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Become a premium member today and listen to Dogman Encounters Radio commercial-free. Nothing but real “DOG-MAN” stories on Dark Waters. Understand that I do not record phone conversations unless the eyewitness knows beforehand that our conversation will be recorded for a show. Their all over the place. The app is available for both Androids and iPhones. There is a mame that comes…, Yeah this story is hard to read through because the locations mentioned are nowhere near each other. This creature isn’t as elusive as “Big Foot” or the “Reptoids” believe it or not. But we will have to contend with what we have. If you think it would, I’d love to have you on the show, as a guest. Me! I’ve helped a lot of eyewitnesses deal with their Dogman encounters. Strange things … Read More.


May 22, 2020 May 22, 2020 - 1 Comment “My encounter was in Sept of 2018.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Close to home in the outskirts of Orange County, there where 2 dog men chasing a car and the monsters stopped when the car got to a populated area. or my favorite, DARK WATERS VIDEO BELOW.

I created and Dogman Encounters Radio to combat that problem. Check out He claims …, This video comes to us from San Benito, TX, located in deep South Texas along the Texas-Mexico border.

My common law wife is a Mexican witch and turns…, my mother was out in the yard in Raymondville one day at this time and thought there was a small…, Jaguarandi,,,yes they are rare species, but hang around the mexican border towns. If you’ve had a Dogman encounter, I can help you! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. ( Log Out / 

Maybe because, no video person or host will survive when they do find them.

If you’re a Dogman eyewitness, would coming on the show, as a guest help you come to terms with your encounter? My name is Vic Cundiff and I help Dogman eyewitnesses deal with the trauma of their Dogman encounters. If you’ve had a Dogman encounter of your own, I’d be glad to help you come to terms with your experience and deal with it. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.,

“My encounter was in Sept of 2018.

If you visit the Google Play Store (Android phone users) or the App Store (iPhone users), you can download the app free of charge. It’s time that one of us gets a clear picture of one, don’t you think?

If you’ve had a Dogman encounter, please submit a report and I’ll contact you, so we can talk about your experience. If you’d like to find out how to listen to Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio or report your Bigfoot sighting and request to be a guest on the show, please go to There’s the Michigan Dog-Man stories, the Pennsylvania, Northern Wisconsin, West Virginia and California Dog-Man encounters, etc. There, you’ll find all of the information you’d need to become one.

Nothing beats the “TRUE ENCOUNTERS” stories. This was in relation to the recent humanoid sighting caught on camera. They are car like monkey face almost human…, U R FOS if u never been out there as I have. Yes, you have an opinion. Cryptids / Dogman / Humanoids. Only you can answer that question. The details of your encounter will remain between the two of us if you don’t want to share your experience on this website or on the show. Memberships are only $2.99 a month. New episodes of Bigfoot Eyewitness air every Tuesday night, at 9 PM EST. Just go to google and type up, The cloaked hedgehog’s Dogman Sightings. Visit the Dogman Encounters Store today!

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Have you seen a creature that looked like a Werewolf? ( Log Out /  Their all over the place. As a premium member, not only will you be able to listen to shows commercial-free, you’ll also be able to download shows and take them with you, using the Dogman Encounters Radio App.

I call that the prison without walls effect. People have sighted these things all over the world and some close to home. Also, so that you know, your voice can be altered and you can use an alternate name if you’d like to come on the show, but wish to remain anonymous. That’s why most Dogman eyewitnesses keep their encounters to themselves and consequently suffer in silence.

Definitely Real. I live on the edge of the Sam Houston National Forest. Just go to google and type up, The cloaked hedgehog’s Dogman Sightings.

That should give you an idea of how many people out there are having encounters with Dogmen every year. On Dogman Encounters Radio, I talk with Dogman eyewitnesses about their encounters.

People see it, they report it.

Seeing a Creature that looks as scary as Dogmen do isn’t an easy experience to get over. For the best DOG-MAN pictures, go to this video. Of course, I’m talking about Dogmen. The appellation Dogman describes a group of cryptozoological beings that are large and sometimes described as looking like upright canids….

Dogman Encounters Radio isn’t the only podcast I host. People see it, they report it. Enjoy the pictures as well. A 5-10 min walk from lake Conroe down FM 1097.

The question here is….”Why isn’t there a show called, “FINDING DOG-MAN“?

