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The advantages of separating the branches of power are that no one party can be fully in charge of America. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy, Your Deadline is Too Short? Don't use plagiarized sources. However, a written constitution is unnecessary in countries who do not have one as many believe that the unwritten constitutional nature of, for example, UK politics has ensured a long history of democracy, and written constitutions may not be the most effective way of limiting government power. Tutor: Sally Hawkes The Federalist Papers written jointly by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay became the most influential papers in attaining ratification of the Constitution. (2017, Apr 13). It is typically a short document general in nature embodying the aspirations of values of its scholars and subjects. In this essay I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an unwritten constitution and show that I agree with this statement. The advantages of an unwritten constitution far outweigh the disadvantages (40) You must make a judgement. In this essay I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an unwritten constitution and show that I agree with this statement. For my research, A constitution is a set of fundamental and entrenched rules governing the conduct of an organisation or nation, setting up its idea, character and structure. Written law consists of: Research question: Explain the importance of each constitutional principle to the british constitution and outline which principle is the most important On the other hand a written constitution can be considered rigid. As an idea by Blick, it is due to the absence of a serious moment in the history, such as a revolution or an independence that has made Britain transformed the constitution to the level codifying it. One argument is that a written constitution would make the rules of the country clearer, as constitutional rules would be collected together and put into a single document and therefore more clearly defined than in an unwritten constitution where the laws, rights and rules are spread across many documents. ... Only because there are some instances where the police are put at a huge disadvantage and the "bad guys" have an advantage. The written constitution would make clear what the state and its agencies can and cannot do, what their responsibilities are, what they will be held accountable for and would specify the extent of their powers. Remember. This would be very beneficial as at the moment many citizens are unhappy with the way that the government is operation and believe that there is a lack of attention to some of the less important aspects of the structure. (Business Dictionary, 2015). Although a part of United Kingdom constitution as it said is written in several documents such as the legislations, the treaties, the conventions but also the in the judicial decisions. This abolished some of the feudal dues peasants owed landlords, and tax advantages. Student ID: 84623

. Another significant disadvantage is the Judicial Tyranny. As others have said, a constitution is essential for a country to function. FC011: The Individual, State and Society On one hand, if a written constitution was introduced it would affect the power of government, relationship between judges and politician and individual freedoms and rights. Scope of research on, Advantages and Disadvantages of an Unwritten Constituion. Constitution is "the rules and practices that determine the composition and functions of of the organs of central and local government in a state and regulate their relationship between the individual and the state" . Most of the states does possess a written constitution but United Kingdom isn’t one of the according to FF Ridley.

The rules consist of the roles, functions and powers of the country and shows how coordinate the relationship between the state and the people. Victoria University of Wellington School of Linguistics and Applied Languages Studies WRIT 101 – Writing English Assignment 2 – Persuasion Due Date: 20 September 2004 Name of Student: Chor Teck. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a written constitution in the U.S? It would also allow the power of the government to be spread more evenly over the whole system ensuring its more efficient and improved operation (ex-prime minister Margaret Thatcher agreed with this). Having a written constitution would guarantee an uncompromising method of protecting individuals and the general public from the executive. A written constitution is merely the above rules and practices formulated into a single document. Written laws are the most crucial source of law in Malaysia.

You can get your Two main types of states are distinguished namely Totalitarian states as well as Liberal Democratic States. These three organs of state are put in place in order to create a checks and balances system. The South African and Nigerian governments have constitutions that define the three levels of government as being; the legislative, the executive and the judicial. They gathered on a tennis court and pledged not to disband until they had written a constitution. (iii) Legislation are laws made by Parliament. One advantage to having a codified constitution is that it establishes and protects our human rights, as the American constitution does with the bill of rights. However, just because there is a written constitution does not ensure the rights of a countries citizens will receive their rights – rather, it could lead to an elective dictatorship which might further restrict rights and may go on to persecute some of its citizens, which happened in Germany and resulted in the Second World War. A constitution is termed as a set of rules relating to how a country will be governed.

