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"He does that which can be done by no one else, have you ever witnessed the difficulty of steering Helios through the Milky Way, considered the heights and depths which he must traverse with a such a team, spirited and fiery as the sun himself?

. 30 (trans. . . Indeed I cannot believe that Hephaistos mad with jealousy made hunting-gear for Adonis!’ . She fitted the bodice again about her chest, and bound the maiden girdle again over her round breast--too late! to C1st A.D.) : 31. So he tried to bewilder the wits of the girl who would not be so charmed. . It was created in 225 BC, the creator of this 567 ff (trans. Curi… "Then perhaps it is true that love and pain are hopelessly entwined like my vines on their arbors." Argive Adrasteia ([Nemesis] let the whip with its vipers curl round the maiden's girdle, doing pleasure to Artemis and to Dionysos while he was still indignant [at losing his love Beroe to Poseidon]; and although she was herself unacquainted with love, she prepared another love [i.e.

And the god roamed over the hills scourged with a greater fire. While Bakkhos would be preparing a cunning device for her bed, Lelantos's daughter wandered about seeking a fountain, for she was possessed with parching thirst. ", Ovid, Metamorphoses 6. . This is an ancient marble sculpture depicting Greek gods Dionysus and Eros. . All were defeated and slain until Dionysos came along and won the contest. . ", Theophilus of Antioch, To Autolycus 7 (Greek Christian epistles C2nd A.D.) : Paphia [Aphrodite] was anxious, for she feared both wooers of her muchwooed girl. Poor Apollo, that his eyes still pierce the shroud he requested because his vision is fated to be unfailing.' "Bacchus, what brings you calling?" "[The constellation] Grape-Gatherer (Vindemitor) . . If you want a wild spear also as daughter of Adonis, you have my thyrsus for a lance--away with the trident's tooth! I saw the deceiving stream of the yellow fountain at your loving bridal! The vinegod wounded by the arrow of love still craved the maiden; but Zeus the Father on high stayed him by playing a tune of thunder, and the sound from his father held back the desire for strife. Rouse) (Greek epic C5th A.D.) : Ovid, Fasti 3. .

Deianeira, whose father some say was Dionysos. She spoke, and went stumbling on her way. . .

DIONYSOS was the Olympian god of wine, vegetation, pleasure, festivity, madness and frenzy. She was unacquainted with love, a comrade of the Archeress [Artemis].

"Those who wrote the Argolica [say] . .

He did enjoy Dionysus' company though he spited the wine-god some small part for being so difficult to rouse to frustration. Dionysus smiled and reached out to brush into place a lock of Eros' hair. . Grant) (Roman mythographer C2nd A.D.) : When Liber [Dionysos] received permission from his father [Zeus] to bring back his mother Semele from the Lower World, and in seeking a place of descent had come to the land of the Argives, a certain Hyplipnus met him, a man worthy of that generation, who was to show the entrance to Liber in answer to his request. She was maddened by what she saw. "Near the Assyrian rock he [Eros, god of love,] united from fiery arrows on one string, to bring two wooers into like desire for the love of a maid [Beroe], rivals for one bride, the vinegod [Dionysos] and the ruler of the sea [Poseidon] .. .

Do not shame your mother's race. Dionysus was the Olympian god of wine, vegetation, pleasure, festivity, madness and wild frenzy. The following passage is from an early Christian writer's critique of the pagan gods.] .

When fiery Eros beheld Aura stumbling heavyknee, he leapt down from heaven, and smiling with peaceful countenance spoke to Dionysos with full sympathy : ‘Are you for a hunt, Dionysos? Dionysus smiled his intoxicating smile and spoke flatteringly with his honeyed tone to Eros, causing the love god to feel effects like unto those he created, "I came that I might look upon your lovely face, and ask you for some grace, by the name of your most beautiful mother." For King of Satyroi and Ruler of the Sea, a maiden was the prize. Dionysus was thinking as he walked through the Olympian streets. Jones) (Greek travelogue C2nd A.D.) : Diodorus Siculus, Library of History 4. So he spoke to the breezes of spring, while walking in a flowery meadow.


Suda On Line) (Byzantine Greek lexicon C10th A.D.) : Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheca 1. 5 (trans. NYMPHE UNNAMED An unnamed Mysian nymph was the mother of Dionysos' son Priapos (others say he was born of Aphrodite). .

Not you alone had sweet sleep as a guide to love, not you alone drank deceitful wine which stole your maiden girdle; but once more a fountain of nuptial wine has burst from a new opening rock unrecognised, and Aura drank.

He came near to Beroe and would have spoken a word, but fear held him fast [shyness in the presence of the maiden] . ", Pseudo-Hyginus, Astronomica 2. He visited the airy abode of Aphrodite, where she dwelled when not with Hephaestos, which he knew to be the favored resting place of Eros. Your beauty, your blushing whiteness, puts to shame all the wealth of the Heliades; the neck of Beroe is like the gleams of Dawn, it shines like amber, outshines a sparkling jewel; your fair shape makes precious marble cheap. Divine splendor, shot through with undeniable seduction. there was the living plant of Amyclain iris; there sang the nightingales over the spring blossoms, flying in troops above the clustering flowers. I beseech you, in the name of that bed on the ground where the marriage was consummated, what bridegifts did Dionysos your husband bring? : Perhaps I will be back to visit soon. Melville) (Roman epic C1st B.C. She was a votary of the god Dionysos and bore him a son named Narkaios. With this appeal Bakkhos departed, triumphant and proud of his two Phrygian marriages, with the elder wife and the younger bride .

