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These women had not known or shown signs that they were pregnant. In Season 2, Diego told Grace to look into what Reginald was doing. It's where your interests connect you with your people. He’s a beast. klaus was particularly good with languages because of the variety of ghosts he tended to attract when sober. RELATED: 10 Facts About Luther Hargreeves From The Umbrella Academy That Fans Need To Know.

In other words, these two have friendship potential and I wanna see it. 1980 (original timeline)

Diego was the one who gave Klaus the sex talk. While Batman has Commissioner Gordon, the Kraken has Inspector Lupo who is essentially the Umbrella Academy version.

hey idk if i’m wayyy too late for drabble requests, but would you ever write something about dean finding out about diego’s stutter on a case or something? , Thinking about how Reginald made Diego’s stutter return and how Diego got together with Lila only for her to turn out to have been using him to get to five and how he saw his dead mother who he adored only for her not to know him and how he’s so determined to save the president and do good and yet he fails. Warnings: slight angst, me not knowing anything about forensics. Diego stutters during an interview and Reginald is not very happy about it. After some angsty debating on his end over whether he should or shouldn't see her again he decides to go. He chooses the wrong way.Please don't read this if self-harm triggers you! We're not sure at this point if the other characters have figured out it was him. number five in particular develops a habit of talking to ben, asking for his opinion on things and ranting to him about their siblings’ idiocy on particularly bad days.

Lots of love. WARNING! Physical description She looked at him with surprise, her eyes tender, and Diego shoved another donut in his mouth so that he didn’t have to say anything in response. imagine the siblings fighting together in perfect harmony, and their opponents being so confused because the battlefield is just one crazy mish-mash of different languages being hurled in all sorts of directions.

Turns out, being rescued from an insane asylum is not an ideal way to be reunited with your dysfunctional family. They are also human beings, meaning they can both be injured severely and must heal on their own. besides - whatever it takes to keep him from blathering on about nonsense is always a good thing. can you write something about diego next, maybe his stutter? Other information Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Routine, easy, low-stress. When the show begins, he is living in a boxing club in exchange for working there from time to time. “Hargreeves numbered Diego Number Two because one of the things that drives Number One, is the tension between him and Diego,” Way says. But it isn’t all about Luther. In the comics, he's known as "The Kraken," but they haven't really explored any of his underwater abilities in the show as of yet. They’ll always have your back, You’re always confiding in one another. 1950 Dean shrugs, “It’s one off. Just a few short days ago, Gerard Way dove into the background of our beloved Number Two. Um, are you okay?”.

You have been listed as one of the emergency contacts for a Mr Klaus Hargreeves?

Klaus found it hilarious but tried to keep a straight face. Star Wars Comic Throws Shade at The Skywalker Saga, Diego Hargreeves is The Umbrella Academy's Version of Batman, The Umbrella Academy: Why Diego Never Uses His Superpowers, Umbrella Academy Theory: Season 3 Will Be A Time Travel Heist, Spider-Man Created Britain’s Greatest Hero Without Knowing It, Marvel's X-Men Reboot Relies On A Detail From A Comic About Pinocchio, Black Panther Was Almost Shang-Chi's Brother in Law, Marvel's Most Mysterious Mutant Rules An Entire Dimension, Who Are The Indigo Lanterns? It was hard not to hear the constant sobbing from Allison’s room. Diego always wanted to be a hero, and he did everything he could to become that hero in his life. “I see,” Diego confirmed, his mind working on the words on its own. He is also seen to be left handed in the short story "Anywhere But Here," as he is playing the bass left handed. They don't really say much about why they broke up but that's the only thing they really mention. If you’ve seen the show, (and let’s be real – who hasn’t) then you’re well aware of Number Two’s ability to throw objects with incredible accuracy. Ever since stopping the bullets on the farm, Diego has felt…different. Vanya hadn’t really said much since she’d tried to gently tell Diego that she believed Klaus had thought he was talking with Ben. A/N: It’s kinda short but lately I’ve been a lot into series, and I love the concept of a fire bending reader, so again, let me know if you want another one! This was supposed to be just a routine patrol assignment. Which Star Trek: DS9 Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? He takes it upon himself to get at least a few of these children to experiment them. Thinks, It’s nothing, and says, “Don’t do that.”, Slowly, all brainpower focused on the words forming in his mouth, Diego says, “Cut me off.” Face burning, he admits, “It makes me stutter more.”. 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 The Umbrella Academy 2 Appearances 3 Notes and references The child that would become Diego Hargreeves was born at the same time as forty-two other extraordinary children. He even starts to stutter again after her death.

He’s g-got tail s-pikes, s-see?”.

With that said, not many of them have defensive based capabilities against significant odds. In the new timeline with a new identity Diego runs into Eudora Patch, alive and well and interested in meeting him for coffee sometime.