One advantage of a codified constitution is the clarity of its meaning as it sets out the laws, rules and principles on a how a state is to be governed. A constitution is a definitive power any action, which contradicts the rules of the constitution, will be both unconstitutional and unlawful.

One great example is the United States constitution which has only had 27 amendments since 1787. However, The laws in Malaysia can be broken into two, which are written and unwritten laws. The powers of the government and the right of the people pumped from the constitution. Classroom management is a challenge in any field. In order to develop a good argument, What is a constitution? The UK does not have a codified constitution.

Judges are unelected and socially do not represent the population which could lead to a democratic deficit because of a lack of democratic legitimacy, as the public could be subjected to opinions which they do not agree with but have been implemented due to the preferences of senior judges. Don’t miss a chance to chat with experts. , Another significant disadvantage, the parliamentary sovereignty would be effectively abolished. The United States Constitution was adopted in 1788, but a number of prominent Americans were alarmed at the omission of individual liberties in the proposed constitution.?

ICT defined as information and communication technology (ICT) the hardware and software that enables. Although an unwritten constitution may be considered too flexible which causes government to almost do as they wish, a written constitution would be far too rigid and would cause major difficulties when wanting to change certain laws, and it would also be difficult to agree on what a new constitution would contain. A constitution is a set of rules that establish duties and functions of the government and defines the basic principles to which society must conform.

Pages: 13 Instead of having a codified constitution in a single document United Kingdom choose to split it in several documents. The Courts have developed a power to review the administrative actions of the executive arm of government, in the same way that the High Court of Australia is able to review legislation alleged to be based on the constitutional powers of Section 51 of the Australian Constitution. There must therefore be both advantages and disadvantages to having a written constitution over an unwritten constitution; I will now attempt to highlight these. Totalitarianism is an all-encompassing system of political rule (Heywood,2013:269), this means that this regime type rules over all aspects of the lives of the people it governs. (ii) The State Constitution that comprises the 13 states of Malaysia and each possesses their own constitution, which governs that state. executive and the legislature in the governance of Nigeria and South Africa The separation of powers could be argued to be the most important aspect of the U.S Constitution along with Federalism. They also pushed that the Estates-General write a constitution.

The constitution also includes the rights and the freedoms of the people. Both these regime types differ greatly however both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. ” This is a phrase that has been used carelessly over the years. 51" was written to explain the republican form of government and how this proposed government makes liberty possible. Thus, a written constitution would create less confusion and the meaning about laws and rights may be greater enforced. The Assembly later drafted a constitution that made France a limited monarchy with one house of legislature. Effective classroom management in music classes or performance ensembles has the additional challenge of having to be able to encourage creativity and. The UK constitution which is uncodified does not protect our human rights because in the UK parliament is sovereign, not the constitution. With written constitutions a higher law is more difficult to change and it is easier and quicker to introduce an Act of Parliament than to alter a constitution.

Retrieved from According to Jeremy Bentham, the word ‘constitution’ was used to refer to as ‘the aggregate of those laws in a state which were styled collectively the public law’.

Both supporters and opponent to the Constitution expressed their concern with faction. PhDessay is an educational resource where over 1,000,000 free essays are collected.

Let Professional Writer Help You, 6000 Fairview Road, SouthPark Towers, Suite 1200, Charlotte, NC 28210, USA. All Rights Reserved. Constitution is "the rules and practices that determine the composition and functions of of the organs of central and local government in a state and regulate their relationship between the individual and the state" . Constitution is necessary for the coordinating of a state as it involves the fundamental rules and regulations in which a state exists . That means if United Kingdom codified its constitution it will lose its flexibility and eventually the chance to renewal every law need to amend. The only disadvantage of written constitution is that is do not allow majority to fool minority by lies and alteration of constitution according to their will. it consumes time and energy, the writer can mistake and so a constitution must be printed.

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