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Science fiction films of the 1950s were usually low budget affairs where rubber masks and cheap monster suits reigned supreme. Hailey, who is reminiscent of Dana Carvey’s Garth character, is a fiercely fun female drummer who takes no crap from the boys.

"Dead Ant… That is in large part, thanks to the cast. (as Angelica Chitwood), Guitarist Stereoblasters Meanwhile, constantly put upon manager Danny (Tom Arnold), lead singer Merrick (Jake Busey), his significant other Love (Cameron Richardson), lead guitarist Pager (Rhys Corio), and drummer Stevie (Leisha Hailey) have a crazy night but don’t write any songs. This is a fun movie, nothing serious just a really great time! (uncredited), Lead Singer of Stereoblasters Corio sells his character’s distaste for the power ballad that made his band famous very well.

In-depth movie review, featured posts, and advertisements. Danny Sean Astin. series, The Handmaid’s Tale series), Joi Liaye (The Fosters series, Legacies series), and Skittles the bunny. Filming & Production

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takes a genre of music, much beloved by many, and uses it to set the mood for an enjoyable Horror-Comedy romp through the desert. Looking for something to watch? However, the faults don’t deter from the sheer fun and energy of the production. Your email address will not be published. to begin their rebirth as a band. Vocalist and Bret Michaels look-alike Merrick (Jake Busey: Enemy of the State 1998, The Predator 2018), spandex-adorned Guitarist Pager (Rhys Coiro: 24 series, Entourage series), Shire-born Bassist Art (Sean Astin: The Goonies 1985, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2001), and Wayne’s World-haired Drummer Stevie (Leisha Hailey: The L Word series, Fertile Ground 2011) are headed to Coachella (or not!) |

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Combine that with the very game cast, led by a dynamic and lively Jake Busey, and you get a recipe for a good time. to begin their rebirth as a band. Festival Goer Angelica Cassidy. Astin — in a “Sucks To Suck” baseball cap that does not even fit over his massive wig — delivers a great line about the Shire, and gives a fun performance as the band’s under-appreciated bassist and the first of the gang to die. Jeannie likes to joke that she is little, yellow, blue, and different.

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It takes a few minutes for the momentum to be regained. Well-done but with some kinks, sure, these ants are ferocious man-killers, the size of small buildings. Festival Victim (as Tristan Leabu) Angelica Cassidy.

Meanwhile, poor Coiro, as guitarist Pager, is made to spend the entire film running around in striped spandex pants. Lots of sexual references and languages mention in this movie. | However, it is Jake Busey that steals every scene as the band’s lead singer. Bobby LePire Ron Carlson’s movie wears its inspirations on its sleeves, and that is part of the charm.

Dead Ant is not quite the slam dunk it could be, based on its concept and cast. It’s title, screenplay and original song “Side Boob” are all wonderfully witty, and its cast is truly exceptional in their diverse roles. Astin — in a “Sucks To Suck” baseball cap that does not even fit over his massive wig — delivers a great line about the Shire, and gives a fun performance as the band’s under-appreciated bassist and the first of the gang to die. Dead Ant (2019) Directed by Ron Carlson. He is so full of bravado and vigor that the audience is instantly charmed by him.

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