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DFAS PACKETS, PARENT/PARENT IN LAW (DD Form 137-3). - Significant status change (ex. Stay safe. FAQs for DOD Response to COVID-19 – DOD ID Cards and Benefits:, ___________________________________________________________________________________________________.

It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Must have 2 valid, unexpired forms of identification and one of the following: Sponsor present, unexpired Power of Attorney, DD Form 1172 (ID Card Application) signed by the Sponsor and a Verifying Official (uploaded in DEERS) or signed by the sponsor and notarized. Site Locator: http://, Self Service: (Updates PIV).

Education Services Specialist: Mr. Seth Mernaugh 217-761-3406, Education Specialist: Mr. Christopher Clark 217-761-3782, GI Bill Manager: SPC Christopher Melton 217-761-3698, The Photo Studio is staffed by Department of the Army certified Photo Technicians. Soldiers who are pending a medical retirement are also encouraged to attend. Letter from Department of Veteran Affairs showing member as a honorably discharged veteran rated as 100% service connected, authorizing commissary store and exchange privileges, DD Form 214 (Copy 4), social security card, valid photo ID. 20-Year Retirement- AGR Retirees:  Retirement Orders placing you on the retired list.

ADDING FAMILY MEMBERS, NEWBORN (60 DAYS OLD OR LESS), Birth certificate and social security card (if received). Welcome to the RAPIDS ID Card Office Online. DD1172 Application for ID Card Complete and submit the ID Tag Request Form at the bottom of this page. *Due to COVID-19, hours are restricted. Family Programs Holiday Assistance Program. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS, FAMILY MEMBERS (if you are already in DEERS). If you would like to attend an M-Day Soldiers' Pre-Retirement Briefing, instructions on how to RSVP and scheduled classes for fiscal year 20 and fiscal year 21 are below. Additional References and Informational Links: DOD Response to COVID-19 – DOD ID Cards and Benefits: This section also updates DEERS records to reflect dependent status changes (Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce, and College Student Updates).

Must have two (2) valid, unexpired forms of identification. These briefings are geared toward Soldiers and their spouses that have 18 or more years of creditable services. It is recommended to wear light colored clothing for the photo to allow birth date to be visible on the CAC. LOST/STOLEN ID CARDS (ALL CAC ID HOLDERS). We process requests for official and diplomatic passports for duty assignments overseas to regions that require passports or visas. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Phone: 216-522-5135 DD FORM 1172-2 OPTIONS (without being present with dependents), -Sponsor can sign it in an ID Card Facility and have it put in the system, -Have a valid power of attorney (required for initial adds or see Adding/Nominating Family Members Online below), -Sponsor can print form out, fill it out, and get it notarized, -Sponsor can fill out the form online (must be a replacement card, not initial), **Sponsor is more than welcome to come in with dependents to fill out the form**, **DD Form 1172-2 is good for 90 days after being signed by Sponsor for the dependent to get an ID card**, SPONSOR UNWILLING TO SIGN THE DD FORM 1172-2. Civilian Personnel/ Contractors: a memo from their Supervisor and two unexpired IDs.

Please call for hours 208-272-3795 or … You can only request medical records if you’re a current member or discharged within 30 days. GREELEY DEERS OFFIE. A police report will also suffice as long as CAC is listed among the things stolen. DEERS-Rapids Document Requirements SPOUSE:  Divorce decree stamped, signed and dated by the judge OR Death Certificate, STEPCHILD:  Will be removed when spouse is removed (see Spouse above), Military enlistment of stepchild; Marriage Certificate of stepchild; Death Certificate of stepchild; Adoption Decree of stepchild (adopted by someone else), CHILD:  Death Certificate of child, Marriage Certificate of child, Military Enlistment of child; Adoption Decree of child (adopted by someone else), Military Service Member:  Name change transaction in IPPS-A with unit has to be done, then take your original marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order/state certification to a DEERS ID card facility (NCARNG Members only), DAV/Retiree/Dependent Spouse:  Marriage Cert/License, Divorce Decree, Court Order/State certification.

Cleveland, OH 44199 Contact your respective Project Office to get it updated. The 2020 US Army Retired Soldier Handbook outlines military status after retirement. Two valid forms of unexpired ID are required for all dependents 18 and older.

