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A little while back, Rachael Arahill shared an intriguing little nugget of gossip with the So Dramatic! ", "Elly actually requested he be cast on the show.".

“Joe looks very familiar to one of our Bachelorettes,” Channel 10 captioned the ad on IG. So two weeks ago, saucy podcast So Dramatic! The producers apparently balked at that idea and instead suggested that she roast marshmallows by a campfire to show her country roots. They had been on and off, dating in Newcastle right up until she moved to Bondi. Nonetheless, we can see why Ten might have wanted pics like these scrubbed from existence, as hunting rifles, ugg boots and dead rabbits really don’t sell the fantasy of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Elly still follows Joe on Instagram, by the way, but his account’s on private. Earlier this month, we were introduced to the (very beautiful) men that are vying for the hearts of The Bachelorette(s), Elly and Becky Miles. #boyf and I at my #grad #wooooo xoxoxo. Do they have history? They then continued dating casually and she would travel back and forth between Bondi and Newcastle. if (typeof siteads.queue !== 'undefined') { ; The reality tv star has very little details on her family at the moment. “Are they just friends? ", According to the famously well-sourced Pustetto, "It wasn't a secret at all. Someone who my family loves and I love his. Apparently, "dobby" is Joe's nickname for Elly... Matt Agnew is Elly's most notable ex — you know, being The Bachelor and all. RELATED: Former Bachie star’s huge dig at Elly Miles View this post on Instagram Celebrating 26 with a few of my nearest & dearest tonight Hair: … The Bachelorette kicks … shared some rather interesting screenshots of Elly commenting on someone’s Instagram account. So, Elly’s ex-boyfriend is one of The Bachelorette contestants, and this feels suss. A few seasons ago, Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins surprisingly met Cass Woods on the red carpet, who he already knew through rugby and their local gym. That someone is 25-year-old Bachelorette contestant Joe Woodbury. The Bachelorette for 2020 has been announced as Elly Miles! Supporting each other through both the difficult and happy times.

One of Elly's first posts back in 2012 showed the pair at her Year 12 graduation, and (if my maths is correct) they had been together for a year already. She follows him on Instagram too, so cue the theories. A post shared by The Bachelorette Australia (@bacheloretteau) on Sep 30, 2020 at 3:59am PDT, Sign up with your Facebookor Linkedin account, Please select at least one of the following options to continue. Someone generous, family orientated and humble.".

Someone who shares the same love for life as me and who is willing to take chances. Please sign in to contribute to the Mamamia Community. The So Dramatic! This isn’t the first time a Bachelor / Bachelorette has recognised a contestant on night one. "[They] didn't only know each other, they used to date. If you're not already a Mamamia member, sign up (it's easy, we promise). A very deep dive into Elly Miles' Instagram reveals that the NSW woman's very first love was her high school sweetheart, Tom Caldwell. if (typeof siteads.queue !== 'undefined') { Channel Ten made Elly Miles wipe hunting images from her social media accounts prior to The Bachelor! }.

But before we spend the next 1,378 hours watching which blokes the sisters choose, let's look back at the relationships that came before.

host Megan Pustetto started. A post shared by  E L L Y S M I L E S (@ellymiles) on Nov 17, 2012 at 12:12pm PST. Elly made it to the top five of his 2019 season and was a fan favourite to win. If you watch The Bachelorette's first trailer to the end, you'll see the moment they recognise each other on the red carpet. Elly was a front-runner on Matt Agnew's season of The Bachelor, where she described her ideal partner as someone "kind, funny, selfless, loyal and intelligent". But who is the bubble blonde beauty? But she was born in the year 1995. The pictures they tried to hide! }, EXCLUSIVE PICS! This talk is standard stuff for Bachie and comes as no surprise after all those rumours about Bella Varelis being the “predetermined” winner of Locky Gilbert‘s heart, which was complete bullshit. Are they close friends? Elly Miles shot to fame on Matt Agnew's season of The Bachelor.. And the 25-year-old ensured all eyes were on her yet again on Friday, when she stripped off for a day at the beach. Host Megan Pustetto said she heard some “crazy rumours” about Elly, namely that Ten made her scrub her social media clean to remove photos of her hunting and holding dead animals. You may remember her from Matt Agnew's season of The Bachelor. siteads.queue.push( {"site":"pedestriantv","pagetype":"article","ad_type":"article","sec":"entertainment","amp":false,"article":"elly miles follows joe woodbury instagram bachelorette","article-tags":["The Bachelorette","Bachie","Elly Miles","Becky Miles","Joe Woodbury"],"native":["null"],"paid":"true","has_jw_player":"false","ad_location":"mobile-mrec","targeting":{"ptv-pos":"1"},"provider":"google-dfp","element_id":"ad-slot-mobile-mrec-748401271"} ); By signing up, you agree to Pedestrian Group's Terms of Service and consent to our Privacy Policy. There’s less than a week to go until Elly and Becky Miles‘ season of The Bachelorette begins, and we already have whispers: turns out Elly already knows one of the blokes on her season and she follows him on Instagram. We copped an extended look at the season last night thanks to a brand new ad and as always, expect drama. So a very good spy has alerted me to the fact that @ellymiles already knows one of the guys contending for her heart on @bacheloretteau Something smells fishy to me #thebacheloretteau #thebachelorette, A post shared by SO DRAMATIC! }. There's a football player, a travel influencer, and — naturally — several models. Joe is a mechanic by trade, but he also plays for the Cessnock Goannas rugby team. So are they close in real life?

