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Tablatures and chords are parodies/interpretations of the original songs. Chords Drop D Won a bet for fifty and now I need a slash, Man this band that's playing, is playing f**king trash, Skunk and onion gravy, as my brain's potato mash, He came across the back of a bureaucratic stash, Shot the lot for credit and never got it back, As venus completes orbit, I’m feeling slightly mashed, The stir fry didn’t absorb it, I need another slash, She spoke in English, it was low lit where we sat, Remembering her face but that’s the end of that, I’m a step from madness as I puke on pavement slabs, Got a bit embarrassed, need to get back to the lab, In the depths of traffic, I was feeling like we crashed, With a girl from Slovak in a European cab, From a set of habits, I can see momentums mashed, If we were commuting, this train would f**king crash, Now my brain's diluting with blame and guilt and hash, Getting lashed, getting lashed by all of the gods, As my brain's diluting, I suffer from whiplash, This girl's now screaming, I think we've gone and crashed, The driver’s speaking and the car is still intact, It was only minor, well that's the end of that. [Verse 1] Bm G D Dumb surfer is giving me his cash Won a bet for fifty and now I need a slash D They are for personal use only. Preview Add correction. Guitar and Piano chords by Neatchords Beginner Tabs; Beginner II Tabs; Intermediate Tabs; Intermediate II Tabs; Advanced Tabs; Advanced II Tabs; Browse Artists; Browse Genres; Community; Learn How to Contribute; Add a New TheoryTab (Requires Hookpad ^2.11.0) Dum Surfer by King Krule.

Chords ratings, diagrams and lyrics. Learn Singing, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Percussion at.

Please explain why did you choose such low rating for this tab. dum surfer guitar chords and lyrics by king krule. King Krule tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including baby blue, out getting ribs, easy easy, dum surfer, perfecto miserable Correction: King Krule - Dum Surfer (chords) New Feature: You can correct strumming pattern in tab, add new or correct current and submit changes. Submit new tab Tablature guide Approval guide FAQ Correction: King Krule - Dum Surfer (chords) Comment.

Learn How to Contribute; Add a New TheoryTab (Requires Hookpad ^2.11.0) Dum Surfer by King Krule Piano chords and guitar chords. Did you know? Submit new tab Tablature guide Approval guide FAQ Correction: King Krule - Dum Surfer (chords) Comment. Play dum surfer tabs using our free guide. Free printable and easy chords for song by King Krule - Dum Surfer. They are available for educational purposes including private study, scholarship, research or language learning purposes. Preview Add correction.

All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. Won a bet for fifty and now I need a slash, Man this band that's playing, is playing fucking trash, Skunk and onion gravy, as my brain's potato mash, He came across the back of a bureaucratic stash, Shot the lot for credit and never got it back, As venus completes orbit, I’m feeling slightly mashed, The stir fry didn’t absorb it, I need another slash, She spoke in English, it was low lit where we sat, Remembering her face but that’s the end of that, I’m a step from madness as I puke on pavement slabs, Got a bit embarrassed, need to get back to the lab, In the depths of traffic, I was feeling like we crashed, With a girl from Slovak in a European cab, From a set of habits, I can see momentums mashed, If we were commuting, this train would fucking crash, Now my brain's diluting with blame and guilt and hash, Getting lashed, getting lashed by all of the gods, As my brain's diluting, I suffer from whiplash, This girl's now screaming, I think we've gone and crashed, The driver’s speaking and the car is still intact, It was only minor, well that's the end of that.

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