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Define your goals properly then arrive at product selection and asset allocation. I’m not the payee, if I’m bearing the cheque is it possible to encash it, also its not crossed. does the account payee cheques will be transferred to my boss account or it will be back to us. Does she still need to approach the drawer bank.? Drawer is Deutsche bank. I WANT TO KNOW THAT IF I HAVING A UBI CHEQUEBOOK, CAN ISSUE CHEQUES TO ANY PERSON HAVING ACCOUNT IN ANY OTHER INDIAN BANK? Why can’t you open an account in your mother’s name? Currently I am working in India and my company wants to issue me Account Payee cheque of Kotak Mahindra bank. It so happened that when I finished my conversation with the bank, I got a message to the effect the insurance certificate arrived at my home. U74900HR2011PTC044581 © Copyright 2010-2020 Denny-I am not sure of how Post Office work. Han-You can deposit the cheque in SBI Bank branch. Payee   : The person to whom the cheque amount shall be paid. We promise! 51 48 4. Rishi-1) It means to whom the payment has to be payable. 102 127 18. One question though… I may issue a crossed cheque a Mr. X, and it gets stolen by Mr.Y. I have crossed payee cheque of Indian overseas Bank can I transfer it to Nepali SBI bank. Can my mother encash the cheque or there is no way to get the money mentioned in cheque before cheque expiry date. What is the mean of bulk posting in statement?? After that, i have to submit any proof for my name and again have to submit the chalan. I have given just my name instead of the full name with surname. If account is blocked due to non recent transaction, is it still possible to deposit the cheque now and withdraw the money after activating the account in near future in my account of SBI in Nepal? how can I encash my salary cheque without depositing it in the drop box. Account payee is safety feature and it depends on you to decide. The cheque cashing agency will have lost the protection of the crossing and the arrangement with its own bank is that it is liable for any loss in the event that these cheques are unpaid (i.e. it is a bearer cheque. 2) It does not create any big issue. The Cheques Act 1992 and Section 81 of the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 give statutory power to the ‘A/C Payee Only’ or ‘A/C Payee’ crossing when it is used. A crossed cheque is basically any cheque which is crossed with two parallel lines. I would like to know what kind of proof is required along with cheque so that it could be cleared. I have a question please clear the doubts of mine. Thank a lot for your prompt replies and the article you posted. the cheque is issued by Indian Overseas Bank. Can you please help me out on this. A general crossing does not hold the benefit of the statute and can be ‘opened’ (deleted) by the payer of the cheque in case he/she adds his full signature to the action of opening the crossing. This crossing carries NO statutory force. Yeah sir It’s my name given as payee… ?????? Any alteration or attempt at alteration of the crossing would be treated with caution by a bank as it could be a fraudulent. I received an order cheque and sent it through my friend for depositing into my account. I deposited cheque of 14000/- in my Sbi account 2-3 days ago. i write my account no, name, and contact number behind the check without payee slip. Vijay-When you cross the cheque then no matter who deposited, it will reach to your target person. thanks, Arman. I just received a A/c payee cheque with my name on it. Very informative Basavaraj. Thanks sir, I have collected a cheque in dropbox viz of bankok and shanghai bank in banglore and my account is in sbi maharashtra and collected it in banglore sbi so how much time it will taken And also i mention only my name ,ac no,and ifsc code on back of the cheque i forget to do sign can it creates some problem Please tell me sir. sir my brother has his salary cheque of standard chatactered bank but his account was not there he go through bank and drop the cheque in cheque box he write there his account no.

For eg: I received a cheque Payee: Rahul Shrikant Belsare A/c 123456789. They said the account holder had to come in person.

pnb, boi etc. Vaibhav-I think the name is not individual, banks may ask the proof. i have acnch of count in sbi of my native i am in pune can i deposite that cheque in any branch of any bank for ex.

Dear Sir, I am a principal of school and today i wrote a cheque in favor of a principal of another school.

From my old company I got my settlement as a “A\C Payee Cheque” of HDFC Bank. But check decimal values for the same. what should i do? As the word infers, when the words “or bearer” is not stricken from the cheque. 244 337 35. Sir, Thanks for reply. When I deposited check to my ICICI bank it got dishonored saying REJECT:Chk #: PAYEES ENDORSEMENT REQUIRED. Kham-Better to have re-issued cheque with proper name, then deposit. The same can be encashed by your father. He gave us his party name: rohan colour. my SBI a/c no. Will be cheque get clear with payee name includes account no as well as name of bank. Maybe I was wrong while reading his full comment. Loved your blog post!Thanks for sharing such valuable info.

Mere crossing will not be sufficient.

The cheque is of different bank and I have a SBI savings account.

Same issue with me my name is Jatin Singh Negi in Bank A/C [Pan Card Name] but i have a check with Jatin Negi. So, I can write Mr. XYZ behind the cheque with my signature to endorse the cheque. Sawan-You have to deposit in your Bank of Baroda account. Subir-Yes, there is no such restrictions. There is a charge for this service which means that the person to whom the cheque was made payable will get back less cash than the face value of the cheque. If it mere crossed then definitely it is your loss. hi sir… sir I have a/c payee cheque but I don’t have can’t in any bank..n I want to cash my cheque immediately …because of some financial problem… so please guide me how i will cash my cheque without accout???

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