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Superboy was a genetic clone created by the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor. Odds of any alien looking human should be astronomically low according to serious science speculation. But the crazy is a clue. She's always got a smile on her face and is always willing to help someone in need. As for how they blew up, the Kryptonians are HIGHLY xenophobic, they don't want to ever leave their planet, AND Brainiac convinced them that the planet wasn't going to explode and Jor-El was wrong.

Elongated, Plastic, Fantastic: Every Super-Bendy Superhero, Ranked, Superman: 10 Things To Know About The Older Superboy, Conner Kent, Wolverine: 5 Reasons Sabretooth Is His Best Villain (& 5 It's Daken). powered conquerors. In fact, when he was found by his adoptive parents, they named him Clark because he came in a ship just like Superman. Should be able to take Goku. Known as the "Last Daughter of Krypton", Supergirl was born in raised in Argo City, a small part of Krypton that Brainiac had collected before the planet's demise. sp. The tech is in the computers too. Asgardians vs Kryptonians. Their true form ma be purple jellyfish or giant badgers But they all look human because they're all on earth. So they the tech to be shut off by red sunlight / interacting with krypton's core (green K). RELATED: 10 Most Shocking Superman Comic Stories, Ranked. I'm trying to find the comic this fight was in but It has me thinking. Earth has the Atlanteans and amazons who also are strong, but not quite as strong as the others. My head canon (not confirmed) is that the Guardians of the Universe saw what the Kryptonians were doing in roaming the universe, shat their collective bricks, and created a psychic push to prevent them all from leaving their world. I do agree with your assessment of the first two rounds, though, especially since the average Kryptonian wouldn't be well-versed in their abilities. R3 goes to Thought Robot Superman.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. While being reliable, dependable, and loyal are traits that every good dog has, they're also the traits of Taurus, and Krypto is obviously a really good dog. I'm really not sure, it depends who is stronger and have more powers for survival, Hmmm the truth is that I'm not very sure, there are several aspects to take into account to define which one wins,, R3-Peak versions. Jor El took his grandson, Jon Kent, to explore the universe together. Superboy served as Superman until the real one returned, then became a founding member of Young Justice. In R3, if one of them destroys the planet, Goku is done. Kryptonians aren't really stronger than Daxamites, Czarnians, Martians or Andromedans. This is due to generations of genetic engineering; so even baseline they're stronger and more durable than humans. That way, nearly every Kryptonian died once the planet blew up. Pretty sure Goku kills him by breathing on them.

Also, I'm curious about just HOW did they go extinct: if Krypton was about to blow up, couldn't they just have left the planet? After escaping, he journeyed to Earth and became a villain to the Man of Steel, as well as a brief member of the Suicide Squad. Is Thought Robot a fusion of some sorts ? Superboy prime and Odinforce Thor are crazy strong, but they sure as hell aren't universal. 10) How Kryptonian powers can be transferred to another (Clark+Green K + Lightning+ Touchign = power transfer) - because his messed up quantum tech thinks its being set to empower the other person. What are the odds of that (Yes, I know Jor El picked earth, but still, indistinguishable form human when his powers are off?). In an episode of the brave and the bold, Batman went to another planet and did get superpowers from the sun. How Kryptonians can exert far more power than a solar panel of the same size could collect. But if its in the light of a yellow sun than Kryptonians are taking it. I'd say Asgardians by quite a bit. Iirc, humans are anomaly, being so weak. The technology was developed long ago and became first ubiquitous and then largely forgotten. As the President of the United States, Ellis uses his powers and intelligence to make the world a better place in more ways than one. So yeah, the reason why they don't leave hasn't been fully explored I think, but it's a damn good thing for the universe as a whole. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Asgardians vs Kryptonians # It also depends on who participates in the battle. R1: Kryptonians put their feet up the asses of both of them and uses the others as shoes. Cookies help us deliver our Services. They are constantly competing with or at war with the Daemonites and Thanagarians.[1]. On the surface, they resemble Humans from Earth completely; however, they have evolved many complex physical differences. Superboy began living in Smallville to try and live a life similar to how Clark was raised, and he was given Krypto to take care off, and the two shared a close bond. On the lower level, Rao their god controls their religious caste, uses them to public opinion. Czarnians don’t seem to have any weakness, minus being murdered by another Czarnian bit. They were masters of genetic engineering, and Superman's power were a lucky side effect after he was exposed to Earth's sun. He also shakes the 9 realms of Yggdrasil when he fights, later stated to be a universe each in size (though they probably weren't written with that intended size) and he's also capable of nullifying the damage done by Surtur's flames, which once again 'could destroy all planes of reality'. He should also be much faster, given every speedster could barely do anything to him, and even Wally just states Prime's faster. Look like humans, orbit a red sun, get superpowers under a yellow sun.

Find out in the list below! The average saiyans and kryptonians are pretty useless compared to Goku and Vegeta. Superman: Which Kryptonian Are You, Based On Your Zodiac? Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. We use a [Watsonian point of view](, versus Doylist. Generally humans under a red sun do not gain superpowers. Kryptonians were explicitly not warriors and were very peaceful, and Asgardians, while obviously warrior types, are not at the base moonbusting scale that low level Saiyans like Raditz or Nappa operate at. And even if we ignore SV Supes or TR Supes, SBP does explicitly have universal durability.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If Odin fights for Asgard then surely Asgard wins. R2: See round 1. R4 - Still goes to the Saiyans. As far as escaping the planet, they simply didn't have enough notice. Who's dad is obviously derivative of Superman. No natural rock would know the I want to be skinny. Their planet blew up after they messed up it's core somehow. We know form some cosmic Sandman type comics that he decided to deliberately let one go free. This makes him a Pisces, and with their classic traits of compassionate, intuitive, and hatred of cruelty fits the Man of Steel extremely well. Dru-Zod was a former Kryptonian general who was tried for treason in the days before Krypton's demise. Odinforce Thor...why wouldn't you just use Odin? Cold, intelligent, and unpredictable, of course the robot on the list would fit into the Aquarius spot. Under the effects of a yellow or blue sun, they exhibit powers and abilities far superior to those who are naturally born under a yellow or blue sun. In the universe of New Earth, the Czarnians were once a peaceful, thriving alien race until the day when a teenage Lobo performed a high school experiment which eradicated the entire species. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. No, not Dick Grayson.

Obviously she can fight them, but what advantages should she have over them? Kryptonians are an endangered humanoid lifeform from the late planet of Krypton. I mean, they had technology much more advanced than humans, and after leaving their red sun planet they'd be a race of gods, so living elsewhere wouldn't be a problem. Please note - I was jazzed to see something a lot like explanation a lot like this for the powers of the titular hero in the comic book Invincible.

Forum > Characters board > Martians vs Kryptonians Follow. The tech was ancient and no longer used on Krypton so it was pretty much trivial to the isolationist Kyrptonian society that later developed. Which of these two powerful races do you think would win in a massive battle? The original Superboy, he shares the same origin as Superman, except he landed on a world similar to ours, where superheroes were fictional characters from comic books. Saiyans stomp all rounds, their speed and power is unmatched. They were a pretty peaceful race that didn't learn any martial arts outside of some weird psychic hippie bullshit to resolve conflicts.

(explains Supergirl's memories of Krypton where everyone looks human.). That way, nearly every Kryptonian died once the planet blew up.

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