Today, we start with 25-year-old nurse Elly. siteads.queue.push( {"site":"pedestriantv","pagetype":"article","ad_type":"article","sec":"entertainment","amp":false,"article":"elly miles hunting pics","article-tags":["The Bachelorette","Hunting","Elly Miles"],"native":["null"],"paid":"true","has_jw_player":"false","ad_location":"mobile-mrec","targeting":{"ptv-pos":"1"},"provider":"google-dfp","element_id":"ad-slot-mobile-mrec-2306100278"} ); Login with your Facebookor Linkedin account, Someone’s Found The Old Hunting Pics Elly Miles Scrubbed From Instagram Before The Bachie, Here’s Why Folks Reckon Elly Miles Has Already Split Up With Her Bachelorette Beau. A very deep dive into Elly Miles' Instagram reveals that the NSW woman's very first love was her high school sweetheart, Tom Caldwell. For the record though, Channel 10 isn’t hiding the fact that Elly and Joe know each other. Her shock elimination caused a big uproar, so much so that fans quickly petitioned for her to be The Bachelorette. One of the promos literally points it out.

@bacheloretteau @channel10au #BacheloretteAU @happylittlebeckymite, A post shared by  E L L Y S M I L E S (@ellymiles) on Oct 2, 2020 at 12:46am PDT. }. The Bachelorette kicks off Wednesday, 7.30pm on Channel 10. siteads.queue.push( {"site":"pedestriantv","pagetype":"article","ad_type":"article","sec":"entertainment","amp":false,"article":"elly miles follows joe woodbury instagram bachelorette","article-tags":["The Bachelorette","Bachie","Elly Miles","Becky Miles","Joe Woodbury"],"native":["null"],"paid":"true","has_jw_player":"false","ad_location":"mobile-mrec","targeting":{"ptv-pos":"2"},"provider":"google-dfp","element_id":"ad-slot-mobile-mrec-4116316970"} ); Coincidence, or not a coincidence? As revealed on So Dramatic! Someone who, if they have a dog, that their dog and my dog get along really well.

podcast, and you can check them out below. So look, maybe it is just a coincidence…. Elly Miles and Becky Miles are Australia's first double Bachelorettes, with the sisters starring alongside each other on the 2021 season of The Bachelorette Australia. If that’s the kind of thing that makes you squeamish, then maybe give it a miss, otherwise, you can see the photos below: if (typeof siteads.queue !== 'undefined') { Speaking with So Dramatic!, Arahill said that Elly wanted to bring a fake plastic gun to her first episode of The Bachelor and take a pop at Matt Agnew to indicate she was having “a shot at love.”. "Someone to travel the world and tick off my bucket-list with. if (typeof siteads.queue !== 'undefined') { Elly shared several more pictures with Tom, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, before the posts came to an end just after her birthday in 2015.

Matt ultimately ended up with Chelsie McLeod, which Elly thought was the right decision. And it turns out, he'll be appearing on this season of The Bachelorette. Lucky I am a pro detective by now and have found the hard evidence! Do you think hunting animals is OK? So take all of this with a grain of salt. #bacheloretteau, A post shared by SO DRAMATIC!

(@dramaticpodcast) on Sep 15, 2020 at 4:05pm PDT. podcast has leaked all the information we needed to know about one of Elly's exes, Joe Woodbury. The So Dramatic! We've stalked their Instagram photos to find out.

It all kicks off, 7.30 Wednesday on 10. siteads.queue.push( {"site":"pedestriantv","pagetype":"article","ad_type":"article","sec":"entertainment","amp":false,"article":"elly miles hunting pics","article-tags":["The Bachelorette","Hunting","Elly Miles"],"native":["null"],"paid":"true","has_jw_player":"false","ad_location":"out-of-page-mobile","targeting":{"ptv-pos":2},"provider":"google-dfp","element_id":"ad-slot-out-of-page-mobile-582173847"} ); So we took a deep stalk all the way back through Elly's social media to uncover her past relationships, and hopefully get a clue into what men may succeed this season — if the past is any indicator. "They knew each other from Newcastle before the show," So Dramatic!

Turns out Bachelorette Elly Miles already knows one of the blokes on her season. By signing up, you agree to Pedestrian Group's Terms of Service and consent to our Privacy Policy.

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