News: electrolux refrigerator ice build up

I have the same Frigidaire and called about the ice maker while still under warranty. Where can we get a claim form? Replace the door seal if it's damaged or torn. I tried to contact the class action lawyers and got no reply!! Also concerned with the panel numbers for the freezer disappearing. I can’t tell you how much money has been lost in food and service calls. The icemaker failed to work and a new refridgerator was brought in. That refrigerator is in garage. Decided to unplug to reset. Also have a Electrolux range control board replaced $600 I’ve never had an ice maker that didn’t have a mechanism that told the ice maker that it was at capacity ice storage and quit making ice. I hope they fired the engineer that designed this piece of crap!

The problem is poor design/engineering and rust is its consequence. I replied the next time I need to call for the same repair the call will be made from an attorney. 1-877-315-9961. Can another class action law suit be brought against Frigidaire. Dispenses ice through the refrigerator door, Creates ice cubes by cooling water to below freezing by means of liquid coolant circulating through metal “fingers” inserted vertically into cup-shape molds filled with water, and. What do I do now. Much condensation and runoff in the back. I had to turn it off and just use the bottom ice cube maker. It is clear to me from my internet searches that Electrolux knows their ice makers don’t work and continue selling these fridges to unsuspecting customers. If you observe ice formation in your fridge please check the followings: We use cookies and other technologies for site optimization as well as promotional and marketing purposes. It has the same problem all over again.

The area where the top ice maker is suppose to be is full of frost. Called them today, they said they would send out another repairman. They replaced with the Electrolux Model: EL28BS65KS9 and have service calls and continuous problems. I have dealt with the same ice maker issues mentioned. As always I encourage you to locate a class action attorney in your area. The top ice maker stopped working in less than a year. cycle. My Electrolux after less than 6 years is shot. Leon, I also have this same model. Now is bad again. I bought a Frigidaire refrigerator model# LFHB2741PF4 in 2014 from Lowe”s and I’ve had nothing but problems with the ice maker. Then water was coming out of the top and freezing in my fridge. These droplets can be frozen, and ice can build up on the back wall. It seems to me that there are a lot of people that are having the same problem. Had a service techician at my home on 5 different occasions to repair ice maker. How can they do this? We also have had nothing but problems with our 2 door Frigidaire Gallery Series fridge – ice maker stopped working in the first 6 months, reported and fixed, stopped working again 2 months later, reported and fixed, stopped working again 5 months later, of course now we are outside of the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, despite the fact that it is the same issue we have been dealing with since receiving the stupid fridge. Called Frigidaire and they will cover 50% of parts. Causing my drawer not to fit in properly. You can read more and change your settings at any time by visiting our Cookie Notice. I hope it is safe to use as long as both ice makers are off. A “Gen 1 Ice Maker” is an ice maker module that: Is mounted in the refrigerator compartment. In case anyone is wondering if this is an old problem. In case it’s under warranty?

I filed for the class action settlement a while ago. There appears to be no recourse once the settlement comes to a conclusion despite the manufacturer continuing to produce and distribute defective units and those units continuing to be sold at a premium with no disclosure of defects. There definitely should be another class action suit but if they are only going to pay $100 as they did the last one, it’s not even worth the effort. The degree of air humidity and the amount and temperature of fresh food can influence the degree of condensation inside the fridge. I encourage you to contact a class action attorney in your area to share your story. We have yet to have ice. only a straight line is left. Sounds to me that these company’s are dumping there crappy stuff up here in Canada where there are no lawsuits and lemon laws to contend with! Also, everywhere that a hole was drilled in the baskets in the freezer, there was rust forming! You would think they learned their lesson from the lawsuit as well as paying out lawyer fees.

Hair dryer to defrost and several days later it begins producing ice again. I just discovered that there was a class action suit against Electrolux. Dishwasher, Plastic impeller broke and was replaced. Paid $8500 for the cra,. 2. The door gasket attaches to the refrigerator or freezer door panel and prevents air from entering or escaping the cabinet when the door is shut. What a joke. Ice is formed because moist air is drawn into the appliance; Door not closed properly after use. Check the condition of the gasket on the door. Besides well out of luck. I don’t think there is a single manufacturer that makes bad parts intentionally. Wondering if I should reschedule ? Frigidaire/Elxtrolux sill has not corrected the problems with its icemaker – i purchased model FGHB2866PF Dec 19 2016 item made in 2016 and guess what – still a defective ice maker – warranty service three times since – still defective.

Your extended guarantee documents include an expiration date. It hopefully will get fixed in 2019. with the same issue. I am in Canada and found this website. It sure sounds frustrating. I know you are not able to act for us but we purchased a brand new, Black SS Counterdepth 36” wide fridge, (for a brand new renovated kitchen) which was delivered late July 2018 and installed September 2018. There has got to be something we can do that they continue to sell a defective appliance. Installation Instructions Humberto from Laredo, TX says, Ice build up in the evaporator. I have a frididare French door fridge that was bought early 2016 and have had 4 repairs to said ice maker and it’s down again. You don’t have legal recourse under this settlement as the deadline has passed. If you are having issues using your rebate contact the admin or class counsel. You can’t the deadline has passed and this is no longer available. That frigidaire will replace such unit or if there is a law suit going on i like to be part of complain. Boycott Frigidaire and all Electrolux products, Your email address will not be published.

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