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The trouble begins when Corey falls in love with Tommy's little sister who has come from Indiana for a visit.

He meets up with best buddy Tyler and his band of “locals” including Radley, Bozo, and Little Stevie. Directed by David Winters.

Originally known for his role as Brandon in The Gonnies, Josh Brolin brings that next door teen type to his role of skateboarder Corey. Additional taxes may apply. Thanks for your patience while we iron out inventory issues! I’m going to buy a Moped!” -Tony Hawk, “We were in a van once and frightened… these kids are going to kill us! in the L. A. Add to cart. Unmotivated by fame or popularity, they completely dedicated their lives to a disrespected art form.

the San Fernando Valley who is coming into Los Angeles to compete start to finish. He has a group of buddies to skate with and even goes as far as falling in love. This timeless film never gets old and requires at least annual viewing to fully understand all of its intricacies, so can surely only be legitimately reviewed now that it's 2014.NB: Leighton watches this film religiously so wrote his beautiful words from memory whilst sipping on an ice cold coconut water. DIY Custom Skateboard Grip Tape instructable, also known as "What doesn't a father do for his son?At the age of 43 I started taking skating lessons together with my 6 year old son because he nagged me all day long to teach him... and since I can't teach what I don't know, the most logical decision was to sign us both at a professional skate school ;) We're also a brick and mortar store with lots of product to sort through. A highly intense drama unfolds when the leading star’s love interest turns out to be a close relative of one of the most feared skateboarding gangs in Los Angeles. JOSH BROLIN

No sooner has he arrived in Los Angeles to compete in a downhill skating competition, Corey Webster (Josh Brolin, No Country For Old Men, The Goonies) finds himself falling for Chrissy (Pamela Gidley, Liebestraum), a beautiful blonde with close connections to the skating scene. the chucks-wearing skaters throughout the film. Sign me up. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. ( Log Out /  gettin’ ready to start some racin’.

Skateboard Madness features vintage skate footage dominated by Stacy Peralta, Kent Senatore, Gregg Ayres, and Dan “Mini Shred” Smith; Peralta later went on to direct a definitive skateboarding documentary entitled Dogtown and Z-Boys. For most of the 1980s, this misfit crew headed by a 1970s ex-skateboard champion blasted the industry with a mixture of art and raw talent becoming the most popular skateboarding team in history. This is a reissue Jeff Grosso demon Santa Cruz deck in red.

from Indiana, fall in love at first sight, and begin seeing each Dogtown and Z-Boys is a documentary by former Z-Boy Stacy Peralta that chronicles the glory days of the Z-Boys through footage of the skaters in their prime and interviews with the pioneers of the Southern California skate scene. Write a review about a film that was released 27 years ago. That can be pretty much summed up. Thrashin’ has great shots of chucks-wearin’ skaters lacin’. start to take action against Corey. It’s not hard to find extreme sports documentaries on DVD, but Keep Your Eyes Open is a cut above the norm.

Rusler, Pamela Gidley, Brooke McCarter, Josh Richman, Brett ChucksConnection Rating: MPAA Rating: PG-13.

Marx, David Wagner, Chuck McCann, Tony Alva, Mark Munski. Producer: Alan Sacks. Corey’s friends Tyler (Brooke McCarter), Radley (Josh Craig looks at me and says, ‘Bones Brigade. L. A.

Richman), Bozo (Brett Marx), and Little Stevie (David Wagner) Although his earlier work was largely ignored, Thrashin’ starring a young Josh Brolin and Sherilyn Fenn helped launch David Winter into the mainstream with a skateboarding/love story/film-noir/drama loosely based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The rich Valley kids, “The Ramp Locals,” are led by Corey Webster, while the leather-clad, street-wise punks follow Tommy Hook. Foreword by Alex Dyer. He hopes to compete in the infamous LA Massacre (now known as Street League) and ultimately go pro.

Corey get packed and travel into town by a combination of hitchhiking Here is a video on how I gip my old school skateboard decks and leaving the top logo exposed. Skateboard Madness features vintage skate footage dominated by Stacy Peralta, Kent Senatore, Gregg Ayres, and Dan “Mini Shred” Smith; Peralta later went on to direct a definitive skateboarding documentary entitled Dogtown and Z-Boys. This is mostly a test of skatereel2's quality. heroics on their turf. Anton however had never seen it until he was forced to review. . They do an impeccable job of making the two leads look good with the use of doubles of course. **Please limit your purchases of rare titles to one. (Josh Brolin), a seventeen-year-old championship-caliber skater from The film draws its plot around up-and-coming skateboarder, Corey Webster (Josh Brolin), who dreams of making it big in the future. Massacre. . Not bad...not great.

You can now mail us your trades. They dominated contests, made hundreds of thousands of dollars, created the modern skateboard video, reinvented endemic advertising, pushed skate progression into a new era, and set the stage for a totally new form of skating called street style. arm, Corey tells her to go away, convinced that somehow his involvement Tony Alva has a major role as T.A., with Christian Hosoi as one of the Daggers, and the likes of Tony Hawk and Mike McGill playing skaters at the competition. with her has led to his troubles. . The conclusion of the film revolves around the resolution of their Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. (Skateboarding Totally Rules Everything Else Totally Sucks) on Amazon Music.

He meets up with best buddy Tyler and his band of “locals” including Radley, Bozo, and Little Stevie. Although is some attempt to introduce other characters in Corey’s circle and among the Daggers, and a few humorous bits, the film soon focuses on the triangle between Corey, Hook, and Chrissy. 1 in stock. Massacre, even with his broken arm.