He espied Beroe, and from head to foot he scanned her divine young freshness while she stood . Then he tied the girl's feet together with indissoluble bonds, and passed a cord round and round her hands that she might not escape him: he laid the maiden down in the dust, a victim heavy with sleep ready for Aphrodite, and stole the bridal fruit from Aura asleep. . .

The Aphrodite archetype is symbolic of sensuality, sexuality, procreativity, and co-creativity. ", Pausanias, Description of Greece 9. I, distressed for your beauty as I stand here, what have I for you, what gifts shall I offer?

This is an ancient marble sculpture depicting Greek gods Dionysus and Eros. He stopped midway through preparing the golden one he was dipping into the ethereal love elixir, set it down, stood, turned, and smiled at Dionysus who had not yet revealed himself.

Both must agree to an oath, since I fear for the girl's neighbouring city where I am known as Cityholder, that because of Beroe's beauty I may lose Beroe's home. Zeus's wife Hera, a jealous and vain goddess, discovered the affair while Semele was pregnant, appearing as an old crone (in other stories a nurse). The husband brought no gift; on the ground that hapless girl heavy with wine, unmoving, was wedded to Dionysos; Hypnos (Sleep) embraced the body of Aura with overshadowing winds, and he was marshal of the wedding for Bakkhos, for he also had experience of love, he is yokefellow of Selene (the Moon), he is companion of the Erotes (Loves) in nightly caresses. [See Family]. Rouse) (Greek epic C5th A.D.) : Nonnus, Dionysiaca 48. . Avoid the water of the spring, lest Seabluehair steal your maidenhood in the water--for a mad lover and a crafty one he is! The story is told in Nonnus' Dionysiaca, not currently quoted here. . .’ . . After these caresses, the bride started up; she shook off limbloosing sleep, the witness of the unpublished nuptials, saw with surprise her breasts bare of the modest bodice, the cleft of her thighs uncovered, her dress marked with the drops of wedlock that told of a maidenhood ravished without bridegift. For MORE information on this satyr youth see AMPELOS, Pausanias, Description of Greece 2.

When the vinebridegroom had consummated his wedding on that silent bed, he lifted cautious foot and kissed the bride's lovely lips, loosed the unmoving feet and hands, brought back the quiver and bow from the rock and laid them beside his bride. I would not give you roses, shooting up from the flowercups of a rosy cluster, for roses are in your cheeks.’ Who will mention the sweet sting of love or the name of Kyprogeneia [Aphrodite]? Then if you would wed the maid, first fight it out together; let the winner lead away Beroe without brideprice. 37. The wooers agreed to this proposal. he said : ‘Now at last, Nikaia, you have found consolation for your love. He seduced her with the full consent of her husband, King Oineus, who had received the gift of the vine. .

She stood silent, but reluctant to have a foreign wedding with a wooer from the sea; she feared the watery bower of love in the deep waves, and preferred Bakkhos . . She made him burn all the more, since the servants of love watch shamefast women more closely, and desire more strongly the covered countenance. What is more shameless, than when only men crave, and women do not desire? Now again Dionysos has stolen a marriage bed, and ravished another maiden: woodland Aura in the mountains, who shrank once from the very name of love, has seen a marriage the image of yours. Who made it? 6. Your review has been posted. The rewards was not a seemly one, though to Dionysos it was seemly enough. . From heaven came all the dwellers on Olympos, with Zeus, and stayed to watch the combat upon the rocks of Lebanon . Theoi Project © Copyright 2000 - 2017 Aaron J. Atsma, Netherlands & New Zealand. The caves of your fathers are better than Olympos. . So he was flogged by the maddening cestus of desire; and he kept away from the girl, but full of bittersweet pangs, he sent his mind to wander a-hunting with the girl with ungirt tunic. He [Zeus breaking up the contest] granted the hand of Beroe to Earthshaker [Poseidon], and pacified the rivals' quarrel. 1 (trans. Your beauty is above ambrosia; indeed, heavenly nectar breathes fragrant from your dress! Eros was one of her sons. When he turned to look for Dionysus, cruelty playing on his face, he had gone. At last buffeted by his tumultuous desire for Aura, desperate he cried out in mad tones--‘I am like lovelorn Pan, when the girl flees me swift as the wind, and wanders, treading the wilderness with boot more agile than Ekho never see! Dionysos threatening the sea danced into the fray with vineleaves and thyrsus, seated in the [lion-drawn] chariot of his [foster] mother mountainranging Rheia . Their daughter was the nymphe Telete. He slid his hand out of Eros' grip with the force and speed of lightning. . . N.B. 240 ff (trans.

He could not have anough of his gazing; for the more he beheld the maid standing there, the more he wanted to watch. He will make the laurel a treasure among trees. In the Theogony of Hesiod (fl. . ", Dionysus eyes burned too like coals, but the threat there was veiled, he did not like being so treated, but withstood it so as to keep the peace, Olympus was no place for chaos so early in his stay. ARIADNE A princess of the island of Krete (Greek Aegean) who was discovered and wed by Dionysos on the island of Naxos. Orphic Hymn 57 to Chthonian Hermes (trans. 5 (trans. Rouse) (Greek epic C5th A.D.) : Nonnus, Dionysiaca 42. Oldfather) (Greek historian C1st B.C.)

But the natural beauties of a face confound the desperate lover with a sharp sting, and the untidy tresses of an unbedizened head are all the more dainty, when they stray unbraided down the sides of a snow-white face.

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