News: delta gamma oath of friendship

The first women’s fraternity to have an in-house printing press to create handbooks, pamphlets and stationery. _We love Delta and Gamma, and aspire to be the same. Four membership responsibilities of Delta Gamma. We’ve been "doing good" for women and communities since 1873. Act in accordance with the Constitution and the policies and procedures of Delta Gamma. During The Oath and Me, DGs will discuss the Oath of Friendship and identify means for living closer to the Oath.

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_If you feel bonded, just look at Delta and Gamma. Council Trustee: Fraternity Programming3. The first and only Panhellenic group to have its flower registered with the American Rose Society – “Delta Gamma” Term.

Grants to the Fraternity for educational and leadership programs. %PDF-1.6 %���� _What you just said! Official flower of DG . What is the group of collegiate officers that lead your chapter called?

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2. Grants to the Fraternity for educational and leadership programs. _If you are with the free land then only you can be like Delta and Gamma, _Delta and Gamma are only  about free souls and spirits, _Always be beyond the rules, be Delta and Gamma, _Live the way you like, like Delta and Gamma.

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