True Horror Stories of Texas, The Ghost Family of Whalen Road (Pharr,TX), Tall And Hairy Humanoid Creature Seen Near Bluetown and Los Indios, TX, Ghostly Incident At The McAllen-Hidalgo International Bridge, Confronted By Ghost Lady in White (Texas City, TX), 7ft beast described as ‘half human, half animal’ caught on camera, Retired Police Officer Sees Cat-Like Humanoid, The Devil’s Lagoon of The Rio Grande Valley, Pulled Into A Different Dimension (Rio Grande Valley), View truetexashorror’s profile on Facebook, View truehorrorstoriesoftexas’s profile on Instagram, Werewolf-Like Creature Spotted Near Sam Houston National Forest, Dog-like Humanoid Creature Caught On Camera, Huge Dog-Like Humanoid Walking On Hind Legs, “Fred”- The Ghost Of The Old PSJA Auditorium (San Juan, TX), Ghosts of Rivera High School (Brownsville, TX), Valley Baptist Hospital Ghost Nurse – Harlingen, Texas, The Haunted La Lomita Mission (Mission, TX), The Legend of Sarah Jane Road in Port Neches, Texas, The Devil at Los Arcos Ballroom – West Texas, Mission Junior High Shadow Teacher (Mission, TX), South Texas Flying Humanoid Encounter (McAllen,TX). Already, over 100 Dogman eyewitnesses have come on the show, to talk with me about their encounters. If you’re a Dogman eyewitness, you now have someone you can turn to for help. I can help you. I also host Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio.

The most scariest stories I’ve ever heard. You can find that online as well. If you don’t think coming on the show would help you, I’d be happy to just speak with you about your experience, in private. Unfortunately, most of them don’t know who they can talk to about their encounters. Change ). Dogman Encounters. As you’d expect, on Bigfoot Eyewitness, eyewitnesses share the details of their encounters with Sasquatch. It’s what’s called a Dogman. Most eyewitnesses fear being labeled as crazy or being laughed at by friends and family if they share their experience with them. If you’ve had a Dogman encounter, you’re not crazy and you’re not alone. I also host Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio. New episodes of the show air every Friday night, at 9 PM Eastern Time. Comments are welcome. Dogman Sighting In Kerrville, TX. You’ll be shocked to see all those sightings recorded. If you’d like to become a premium member, please visit the Podcast Page.

Thanks for visiting the Dogman Encounters Radio YouTube Channel! Almost everyone has heard of Sasquatch. ( Log Out /  There, you’ll find t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other merchandise. I’m Vic Cundiff; creator and host of Dogman Encounters. More people than you’ll ever know have had Dogman encounters. Oh, I added Monsters and Mysteries in America Beast of Bray Road to further the reality of it all. We spoke with a man …, “The following story happened to me in 2008 around 10-12pm on 29th & Nolana ave McAllen Tx.

Guess I better talk about that one right? Strange things …, “Back around 20 years ago, I was visiting my great-uncle in the region around Kerrville, Texas. Ah yes, the “DOG-MAN” topic. New episodes of Bigfoot Eyewitness air every Tuesday night, at 9 PM EST.

A 5-10 min walk from lake Conroe down FM 1097. ( Log Out /  Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. That’s where I come in. The video was captured six years ago. To learn more about Dogmen, please click the link below. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! As you’d expect, on Bigfoot Eyewitness, eyewitnesses share the details of their encounters with Sasquatch. There’s the Michigan Dog-Man stories, the Pennsylvania, Northern Wisconsin, West Virginia and California Dog-Man encounters, etc. You'll never look at the woods the same way!

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Amazing story. Dogman / Humanoids / Werewolf. If you’d like to listen to more episodes, please visit the Podcast Page by clicking here or by clicking on the “Podcast” button below the audio players. What you saw wasn’t a Werewolf.

At the time he was living in his first house in the area before …, We spoke with another resident from San Benito, TX, located along the border in Deep South Texas.

Below, you’ll find 2 episodes of the show. In fact, you can find not just one, but the whole gang. Alice is upwards…, Probably a parallel universe,I’d like to know where this happened, Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. Many eyewitnesses have benefitted, greatly, from sharing their experiences with the show’s listeners, in a public venue like that. I, my friend Eric, sister, and her boyfriend had been hanging out smoking …, Hi..Ive had weird experiences all my life..One time I woke up at 1 am because I heard like if a…, Second Lechuza story My other wife I once had was once tormented by a lechuza in her home when she…, What I'm about to tell you will sound incredibly strange.

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