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When a work order is specified in the simulation, the results will also contain the diagnosis the student has filled in. Same setting as above, except that this time multiple sessions are allowed. Static text fields that are included in the default design, are not included in the custom design. Students that have an Electude account can now register themselves for specific groups. The toolbar on the right is used for creating text and questions. Once you are on the Modules page, you can see the Module information and Objectives for the module.

Suppose you are only interested in tests and test results. Examples: Ohm’s law calculations; adjusting an oscilloscope to display the RPM signal and read off the pulse width; measuring the tire profile depth with a micrometer. Available tools: Here you can click the boxes of the tools that can be used by the student. Then click on the icon + ‘New grade’. You can add grades by clicking the icon + ‘New grade’ after the name of the module. Then in the group’s results of a course for example, only the progress and scores of all tests included in the course will be visible. There is only a limited amount of space available for all the files on your website. ​Individual results of a module On this page you can see all detailed results of one student on one module. For lessons and tests, the toolbar contains these functions: select an animation or image from another lesson: For the current question an image, animation or simulation from another module can be selected. To enable ‘teamwork’ the results of two students on one module can be linked.

It shows a summary of the actions the student has performed. the repair order information to determine an initial diagnosis, Assign a new Simulator fault, or Simulator Course, Arrange a new Simulator fault into a self made cours, Predefined qualifications and performance indicators, Assign modules to a course, a group or a student. The account is not permanently deleted. Note: it is possible to copy and paste between different browser windows or tabs. After the course has been assigned, teachers can grade the performance of students by performance indicator. After the template has been created, you cannot change the qualification. The main menu is the horizontal bar at the top of every page that contains different tabs. Because every question is linked, the student results can be monitored for each objective. The student always has to choose a new password. bold, italic, underline, superscript, subscript, bullet list, numbered list By means of this overview the teacher can see if the student is eligible for a certificate. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The table can be resized by dragging the right or bottom border. To create LaTeX formulas many third party tools are available. Students can only enroll themselves to groups for which self-enrolment has been enabled. select page (Alt+P) First access: The date the module was opened for the first time. If the administrator also has configured that only email addresses have to be entered in a short form, you can create multiple accounts at once. A new (empty) lesson, test or task consists of an empty page and an empty multiple choice question. By clicking a line, you go directly to the results, where you can add a grade. Click on the icon of a diploma ‘Grant certificate’ and enter the date of issue.

If, for example, one half of a group has opened a file, the ‘group result’ of this file will look like this: ​, You can change the result for this type of modules manually. Electude offers technicians and aspiring technicians the opportunity to purchase single user licenses. Students have a limited amount of time to finish the test. When a main course has a certificate template, a partial certificate can granted for sub courses. The group tree can be expanded and collapsed with the plus and minus icons. It appears when the course is associated with a qualification and there are students that have finished modules with performance indicators that have not yet been graded. This allows you to quickly copy or move pages and questions to another module. Select a percentage and confirm. If a work order was specified, this calculation is performed when the the work order is submitted. In the different views of the results, you can export the results shown by clicking the icon of the arrow in the box. By selecting the bottom item from the submenu you can see your favorite modules. E.g. Navigate through Modules and Courses folders: Locate the Search features as it applies to Modules, Courses and Students: Copy, Retitle, and Arrange and existing Predefined Course. Click the icon + ‘New course’, select ‘Import SCORM package as new course’ and upload the SCORM package. You can evaluate these tables, graphs and diagrams for yourself. First select a group from the menu on the left, under the tab ‘students’. Click the icon + ‘New certificate template’.

DIY lesson: DIY lessons can be ‘played’ in your browser in the same way as normal lessons, but you can change and add the content yourself. • Reset teacher passwords and rights Enrolment requests for a certain group are also shown on the page of this group, under the section ‘Students’. If the administrator has configured the website to send the account details by email, a message will appear. The page including all underlying questions are selected.

The functionality described in this manual may not be fully available to you, since you do not have the rights to do certain operations. The administrator of your site has selected to which SCORM version the package complies and in which LMS the package can be used. When automatic evaluation is switched off, the status of the module will only be set to ‘finished’ when the failure is solved. You can evaluate these tables, graphs and diagrams for yourself. You can provide content to a complete group or individually to one student. Click on the icon of the table ‘Generate report’ to gathers the statistics. You can then change the passing score. You can mark modules as obsolete. For more information see Students and groups. All progress is shown in a bar chart.

1 session, answers cannot be changed. In the table of modules of the selected folder, the new module appears as the bottom row. You can also specify what fields (columns) need to be added to the file for the export of results and students. • Reset teacher passwords and rights Review the self-created content as a student. Click on the “Start module” button, to start a module.

It may not be possible to evaluate these results automatically, for example because they depend on the condition of the hardware. When e.g. To do so, select the course from the list at the top of the form and click ‘add’. For every drawing a background image can be selected and an initial drawing can be created. Courses can be nested, like folders in a tree on your computer. By clicking a row in this table, you can zoom in on the group results of a course or the group results of a module. As soon as the request has been processed, the report is automatically shown. The top item of the list that appears is the desired course.

Direct access to the WorkshopData is not available through the history of the student. For tasks both students can be evaluated individually with separate scores. In addition, users will learn how the direct linking works and its benefits.

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