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So if  you’re stuck on 10.8 for compatibility reasons, Air Display will be the only choice at this time. While the iPad, Surface, and Pixel Slate all charge hundreds of dollars extra for their add-on keyboards, Lenovo includes its detachable keyboard in the box, turning a good value into a great one. The best way to yell at him is on Twitter. While you can plainly see that the Duet brings up the rear compared to other recent Chromebooks in our baseline CrXPRT 2 Performance benchmark, in day-to-day use it didn’t feel nearly as sluggish as the bar chart would have you believe. Bekijk hun ervaringen en deel die van jou! Whether you're first starting with investing or are a seasoned trader, Personal Capital has something for everyone.

So although Air Display is a bit behind on the Windows side, I still give it a leg up over Duet Display from a compatibility and flexibility standpoint. Additionally, I am not able to get retina resolution working in Duet on Windows 10; only the blurry scaled resolution works (Duet crashes every time I try to use a better resolution). Required fields are marked *. Luna Display, which also recently introduced Mac to Mac as well as the original Mac to iPad edition, uses either a USB wired connection or a custom Wi-Fi dongle that plugs into the main machine. The existing versions also allow users to remotely view and control the Mac or PC without being on the same network.

The Duet costs just $299 at Best Buy for 128GB of storage—and that’s with a detachable keyboard. For more details, please read our, Windows 10 Tip: Make the Start Menu Space Efficient, How to Fix Yosemite’s Annoying Windows Handling. The back has a two-tone blue-and-gray design like the Pixel phones, the front has uniform bezels like the Pixel Slate, and the keyboard cover has a knit exterior like the Pixel fabric case. Save my name and email and send me emails as new comments are made to this post. And what a screen it is.

The Duet costs just $299 at Best Buy for 128GB of storage—and that’s with a detachable keyboard.

It will get through a day with enough power, plenty of juice, and very little fuss. Used it from 8am-4:30pm with about an hour break for lunch and it worked marvelously working remotely. If you’re on a smaller Macbook or Air however, that extra real estate will make a huge different in productivity as you don’t need to flip between open windows constantly. When Apple launched Sidecar, the makers of Duet Display told AppleInsider that they had been expecting it and were planning what has become this new Duet Air 2.0. But even if we weren’t shrouded in the financial and social uncertainty of a pandemic, the Duet would be the perfect Chromebook for most people. If it were a $100 add-on, the Duet keyboard might not be worth buying, but as a bundled accessory, it’s a fantastic addition to an already great tablet. Many people have issues with Duet on Windows 10. Sadly, I can't get Duet to work on my High Sierra (10.14.2) MacBook Pro and iPad AIr (iOS 12.1.1). Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. It feels a lot like using a big phone, with intuitive back and home gestures that make the UI smart and animated. Both Air Display and Duet Display require iOS 7 or later however Duet requires Mac OS X 10.9 where Air Display can run on 10.9 or later. The developers say that they have "invested heavily and improved our algorithms to offer the fastest wireless experience available.".

In CrXPRT 2 benchmarks, the Duet brought up the rear, as expected. Michael Simon covers all things mobile for PCWorld and Macworld. That’s also where you’ll be plugging in earbuds, because the Duet doesn’t have a headphone jack. You can get Air Display 3 and Air Display 2 as a bundle through the App Store on iOS for the same price as you will get Air Display 3 for; $14.99. It’s noticeably slower than a Core i5-based Chromebook like the Pixel Slate or Pixelbook Go, but for the most part it’ll get through tasks with ease. The Duet did no better in Basemark 3 tests, but the real-world performance isn't nearly as bad as its benchmark results. Multiple screens allow you to segment your work and see more at a time. The screen might be a little small and the keyboard a little cramped if you’re working for hours on end, but otherwise it’s a great little machine, whether you use it as a companion to a larger laptop, give it to a kid who needs to take a Chromebook to school, or set it up as a portable streaming device. Thanks for the review! Basically, the Duet combines the best elements of Google’s products into a very nice-looking tablet. It even holds up compared to the Pixel Slate’s marvelous 2000x3000 Molecular Display. The Duet’s quirky personality more than makes up for its pokey processor, so while it might not stand up to even a middling Chromebook like the Pixelbook Go in speed tests, the Duet will absolutely stand out in the crowd. Benchmarks yielded an insane 15-plus hours. Duet Air is a subscription app costing $19.99 annually. Staff Writer, If you here hear from them, you only hear they know and they are working on fix but dont say when it will be fixed.

Duet does everything in software and uses the Mac's regular wireless connection. That is to say, plenty good enough. For $300 you’re not going to find a better display—unless you get an iPad on sale. Let’s review Air Display and Duet Display and pick a winner. Standby life is fantastic, and it didn’t seem to lose significant battery life doing any single task, even with the keyboard attached. Yes, sites load a bit slower and videos take a beat longer to start playing, but it was very bearable in my testing. I could actually use the Mac to Mac option for home, so I can share screens between my Mac mini and MBP, but I don't know about US$19.99 a year. Although Wi-Fi is slower than the cable, the flexibility is nice for those times when you don’t have a cable or connecting one would be impractical. Windows users can still use Air Display 2 which allows you to extend the screen to your Mac (the host) or Windows through Wi-Fi on devices running iOS 6 and Android.

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