Knights Templar to Toktamış's death.

To protect Karacahisar, Çolpan convinces Nikolas to join forces with Saadettin Köpek, who evades the sultan's suspicions. Vasilius sets out bait in order to identify the spy within.

An informant pulls the wool over Şahabettin's eyes. At my rate of 4 episodes per night i can only hope I stay married until I finish. Hayme receives a surprise visitor. A ruthless enemy is hot on Halime's tail.

Ertuğrul encounters an unexpected obstacle during a decisive face-off with Vasilius's army. I have been glued to my tv screen for many nights and just finished Season 4. Sungur Tekin stirs up trouble for Ertuğrul. Ballerinas have nothing on that!!!. Sungur Tekin requests a meeting with Ertuğrul. Gündoğdu and Selcan come to blows over her ambitions. Saadettin Köpek writes Çolpan a message that spells trouble for Ertuğrul. I have watched entire series entralled! Gıyaseddin demands the truth from his mother. Hayme gives Halime and Gökçe a dilemma. Caught eavesdropping on Ares, Atsız flees on horseback to warn Ertuğrul of the plan to kill him at Hanlı Bazaar. I wished, Halime didn’t die on this series. The sultan reveals to Gıyaseddin his intentions for his sons' futures. I am Nurettin Sonmez, I

Ertuğrul makes inroads at Karacahisar, Helena runs from Vasilius's men, and the Kayı clan's prayers are answered. Selcan conspires with Gökçe to boost their status in the family. I just love this show.And all the actors With Titus still a threat to the Kayı army, Ertuğrul's men set out on a manhunt. Saadettin Köpek's role in the conspiracy against Ertuğrul comes to light. Titus is determined to eradicate the Kayı tribe. Ertuğrul walks into an important meeting and exposes a conspiracy against his tribe. It is his time as the ruler of this region that is thought to have led to the founding of the Ottoman Empire.

Ertuğrul accepts the sultan's mandate to carry out the campaign in the east. Great job. Love them so much. Kurdoğlu takes advantage of Ertuğrul's absence. Love this show I’m going on my 3rd time watching it on Netflix. Just started watchung this series and i cant move from the tv, my husband have to turn off the tv on me Tensions rise between Banu Çiçek and Halime at the Kayı camp. Turgut gets his sweet revenge. Yiğit and Dündar become new targets. KUDOS to ALL. As the day of reckoning looms for Teo, Acar and Günyeli, Ural rallies his allies to stage a rebellion against Aliyar and Ertuğrul. My husband thought I was crazy. I am watching it now,what an incredible cast,I will hate to see it end,I hope there will be another series staring all of them, The best series I’ve seen on American TV (Netflix) I’m now hooked on Turkish movies. Ertuğrul is brought before the sultan. Altan in the series “the end” in the US. Helena accepts Vasilius's proposal -- under one condition. Aslıhan feels a strong calling to act as an individual for the sake of thousands. Ertuğrul's past comes back to haunt him. The union of the Kayı and Çavdar clans reaches a crossroads. This series is so powerful and so well written and directed.

Required fields are marked *. Also Available On:– Official Youtube Channel (English, Turkish, Urdu). Hayme struggles to keep peace between Ertuğrul and Gündoğdu as the clans choose a new leader. Just LOVED THEM ALL!!! contributed, those who are in my heart forever, those who are beside me with sou do Brasil assisti a 5 temporadas e a saudade ja esta batendo parabens a todos artistas e todos que ajudaram na produção amamos e conhecemos muito mais sobre o verdadeiro Islã.

Ares summons a dangerous ally to help him defeat Ertuğrul. Selcan falls out of Hayme's favor. When the Knights Templar outnumber Ertuğrul, his wit is the only thing that can save him. Ares prepares for war, Bahadır gains control of Hanlı Market, and Ertuğrul wins new allies in his quest to track down his conspirators. Ertuğrul tries to convince Aziz that arresting him is part of a plan to kill the sultan.

Sensing imminent danger, Şehzade Numan asks Süleyman for a favor. You can see The sultan reveals who his heir will be to Saadettin, who immediately begins scheming with this intel. Ertuğrul makes new enemies, and an old one returns. Ertuğrul investigates Nizamettin's apparent suicide.

Shoot Location:– Riva, Istanbul Province, Turkey, Premier On:– TRT 1 (Turkish Channel), Netflix, PTV (Urdu). It focuses on the struggle of Ertugrul, the Osman father, who later founded the Ottoman Empire, one of the longest-running and largest empires in the world. Günalp decides to take advantage of the situation and plans a preemptive strike against Ertuğrul. As Hayme's condition remains uncertain, Selcan confronts Aytolun. The Byzantine emperor sends Cmdr. Aytolun learns something new about Gökçe that complicates her plan. Ertuğrul makes a separate plan with those still loyal to him. Enraged by Bahadır's invitation, Ertuğrul and his men set off for the Çavdar camp. I ca not say enough good things about the show. YES, TURGUT IS THERE, BUT WHERE’S ERTUGRUL, WHERE’S BAMSI? Love the beautiful outfits and head pieces worn by the women, the gatherings, the food remind me so much of my culture.

With Halime and Aslıhan in captivity, Francisco extorts Ertuğrul for gold. My husband love this series very much and I also start to watch together. Will probably watch it again!!

Selcan loses favor with Gündoğdu as her ambitions get the best of her. Turgut's new role as leader of the Çavdar clan strains his friendship with Bamsi. Gökçe overhears Selcan's secret plan, and Süleyman invites a contest for power that threatens to pit his sons against each other. Hayme helps mend fences between Ertuğrul and Gündoğdu. Hayme hovers between life and death. Selcan searches desperately for an ally against Aytolun. Ertuğrul meets an unlikely ally. Alfonso ingratiates himself with Niko as Ertuğrul prepares for an ambush against Ares's men. Ares decides whether to accept Ertuğrul's deal. Claudius accepts a mission that puts İbn Arabi in harm's way. Ertuğrul plays into Saadettin Köpek's hands. Trying to remember what happened to The guy’s second wife. Selcan tries to uncover what Aytolun is after, but Ertuğrul is one step ahead and sends his team on a mission back to the camp. The vote heightens tensions between the clans and sets Gökçe against Halime, as Selcan's warnings fall on deaf ears. Hafsa falls ill. Aliyar finds evidence on Aybüke, and Turgut traces the governor's killer to Ural, who makes a deal with Byzantine merchant Laskaris. I totally agree! Halime becomes suspicious of mysterious visitors claiming to be merchants.

Ertokuş Bey arrives at the camp with an important message for Ertuğrul. Peril awaits Doğan and Dündar on the road to Konya. Hayme takes matters into her own hands. You do not see sets like these any more. After losing their only witness, Ertuğrul and his men are back to square one on the hunt for the traitor, but Izadora gives them another lead. Ural confronts Simon and promises Saadettin Köpek that he will kill Ertuğrul.

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