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Another scene took place when a blue-haired teenager showed up and the guys could’t help from saying out loud that his hair is blue. You might be on the path to becoming your parents. ( Log Out /  One of the women, for instance, talks to someone over the phone and shares her plans for lunch and dinner, but with the phone on speaker. Perhaps it’s the financial strain, added responsibility or just the mental exhaustion of learning how to fix the million things that break five minutes after moving in. In “Guys Night Out,” for example, we saw how this rapid aging left friends stuck with a guy who shook hands on the dance floor and couldn’t pronounce “jalapeno.”. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Nothing ages you like home ownership. Whomever came up with the ‘Dr. The spots were directed by Martin Granger, who’s also helmed several other spots in the campaign over the years. “Matt started turning into his dad,” says the woman. Not using silent mode? Sometimes commercials are the best part of TV. Filed under Uncategorized When does helping become hindering? Kevin the Carrot & Turkey, 2021 Hyundai Tucson Dog & Teddy Bear with Seat Belt On Commercial, Domino’s Carside Delivery Denny Hamlin Commercial, TVision by T-Mobile Rashida Jones & Her Sister Commercial, Aldi Australia Christmas Commercial Song: Synchronized Santas at the Pool, Asda Christmas 2020 Advert Song – Feat. They rely on the old adage that even though you might be embarrassed by your parents, many of us ultimately take on these characteristics as we age. “Progressive can’t protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. So now Progressive has introduced Dr. Rick, a “Parenta-Life Coach” who’s here to help. Progressive CMO Jeff Charney has described the brand’s strategy of parallel campaigns as being similar to a TV network that hosts a wide range of ongoing shows. Progressive’s “Turning Into Your Parents” campaign has been going on for a few years now (this spot is my favorite). Rick Parenta-Life Coach’ character for the Progressive Insurance commercials is a genius. Another spot featured a married couple sharing their story about how the husband, Matt, changed when they became homeowners. ( Log Out /  This time, Progressive introduces Dr. Rick, a supposed “parenta-life coach” who helps home buyers avoid the fate of becoming their parents. In a previous spot, Dr. Rick helped another group of young homeowners on their journey to not turn into their parents by answering these very real and pressing questions: How many pillows are too many? Actor Muzz Khan & His Family. One of the men tries to offer unwanted help at the Tile Tools and another one in the parking lot, giving instructions to a driver going in reverse. Into sports, pop culture, advertising, and trivia among other things. In addition to the two new spots, Progressive has also made a mini-mockumentary about Dr. Rick’s (fictional) career, which includes his book, “Un-becoming Your Parents.”, CREDITS: Agency: Arnold Chief Creative Officer: Sean McBride Group Creative Director: Gregg Nelson VP Creative Director: Michael Sullivan Creative Director: Thomas Hair Associate Creative Director: Zac Milner SVP Executive Producer: Sean Vernaglia Assistant Producer: Danielle Balanov Head of Business Affairs: Danielle Ivicic Senior Brand Strategist: Molly Chisholm Chief Client Officer: Val Bettini Marketing Director: Alex McSweeney Director of Project Management: Tina Meade, Production Agency: Moxie Pictures Editorial House: Cosmo Street Visual Effects: Zero VFX Postproduction Agency: Soundtrack Group Director: Martin Granger, Values-Driven Leadership Matters Now More Than Ever, How the Black Lives Matter Movement Changed Student Spending, What Marketers Need to Do Now That 5G Is Here, {"taxonomy":"","sortby":"","label":"","shouldShow":""}.

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