He really has the potential to be some kind of alternate type of underseas vigilante killer (kind of like a certain other DC comic book hero we know).

Did you know their brain were real s-small?”. He even got a chance to hit on a classmate, Patch, before heading out. How do you feel about Number Two’s change from comic to screen? Soon enough, the two of them got really good and started keeping a score board. As a young boy, Diego had a few speaking issues. diego has a habit of substituting spanish words for english ones when he thinks he isn’t explaining himself well enough. ...not before paying Olga Foroga a visit. Her and Diego start playing chess during free time, a game that neither of them had really spent a lot of time playing before, but they knew Five and Vanya were really into. Dean blinks, “Stutter?

The other kids probably noticed that Diego’s stutter is usually triggered when he’s scared, anxious, or otherwise upset, and gets better when someone is patient with him and helps him calm down, so this is exactly what Allison does. Diego frowns, “You heard me stutter before.” Not like this, admitedly, but Diego knows he slipped up a few times when he just met Dean. I have a theory that the other Hargreeves are all a little scared of Allison’s powers, and I mean who wouldn’t be. ben keeps rolling his eyes at all their botched pronunciations, but at the same time, he’s just so, so happy, because here they are: his family, still a touch too dysfunctional, and yet much stronger because they’re all together again and helping each other heal - slowly, but surely, of course - from almost three decades worth of emotional and mental abuse. The Kraken (00.02 Diego Hargreeves) is the reckless and rebellious member of the group; described by Monocle as “an insolent brat.” He has the ability to hold his breath indefinitely and has demonstrated a strong affinity for knife-throwing. RELATED: All The Powers in the Umbrella Academy, Ranked. You waited until they were all inside before you made your way in. :’)]. “Is th-th-that really n-n-ne-ne-nece-s-s-ssary?” He stammered, pleading. Assuming the identity of "the Kraken", a reference to his ability to hold his breath underwater indefinitely, Diego has an affinity for knife-throwing that became something more akin to magnetic powers in the television adaptation.

a sure sign that vanya was pissed for real when they were children was her mumbling darkly in russian under her breath. "Diego was wide awake, and, within minutes, in his car, speeding towards the hospital. The last time Diego had gotten stitches, after a nasty head injury, he’d passed out cold at the sight of the needle. They don’t make fun of five, no one cares Klaus is wearing a skirt it’s just: we all accept we’re fucking weird and that’s it no one cares just do your thing, Requested by anon: “i just read your “normal, happy family” fic and it was wicked good. Can I request a Head cannon for being a Hargreeves Sibling who is very close to Klaus and Diego? Every time he looked in the mirror since, the slit in his eyebrow reminded him that he was a big coward. They both regularly go on patrols in their city, having no problem with using extreme force or inflicting injury to criminals in order to get answers or enact punishment for their crimes. He has to go, right? Always keeps an eye out for Klaus while he’s on the streets. Nobody could have ever expected one of the children to have a stutter, especially a witty, confident one like Diego. Minutes before you were working on a case, studying some blood tests that you ran by the lab before Diego stormed in, rambling about his dad dying.

Without a word, you stepped towards him. They're safe, they're happy, and there's no longer an apocalypse to prevent. In the comic, he can just hold his breath as long as he wants, but in the show, he can throw knives in an unnatural way. Diego’s stomach dropped and the world seemed to slow down. Just out of the shot, Allison put a comforting hand on his back. After a quick glance at his watch, Diego concluded that there was enough time for him to take care of the thing that had been poking his gut the entire day.

Diego is the last of the Hargreeves to be found in 1963.

It kind of turns him into a gritty, knife-throwing Aquaman, which I think is fun. He is more of a Batman-like superhero in that he goes on regular patrols and can be seen taking down drug dealers. I- I didn’t know you stutter.”. ... Reginald Hargreeves’ inventions augment his children’s powers.

He tolerates him even though he clearly gets annoyed. In a Facebook post, the show's creator Gerard Way admitted that it was Diego's resentment toward Luther that pushed him to become better. Halsey gets hate for ‘Umbrella Academy’ opinions, blames Gerard Way, It looks like you’ll have to watch ‘Harry Potter’ the old way now, Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame’s 2020 induction has no performers—here’s why, Here’s how Ticketmaster plans to implement social distancing at future gigs, See how these musicians are using their voices on Election Day, Here’s what Tom Morello thinks the Democratic Party can do better. It’s fine.” He takes a gulp of his coffee, then asks, “So, uh, I should just wait you out if there’s a next time?”, “Good. It's easy to blame someone who is known for throwing knives when there are stabbings occurring. It’s an improvement I welcomed gladly. This change also threw the heroes into a world they never experienced and allowed viewers to see a completely different side of this dysfunctional family.

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