News: difference between cordyline and dracaena

How to choose the best garden plant for your garden depending upon its facts? first. Every gardener must at least have the slightest clue about the plants he wants to plant in his garden. One, the "Corn Plant" (dracaena fragrans) - pictured below - has extremely fragrant flowers, though the blooms don't look like flowers, more like a bunch of knots on a rope.

The number of Cordyline varieties are Not Available and number of varieties of Dracaena are 40. least 3 feet from the nearest plant. A lot of variety can be seen in garden plants and while comparing Cordyline and Dracaena varieties; one should definitely take into consideration all the different varieties available. and others grow straight up.Black Magic cordyline grows in a large swirly pattern and can grow 8 feet tall or

Compare Cordyline and Dracaena as they differ in many characteristics such as their life, care, benefits, facts, etc. YESCOMPANION PLANT SUGGESTIONS: Variegated ginger, firespike, croton, pinwheel jasmine, hope philodendron, Indian hawthorne, pentas, peace lily, and dwarf tibouchina.


Beautification, Landscape Designing, Showy Purposes, Used for decorating walls, fences, gates, hedges, etc. The ultimate guide to low-maintenance plants and landscaping! You can plant groupings of most of these plants very close together for upright plants. Cordyline plants are typically lumped together and called "ti plants.". Song of India dracaena (dracaena reflexa)  - pictured above - has a On cordyline they will be white, while on dracaena the roots are yellow to orange.

Ask at the nursery when you purchase one of these plants what kind of light it prefers.

some foliage is visible while you're pruning the plant. Now you know enough about these plants, you can compare various other plants and know their characteristics. Cordylines and dracaenas have fabulous foliage for dramatic color and provide height and a look of the tropics to South Florida gardens. However if you catch them at dusk tiny white blossoms open in each "knot"  to release their heady perfume. Both cordylines and dracaenas make excellent container plants. Don't over-fertilize these plants. Yucca vs. Dracaena.

Ti is correctly pronounced "tee," though most of us fall into the habit of saying "tie" simply because everyone seems to do so. Zone 10 is best but in Zone 9B keep them in containers to move inside during cold weather. cases, the openness of bare canes can create an interesting silhouette. Dracaenas are a bit more drought-tolerant but, with either plant, too-infrequent waterings will cause the tips of the leaves to turn brown.

Life span of any plant is the time for which a plant lives. These will only help you to expand your knowledge about plants having many species and varieties.

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