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There's certainly not a lot of Black people in Tucson. Even children’s programs such as Paw Patrol are being looked at in a new light, leaving nothing immune, not even Watchmen. And it was just a sort of toxic stew of me feeling very lonely and very isolated and like I wasn't understood. “And so I appreciate it.

So you want to get it right because you don’t want to feel like people are wasting their time working with you, or you don’t want people to lose their jobs because you aren’t doing your job well enough.”, “I think that that I’m a kind of person who I sort of feel that anxiety deeply,” Jefferson said.

So it's an interesting twist on the superhero origin story. And the way that I would express that misery was through cynicism and trying to be shocking and trying to be rebellious. GROSS: Yeah. How did it become a central part of the series? And I think that that to me was shocking when I read about it, is that they were sending out planes to firebomb these buildings. You know, something that I always tell people is - and one of the problems and difficulties that people have had, you know, in Hollywood but in every industry, really, is that the idea that hiring one Black person gets you the Black experience, or hiring one woman gets you the women's experience in America or so on.

I think that, you know, there's been no real repercussions for me afterwards.

In keeping with ongoing social distancing mandates, this week’s episode was again recorded from the comfort of everyone’s respective Los Angeles-area apartments, and we’re again offering viewers a video version of the podcast, as embedded above. It felt like you felt that way because you loved what we were doing and you love ‘Watchmen’ so much and you really wanted to make the work as good as it can possibly be.”, “Mike, on the other hand, a thing that I really love about Mike as a boss is that you are the opposite,” Jefferson said. My guest, Cord Jefferson, is one of the series writers and is nominated for an Emmy for writing Episode 6. I was, you know, thrilled that we were putting it in there.

She's thrown back in time to Tulsa, when he was a child and survived the Tulsa massacre of 1921, when mobs of white residents were given weapons by city officials and attacked Black people and businesses, destroying a prosperous Black community that was known as Black Wall Street. You could - you know that, ultimately, he was thinking about her and wanted to reach out, but something in him just wasn't allowing him to do it. Since Jefferson now has his own series to showrun — “Scraper,” inspired by Jefferson’s experiences working at Gawker and reportedly in development at Apple TV+ — is he more of a Damon showrunner or a Mike showrunner? He said that he had read Ta-Nehisi Coates' "Case For Reparations" in The Atlantic cover story and was really moved by it, and he had never heard about the Tulsa massacre until he read that and about the - and how it sort of decimated this prosperous Black community, as you said.

Unfortunately, police violence and white supremacist violence are something that you can set your watch to in the United States of America.”, Related: Rolling Stone Writer Calls For Law & Order: SVU and Character Olivia Benson To Be Canceled. To protect themselves, the police decide to conceal their identities by wearing masks. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! And so I think that that was crucial because - you know, I think that I remember asking them why - what was wrong with me that my grandfather didn't like?

JEFFERSON: Yeah. And you need to advocate for yourself. GROSS: You've talked about how you feel like you inherited some of your father's experiences and trauma from the war in Vietnam.

JEFFERSON: Yeah, yeah. So when we decided to hire for that room, we ended up hiring only women writers to work with us because we knew that if we were to just hire a bunch of men, that it would probably end up being a worst show because we wouldn't be able to have people in there who would be able to point out our blind spots and point out our weaknesses and tell us that we were getting something wrong. So there was never shouting matches or anything. Aug 26, 2020 9:15 pm Share This Article Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Print Talk … It takes our dignity. JEFFERSON: Absolutely.

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