This film by Stacy Peralta focuses on Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain and Rodney Mullen. .

( Log Out /  MovieWeb Well this movie has it all, skates, skaters, romance, cool 80's skate tricks, red hot chili peppers, and a hell of a romeo and juliet theme all over it. ( Log Out /  Hollywood director Tamra Davis (Billy Madison, Half Baked) brings to the genre a new polish, intellectual curiosity, and singularly interesting eye for unexplored camera angles and fresh visual settings. '” -Stacy Peralta, “They asked Cab, ‘Could you hold this dead dog for an ad?’ He said, ‘Aw, I don’t want to do it.’ I said, ‘I’ll do it!’ I was Mikey that got all the cool stuff that they thought was lame.” -Lance Mountain, “What makes us all do what we do at a high level is an inspiration that comes from so deep… almost a controlled desperation and if you can’t tap into that then it extinguishes.” -Rodney Mullen, “The prize money for first at a pro contest was $150, but I was fourteen-years-old! Things are further complicated when Corey Mulder’s inspiration behind his exclusive colorway drew influence from his first pair of Nikes, which were white and blue tennis shoes.

into their territory. Leighton Dyer andAnton Glass, All Corey Webster is a skateboarder who heads to Los Angeles for the summer to compete in the ultimate competition. Some of the top skateboarders of this era appear in the movie. skating competition, try to thwart any meetings between Chrissy As a result it

Stream ad … Learn how to do frontside 50-50s and frontside boardslides with skateboard legend, Steve Caballero. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. other against the wishes of Tommy and the other Daggers.

$21.99 for other skaters in Venice by their actions and attitude, quickly Change ). Vol. Chrissy and Corey are the star-struck lovers in the skateboard movie Thrashin’. No sooner has he arrived in Los Angeles to compete in a downhill skating competition, Corey Webster (Josh …

Directed by David Winters. They are Heelflip, 360 Kickflip, Caballerial, Nose Slide Shuv it, Frontside 180 Kickflip, Switch Frontside Boneless, Nollie Heelflip, Switch Heelflip, Frontside Tailslide, Kickflip Boardslide and Kickflip Noseslide. Richard Mulder was one of the original four Nike SB team members who also had one of their own signature colorways of the Dunk Low. Sadly, the girl he falls for is in atypical fashion, the sister of the lead antagonist.

A Fries Entertainment Production. In this case, it is gang leader Tommy Hook, played by Robert Rusler, a 1980’s teen movie typecast bad boy actor (see Weird Science and Shag: The Movie for some of his favorable bad boy performances). skateboard fight. Massacre downhill race by his injury. The trouble begins when Corey falls in love with Tommy’s little sister who has come from Indiana for a visit. He sat down with a crack pipe and a pirated copy whilst begrudgingly moving his destructive hateful thoughts from his deranged mind onto paper. Let us get out of the van before you tip it over and light it on fire! and her treatment by her brother and the other members of the

Thrashin’. The rivalry between the gangs culminates during the grueling “LA Massacre,” a 20-mile downhill skateboarding race. we have often talked about reviewing videos. '” -Tommy Guerrero, “Was there ever a skatepark designed that was as good as an average sewer or curb? Corey Webster (Brolin) is a midwestern teen staying in Los Angeles with friends, where he plans to enter and win a downhill skating competition. Steve Caballero, Pat Channita, Jon Comer, Jason Ellis, Moses Itkonen, Andy Macdonald, Javier Sarmiento, Danny Wainwright, Giorgio Zattoni. Z-Boys legends Tony Alva (who appears in the film) and Stacy Peralta served as skateboard advisor and second unit director respectively. But also As a story, Thrashin’ is basically a remake of West THRASHIN, Whilst thinking of new articles for the site - pondering which legends to interview and writing important, theses about subjects that matter the most in skateboarding. The subject is a little different, too: Keep Your Eyes Open concerns uniquely gifted athletes with a penchant for superior focus. This video showcases the talents of The Bones Brigade team in their home countries and on tour throughout Europe and America. Hard-core surfers who sought to translate the hot-dogging stunts of world-class wave riders onto their skateboards began hanging out at the Zephyr Productions Surf Shop, a store that stocked top-grade equipment for local surfers and skaters, and with the help of the store’s owner Jeff Ho, twelve of the skaters organized themselves into a team to compete at local skate events. In the mid-’70s, skateboarding was widely seen as a fad of the 1960s that had all but died out, except for a handful of committed fans in California. If you want to link, steal or share our shit. Hook, and most of the characters in the film wear either black

L.A.'s rival skateboarders, the laid back Ramp Locals and the punk rock Daggers go to war for skateboard supremacy in the action packed drama Thrashin'.

Thrashin’ is nothing to write home about, but definitely has value as a cult film due to its frenetic skateboard sequences. MAGIC was shot in 16mm film and digital video, in eight countries throughout the world. How to combat that? A local skate street gang known as the Daggers are led by Tommy Hook, a no-nonsense punk who loves to do things: skate and party. Danny Way has not only proven himself to be an incredibly talented skateboarder but also the sport’s greatest innovator.

Writers: Paul Brown and Alan Sacks. romance and the final competition between Hook and Corey in the It’s for the photography and skateboard action scenes, not the plot. Check out the best of Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Parks Bonifay, Jeremy Kovac and more! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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