News: diy aquaclear surface skimmer

I'd recommend geting one. i removed it, but maybe i'll mess more with it tonight. the aquaclear filters come with two intake tubes, and i cut one of them up to make my skimmer sit as low as possible.

Especially if you adjust the skimmer just right so that there is oxygen being pulled down into the skimmer with the water. It is either all or nothing. Then once I saw that everyone else was doing it right I thought I better figure out how. You must log in or register to reply here. It all depends on how much additional circulation the designs will add into the tank. In both those scenarios I would think that there will be no surface skimming, Would love to hear an update from you after using it for a few days or so. and i noticed that you have a coral beauty in your tank. The surface skimmer floats at the water surface level. Game back on with the surface skimmer. It does tend to be picky about how high the water level is, though. Log in now.

1st question was why an ATS? Cycles more water over my chaeto and the "water fall" pushes surface particles into the water column and the circulating fan blows them around to the pickup tube. Does anyone have this setup on a tank with a picture. AquaClear Surface Skimmer questions. The bottom intake resides in a hole in the gravel.

I did some more work on it last night.

You can post now and register later. I had to buy a 10' stick of the pipe, 1 "t" & 90 degree elbow. Cameron's setup on his minibow. I picked one up and I have to say the thing works great.. Cleaned the surface of my tank in about 15 minutes and its crystal clear but I seem to have a problem. Hopefully it would be the same story for the nano. 20 Pins • 313 Followers. Optimal scenario is of course when the water level in the tank is right over the level of the 90*, but what happens when the water level is higher or lower? question on adjustment though. don't sweat it.... no big deal. The 15g has alot of surface film on it. I have seen these mods before, but all I can think of is the range of water levels that it will work as intended. *NEW AND IMPROVED V2* Oceanbox Designs™ Magnetic Surface Skimmer for Aquaclear™ AC110 HOB filter allows surface scum to be removed via surface skimming and also hide the filter intake which is usually sore eyes in your beautiful reef tank.Our innovative Embedded Magnetic Mount System™ are 100% waterproof on both tank side (wet) and dry side (external). I have an AC300 on my 20 and I used both attachments to get the intake fairly close to the bottom to pick up various debris, so far it doesnt suck up much sand if any. And the skimmer parts.

Running at about 1/3 capacity of the fuval. So I took the skimmer off. Yea, my plan was the AC 300 with 150 impeller and the surface skimmer except the 5.5 AGA is only about 10" Tall. Oceanbox Designs™ Magnetic Surface Skimmer for Aquaclear™ AC110 HOB filter allows surface scum to be removed via surface skimming and also hide the filter intake which is usually sore eyes in your beautiful reef tank. I have some zoo's growing on it as well. i fiddled with it for 20 minutes, and got it working! sorry to hear that.... it must have been defective, cause you are the first person that i have ever heard of that had a complaint about it. DIY aquaclear mods Collection by Jared Anwyl. My AC200 is to the very left of my tank and it doesn't seel like there would be the room like yours has. Aquaclear 70 Surface Skimmer Mod - GTA Aquaria Forum - Aquarium.

I have two aquaclear 50 hob filters for my 29 gallon reef. If anything I think it helps the exchange of oxygen by creating turbulence at the water surface. I'll post pictures as I can. Maybe cutting teeth in the 90* would allow for a greater range of functioning water levels? Jan 22, 2019 #1 I have seen plenty of builds for one of these using a water bottle, but I have something a little different planned and would like y’alls thoughts Not sure if you. × You can close off the bottom intake all together by turning the stick at the top. . Lol. Happy Friday everyone! 3/16" down from the top of the 90 I drilled three 1/8" holes. It has been modified to add a baffle inside the filter and will hold the heater, a piccolo skimmer and some chaeto. DIY Surface Skimmer Links for the Reef Aquarium Hobbyists DIY Surface Skimmer - DIY Discussion - Hampton Roads Reef Club.

Here is my problem. So it works great. Mine is setup the same as well (hi res for detail): Display as a link instead, × Jan 30, 2009 293 0 16 Miami.

That's how you control the amount of surface skimming (hope that makes sense). I used the same screen I used in my refugium for the chaeto. Ultra Slim Mini 50W Heater w/External Controller, AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro - Automatic Top Off System, CoralFish12g – Signature All-In-One Nano Tank, Reef Builders Featured – AIO Reef Conversion Kit, Reef Builders Featured – PICO-S 4.3G AIO Frag Tank, Mr Aqua 22L w/Oceanbox Design™ Reef Conversion Kit, Oceanbox Designs now making Face Shields PPE. I have a 15g high aquarium. they need at least 30gallons to be happy. Video on the duckweed bio filter coming soon! My tank is cycled and I'd like to get my chaeto out of my display and into the refugium maybe another few hours of work, it started as a time killer while my tank cycled to stay involved. If you want to see pics of it in a Minibow 7, check out my thread:

I love our surface skimmer, esspecially since our water seems to "shine" now that the scum is gone from the surface. This is halirious we're still talking about it. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The dual intake is used to adjust how much surface skimming is taking place at the top of the skimmer. This filter can also be easily modified to remove duckweed from the water column. well after getting tired of the damn surface scum even with a ph pointed at the surface, and just decided to make this thing work. Although it is black, which is the worst light reflector . Ive seen them in person and they look fairly big, wouldnt they take up alot of room in a nano tank. usually just takes a little bit of adjusting and it's good to go. When it gets too low it sucks up mad air and pushes microbubbles through the AC. Paste as plain text instead, × Let us know what you think if you do. its 6 MONTHS OLD !!! It's more than a couple days later, but Sailfish you're right, I'm generally not impressed and removed the surface skimmer.   You cannot paste images directly. Still, I would maybe expect some noise from sucking in air? Too much "stuff" in the canister can cause it to clog faster. Clear editor. Ill post pictures as I can. the lower intake actually sits about 2.5 inches from the bottom of the device. What I can tell you is 1/2 pvc 315 psi piping has a nice slip fit on the aquaclear tube. it even creates more surface agitation. newnano had asked if this skum is harmful to fish, and i was explaining that the surface skum reduces oxygen exchange and light intensity. it does exactly what it's supposed to do, and it does it well. I have heard good things about using a surface skimmer attachment for the aquaclear. I'm planing on a starting water level just above the 90 and considered slotting the holes. Strong Magnetic Mount, Quick To Install and Remove for Cleaning. Page 2- Mike & Terry's 30g Shallow Rimless Build Nano Reefs. Can the skimmer adjustment cross over infront of the filter? I ended up going with an AQUA Clear 70 conversion to an ATS. Jan 6, 2014 - Explore Jared Anwyl's board "DIY aquaclear mods", followed by 313 people on Pinterest. ⚠️ We’re under full production with slight delay. I cut 1/8" off the top of my 90 to make it about 3/16" below water level which I feel is reasonably close to my desired location. Silly question, it's new to me... Why a protein/surface skimmer in a freshwater tank? Has or is anyone using them. Maybe if you attached the funny vacuum cleaner attachment without the bristles that looks like this. Running at about 1/3 capacity of the fuval, Ok. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. The main function of this filter is to skim the air-water interface eliminating bacterial films that may develop in tanks with poor surface agitation.

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