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These items were designed by members of the Descenders Discord Server prior to the game launching out of Early Access. When that happens, you will immediately get the community equipment set. Descenders Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Team unlocks used to be unlocked by achieving a certain amount of Rep; see. All work with each of the three bike types. These items are unlocked by inputting a code under Extras --> Redeem Code.

For reference, the legacy system for team unlocks is preserved at the directly preceding link. Items are colour-coded by their rarity and unlock method; to determine what rarity an item is, check the background.

We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. *MERRYCHRISTMAS gives all 4 Christmas jerseys with one code redemption, and the team jerseys are classified as team items instead of Limited. The player can only earn one item from this item category per run. 6 Minutes of the Downhill Mountain Biking Roguelike Descenders, Descenders - Xbox Game Preview Reveal Trailer, Externus: Path of the Solari - Reveal Trailer, Paper Mario: The Origami King - Announcement Trailer, Destiny 2: What's Working Best in Season of Arrivals - Fireteam Chat Ep. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Interestingly, the Flamingo Bike, while not being a 'community item', is classified in this category. Press J to jump to the feed. To unlock multiple blank sets of Custom Gear (10 each of Goggles, Helmet, Jersey Long, Jersey Short, Pants, Shorts, and 25 Bikes), redeem the code CUSTOM. It's worth noting that although your chances increase the more rep you score in a run, unless you are directly hitting the 100% threshold an item of the targeted rarity is not guaranteed. The jersey and pants are classified under the Polka Dots brand. *SPOOPY gives both the Skeleton Jersey and Pants with one code redemption; also, the items are classified as Uncommon instead of Limited. This kit is no longer available due to Mixer's shutdown. Keep an eye on the Discord server for any news. It is entirely possible to score, for example, 200,000 rep in a run thrice in a row and yet not get any Extraordinary out of it due to bad luck. They are all strictly cosmetic and do not offer any performance or bike bonuses. Asterisks (*) denote additional notes related to the items below the table. Uncommon skins require 2k rep in a run for a 20% chance, up to 10k+ rep in a run for a 100% chance. If that roll fails, the game will then proceed to the immediate lower rarity and do the same procedure. This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 15:55. Descenders is an extreme downhill mountain-biking game that's out now on Early Access. How the item drop system works is as follows: the game first checks your rep earned in a session to see what is the highest rarity item you are eligible for. Sponsor objectives gradually get harder as the player ranks up. Descenders is extreme downhill freeriding for the modern era, with procedurally generated worlds, and where mistakes have real consequences. The system will not skip unlocks for items that you have already unlocked, which means that it will take 16 days at minimum to fully complete a sponsor contract for a single team (48 tasks in total).

These items are limited in the sense that they are only available from contests or other occasions.

It's worth noting that this is marked as not being available on Xbox and PS4 for obvious reasons (the gear cannot be modded), but it is still possible to redeem the codes on Xbox only for extra blank gear. The following jersies are modeled after the faces of the developers and publishers of Descenders: Uwotmate - No More Robots' founder Mike Rose, Jeroendumb - (formerly) RageSquid's Jeroen Heeren. Note: "Rep Total" refers to the total amount of Reputation earned in a single Career/Career-Plus run - NOT the total lifetime career Reputation. This kit was unlocked by setting up Mixer integration: Settings --> Gameplay --> Go Interactive on Mixer.

For the following group of items, one single code NATIONS gives all of these items, designed by KingKrautz. Among the items listed in this category are #SCRAPE-branded goggles and clothing. Mods won't be coming to Xbox because of the way Microsoft and the consoles work. Also, non mod maps are already pushing the limits of what an Xbox can handle, so the mod maps couldn't run on Xbox hardware. These items are unlocked by fulfilling special conditions in-game. All items are obtained in various manners. This kit is exclusive to Xbox One and Microsoft Store owners. The Golden Times shirt is a reference to the website of a Dutch Facebook page entitled 'Elke dag dezelfde foto van Frans Bauer'. The following items were designed by winners of the Descenders Mod of the Year 2019 competition. These items are PC-only and were obtained if you had more than the specified amount of Rep at any point before May 15, 2018 (even if you lost Rep and dropped below the values required). *WARCHILD gives both the jersey and shorts with one code redemption. Note: It is highly likely that similar tokens exist for Arboreal and Enemy, but these are not officially confirmed. There are a wide variety of items in Descenders. These items were most likely a test for rear wheel-mounted accessories. These items are known to exist in the assets, but are currently unattainable for various reasons. The rest of the equipment sets that these goggles are a part of can be seen here. All items are obtained in various manners. There are also HAOW Jerseys listed in this segment, and is the second real-life brand added to the game. Mods won't be coming to Xbox because of the way Microsoft and the consoles work. The Rubber Doggy was initially mis-classified as a Rare; it has since been downgraded to an Uncommon. Probably the closest thing console will get to mods is additional bike parks, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. All work with each … If any items are marked with these symbols, they are not available on that particular version of the game: In the case of the console versions, it is highly inadvisable to attempt to redeem item codes for items if they are not yet implemented in those versions. To join a team, find and complete their team node thrice, then accept the offer from that team to join them., Browse the list of mods and/or download a mod, Ride to the candy bar grave in the hub and press F to pay respects, Complete the Highlands boss jump for the first time, Complete the Forest boss jump for the first time, Complete the Canyon boss jump for the first time, Complete the Peaks boss jump for the first time, Placed high enough in a Community Challenge*/Played the game on April Fool's Day 2020, Participated in the October 2017 Test Sessions (beta)*, Won the One Shot Community Challenge (circa October 2018), Won the Haybale Challenge* (circa May 2020), Participated in a Discord challenge won by Team Kinetic, and had a winning entry*, Submitted a Replay in the September 2018 Replay competition*.

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