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Why not just say “I found Thunberg’s appearance on The Daily Show particularly effective and encourage people to watch it.” without the gratuitous remarks about her not always speaking in the tone you think would be most effective? Credit: Peter Fairley/InvestigateWest on DocumentCloud. @Miles Carter–You didn’t in any way address the substance of what Greta Thunberg said, which was that adults should be paying attention to the science on climate change, and her frustration that they haven’t, aren’t, and in too many cases make it plain that they don’t intend to, ever. Dan Simmons’ Facebook comment mocking teenaged environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who recently spoke at the U.N., is now removed, however, screencaps were shared and many sff writers and fans have tweeted their dismay. comments. ×. Further information on data privacy can be found in our Data Protection Policy.

Disgusting Over Privileged people who obviously are not used to hearing Diverse Opinions. Check out I’m From Texas: Guns, Greta, Guyger, and Chicken Noodle Soup. Robert Reynolds: Regarding Thunberg speaking, you might be right about a more measured tone being more effective. That’s the problem in your tone that, I think, accounts for the hostile remarks you got.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Illinois' flat-rate income tax of 4.5 per cent is currently tied as the 8th lowest in the United States (Indiana's rate is 3.23 per cent, Wisconsin ranges from 4 per cent to 7.65 per cent). Earlier this month, Democrat nominee Joe Biden accused Trump of breaking his pledge to revive the manufacturing sector.

Simmons is being criticized for his inane personal attack on a 16yo whose supposedly radical agenda is that politicians and corporations should pay attention, not to her, but to climate scientists. How is that not a matter requiring urgency? Wow. "I was all thumbs up ... at that time that we were going to see some pressure put, and to keep the manufacturing jobs here in the United States," said Simmons, president of United Steelworkers Local 1899 in Granite City, Ill. "None of that took place, so what little optimism I had at that time, when he was here, was soon gone," he told The Current's Matt Galloway. Hold Ctrl or Cmd to select multiple editions.

During his four years in office, he has imposed rules, which require 75 per cent of components in any product "Made in America" to be sourced from within the U.S. She has a tone of urgency which isn’t overshadowed by rage or invective.

Build an off-grid solar /battery low voltage system and power part of your home and build a reliable emergancy back up system when things so south from weather or fire events. Part of the reason for that, I suspect, has to do with her maturity level. You needn’t take my word for that-there are other videos of other appearances where she is still as impassioned but not as enraged.

Always nice to get an envoy from the rational, open-minded and welcoming side of the aisle. She wasn’t the only one shot. If you believe that climate change is real, don’t just sit there and hope your government or utility will do something. In all, the department has blocked reports for more than 40 clean energy studies. And while he loved it (and showing he could do everything the younger crew could as well), he’d also describe it as tough and demanding.

Source: Grist, in collaboration with InvestigateWest, Global solar PV installations to hit 115 GWdc in 2020: Solar PV installations are expected to hit 115 GWdc this year, according to Wood Mackenzie’s latest quarterly market outlook. You can be filled with rage and still not let that rage overshadow your message. This story is part of The Current's series Road to November, a virtual trip down the Mississippi River from Minnesota to New Orleans, to meet some of the people whose lives will be shaped by the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Nice one, Dan Simmons. Many of the jobs added in recent years have been in pharmaceutical or computer manufacturing, centred in areas like Silicon Valley, fuelling concerns that assembly line jobs in the Rust Belt are never coming back. Produced by Ben Jamieson and Joana Draghici. I think the difference in subjects and urgency matters. Out of all the things I assent to and/or dissent from, what gets my passion when I talk (post, etc.)

Tone policing. It certainly shouldn’t be the only rhetorical tool of activism, but it has often been a quite effective tool when used well.

I’m not sure if her talk was before or after she saw Trump, but she is definitely justified in being angry.

Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. The CBC Presidential Poll Tracker puts Biden far ahead in Illinois, with 57.4 per cent compared to Trump's 39.2. So she rewrote her speech, cutting the part that has Mr. Simmons clutching his pearls.

Turns out that, oh, I would accept this as a valid call to action if only Y.

In response to that, you call her a “surly, spoiled child,” describe her as “ranting and raving,” and imply support for Simmons’ shameful attack on her. Get out of your Echo Chamber and explore the world more. Greta Thunberg, in about half as long a set of remarks (I’m not sure it can be accurately called a formal speech) has moments of power and clarity, but her barely suppressed rage and her intemperate language undercut her message. Hurling insults and/or invective at career politicians/diplomats is usually a waste of energy, as they are past masters of the art, Uncontrolled anger can shut down the effectiveness of an argument. The German government’s 52 GW cap on installations that would have seen the end to the FIT program has been removed and installations are expected to reach almost 4.5 GW in the country, which is the highest level seen since 2012. The department has replaced them with mere presentations, buried them in scientific journals that are not accessible to the public, or left them paralyzed within the agency. By submitting this form you agree to pv magazine using your data for the purposes of publishing your comment. But still, it’s really easy to find that I’m putting a ton of my real-life, interacting-with-others passion into stuff I say isn’t that important.

I’ve had to do some of that the last couple weeks, in fact, so it’s on my mind already even before this particular bout of ugliness. Do they know better than others what liberties should be? I’m going to try to make it clearer by a comparison of 16 year olds: In 2013, Malala Yousafzai addressed the UN after she’d been shot in the head for having committed the “sin” of going to school to get an education. Add some “good” to your morning and evening. Select one or more editions for targeted, up to date information delivered straight to your inbox. Righteous anger eloquently expressed has often been an appropriate vehicle of convincing people. Thank you for that perspective. Also, there is a pretty significant history of this use of confrontation affecting the decisions of politicians. "Being Democratically led in Illinois, I've seen the tax policies that we have in our state," he said. In the name of WHAT do all these people criticize Simmons? How horrible it must be for you people to have to deal with a conservative in your midst. Kinda surprised so many people are just now figuring out that Dan Simmons is a crank. Legal Notice Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy © pv magazine 2020, Welcome to pv magazine USA. 16 is the age at which kids are pushed to start making their longterm life plans and major life decisions.

The renewable energy project is the city’s largest solar development to date. ", McDonald said "taxes are crazy" under the Democrat-run Illinois legislature, and there is almost "an anti-business climate.". "I think we need to take care of America first," he said. For example, if we can develop new energy sources (such as nuclear fusion technology), then we can greatly reduce the use of fossil energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Dan Simmons, and apparently you, find this inappropriate, and a fair reason to berate her publicly as “bratty.”.

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