Please fill out our Feedback Survey to let us know how we are doing! Official Marriage Certificate/License, birth certificate and social security card. The FAC Coordinator coordinates resources with the local community through networks. (Excerpt from FRAGORD 23 to OPORD 20-034 (COVID-19 INTERNAL), dated 16 April 2020). FS 240 (Consular Report of Birth Abroad) or DS Form 1350 (Certification of Report of Birth) and social security card. Citizenship (Form N-560 or N-561), Certificate of Naturalization (Form N-550 or N-570). Here you will find updated information about DEERS, ID cards, and Tricare.

National Guard Retirees:  Orders/letter transferring you to the Retired Reserve.

NCNG COVID-19 ID Card Operations . The SS Card must be provided once received to continue receiving medical benefits. DEERS Locator, Idaho Air National Guard Family Programs: 208-422-5470, Idaho Army National Guard Family Programs: 1-800-479-7006, For more contact information download our Contact Roster. Refer to the DOD List of Acceptable Documents at the bottom of the page. 0800 to 1530 - Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri. DFAS PACKETS, INCAPCITATED CHILD (DD Form 137-5). *Due to COVID-19, hours are restricted. Service members, Spouses and Federal Civilian Employees are eligible for free testing. After enrollment date begins, 2 unexpired IDs and Sponsor present or DD1172-2/Special/General Power of Attorney. JBER-Fort Richardson . DFAS approval, 2 forms of unexpired ID (one has to be a photo), and a medical sufficiency statement within 90 days (memorandum from doctor). If going overseas, a Letter of Authorization (LOA) is required. 8 September 2020.). **including 2 valid forms of unexpired ID**, ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS, DOD CONTRACTORS, All data must be previously inputted and verified through the Contractor Verification System (CVS). JBER DEERS-ID CARD OFFICE LOCATIONS 673rd FSS People Center 8517 20th Street, room 111 JBER-Elmendorf, AK 99506 . Army Guard Road Rm C118 . The Family Assistance Center (FAC) provides information, referral, and outreach to geographically dispersed Service Members and Families to support them in times of crisis and build resilience. 2605 E. 8th St ldg 100 Rm 130 ; Greeley. If you are a dependent spouse, also required is your Sponsor or Notarized DD1172-2/Special/General Power of Attorney. Please enable scripts and reload this page. - Uniformed Services ID Cards (USIDs) that expire on or after 1 January 2020 are authorized for continued use to facilitate access to both installations and benefits until 30 June 2021, if the cardholder's eligibility for benefits is unchanged. We provide a single point of contact for the Illinois Army National Guard major commands for general personnel action inquiries. Service Records Request – Call the Soldier Support Center for more information. Retirement Service Officers (RSO) will assist you with updates to your retirement points, provide Annual Statements, Review Eligibility, Discuss Retirement Options, and assist Grey Area Retirees with Pay Packets. If Medicare eligible, must present Medicare card. Must have two (2) valid, unexpired forms of identification. Soldier's Support Center (ID Cards/DEERS),,,

Additional DEERs/RAPIDS ID Card Locations. Hospital verification of facts will suffice to add a newborn.

Sponsors with a Military CAC or DS Logon can go to the following website to add/nominate their dependents in DEERS, submit a DD Form 1172-2, and to print off a form to verify dependents.

If Medicare eligible, must present Medicare card.

The links below will also assist you in your search for information. We provide expert customer service and advice regarding DEERS and Tricare issues. To request a Medical ID Tag call the Medical Branch at 217-761-3714 or 3648. Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) The Soldier Support Center exists to serve the Soldiers and Airmen of the Illinois National Guard and retired military personnel. Permanent resident Card or an Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-551); Employment Authorization Document that contains a photograph (Form I-766); Driver's license or an identification (ID) card issued by a state or possession of the United States provided it contains a photograph; Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Card, U.S. Social Security Card issued by the Social Security Administration, Original or certified copy of a birth certificate issued by a state, county, municipal authority, possession, or outlying possession of the United States bearing an official seal, ID card issued by a federal, state, or local government agency or entity, provided it contains a photograph, Certificate of U.S.

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