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the colour yellow amber, yellow (traffic signals) mystery, (police) case detective fiction, detective novel, detective story; crime fiction; whodunit; pulp fiction To say that something IS a certain color, you use essere (to be) + color: Again, make sure the color coincides in number and gender with the noun it describes. Teenage girls often change their hair color experimentally. Take us on a tour of the bars and show us some of the local color. Do you simply love Italian language and culture ? Hello. Find a teacher in your area or take Skype lessons. My name is Deborah!

She chose a pastel colour for her dress; pastels are 'in' this Spring. I can deal with different topics, but my main interests remain culture, literature, dialects and, naturally!, food. I have experience teaching online and at home. We will protect your data in accordance with our data policy.

To express a darker or lighter shadow of colours, use the words scuro (dark) and chiaro (light). These are words that don’t follow the rules we’ve seen before but have irregularities. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be color.. I graduated from university majoring in Linguistic Mediation and in Modern Languages and then I specialized in the teaching of Italian as a second language, attending a one-year post-graduate course devoted to this and receiving excellent grades (FILIS: Formatori Interculturali di Lingua Italiana per Stranieri). As a teacher I am very patient and I always propose tailor-made lessons with respect to your needs. Masculine and Feminine. Unlike in the English language, colors usually follow nouns in Italian: Indosso una gonna nera e un giaccone verde (I am wearing a black skirt and a green jacket). I've been teaching Dutch, Spanish and Italian for many years, in The Netherlands, for private institutes, for the integration of foreigners into society, and online from Italy, where I currently live. Find an online teacher, Private lessons, group classes, tutoring and language courses (A1, A2, B2, B2, C1, C2). My name is Alice and I was born and raised in a small village in the North of Italy, near Venice.

You can use viola instead and it is invariable. Before being a teacher I've been a student infact I graduated in languages so I know very well how hard can be learning a new language. Early digital cameras did not match the color intensity of 35 mm film. I lived some years in America where I deepened my knowledge of English and American dialects.

I colori primari si … The more you practice the easier it will be to memorize the colors. Devi aggiungere un po' di colore al dipinto per schiarirlo. Si capiva che aveva fatto sport dal colorito sulle sue guance. Sono bellissimi!

Furthermore, I consider creativity is an essential aspect of speaking. For example, there are 4 forms of the color rosso (red). senza pregiudizi razziali, privo di pregiudizi razziali, stampa full color, stampa a quattro colori. The racehorse owner was able to pick out the jockey by his colours. Grammar, vocabulary exercises, reading articles and magazines and talking together are all tools to feel at ease with the Italian language and then be able to practice it. Your email address will not be published.

Your skin's got some colour to it. Sei stato in spiaggia? La scarpa bassa= Le ______ la chaussure basse / les chaussures basses 3. For the normal blue color, the Italian word is blu (that wasn’t hard, was it?).

The predominant colour of a tree is usually green in the summer and brown in the winter. I work as a free-lance interpreter and private English and French teacher. For example, some colors will stay the same, and will not change conjugation, such as blu and viola. In all these years I have given private lessons of Italian, English, Spanish and Japanese, at the moment the most required language. Il mio colore preferito è … I will help you, in a simple but effective way, to learn your favorite language(s). I am a certified examiner for CELI, I can prepare you for this test. You just need passion for what you're going to do and... a good Internet connection. Diventa un Sostenitore di WordReference per vedere il sito senza pubblicità. But their plural is pretty easy to make: you just change the, PLURAL OF WORDS ENDING WITH “E” (EXAMPLES). My classes are tailored on your needs and considering your level of knowledge, I create a proper course plan.

So if the noun is masculine, in the plural, it will change the “A” into an “I“; while if it’s feminine, you replace the “A” with an “E“. They arrived, all wearing the club's colour. Below is a brief guide to help you recognize Italian colors, as well as how to pronounce them! You're right! I am a language instructor. See other examples below: To express colors in plural, you may add an “i” for masculine words and an “e” for feminine words. I have a TEFL certificate -grade A.  and an ECL certificate in Bulgarian C1 with 96/100.

The colors in Italian are some of the vocabulary you’ll utilize most when speaking Italian. Vedi la traduzione automatica di Google Translate di 'color'. I have been studying English for the last 15 years, first at school and then at the university and I have improved it on my frequent stays abroad.

First of all the name of color is Violetto. recommended. My name is Daniela and I am a qualified Italian language teacher! Below you can see some examples (they’re all masculine and actually English names): Before we finish up, I want to mention a couple of exceptions. Each dancer's outfit is a different style, but they are all color-coordinated. They’re generally feminine and not very popular. Get my best fluency-boosting, grammar-busting.

His experience in the war coloured his understanding of the world. After I got to know him, I saw the colour of his soul. I learn New things in a great tempo.., im on my way for my celi A1 examination whit teacher Elisabetta i'm gonna make it !! Learning a language is also learning a new culture. Alice. I know English and German at C2 level and Russian at B2 level. That’s it for my introduction to Italian colors!

In general they keep the “o” in the plural, like in the examples below: Let’s move on to the group of words that end in “CA” or “GA”. They also have a singular and … La ragazza ha colorato un albero sul suo foglio di carta. Green (verde): this colours represents Italian meadows and "macchia mediterranea" (typical vegetation or mediterranean area consisting of densely growing evergreen shrubs) First of all, to make the plural in Italian, you need to look at two things: Once you know these two things, you can basically change all Italian words to plural. Portaci in giro per qualche bar e mostraci un po' di colore locale. Also I've succesfully prepared a number of students for the most important english and italian certification (CELI, CILS, FIRST, PET, KET).

Italian Language Guide - Italian Vocabulary: Colors. Do you need Italian for work or study ? Sign up for more information about our private lessons.

Do you need to improve your writing skills ? We can highly recommend choosing Elena as your teacher. È raro trovare una rivista così vecchia in stampa full color. Are you ready to learn italian with me? Also, I've been teaching Italian giving private classes to students and refugees for over ten years. Learning Italian can be closely related to culture, literature, music, sport and any other interest of my students. I speak English (level c1) and Spanish (level c2) well enough to explain something to you in one of those languages just in case you need. Learning the various colors in Italian will help you expand your vocabulary and enrich your conversations. Ciascun ballerino indossa un costume con una fantasia specifica, ma tutti i costumi hanno colori coordinati. I suoi occhi color miele brillavano alla luce del sole. I often ask students to do presentations so they practice writing and speaking at once. I'll wait for you on my profile for the trial lesson and discover an easy and fun method to learn a language as soon as possible. Homework is for me as important as frontal classes. When she added colour to her drawing, it came alive.

Now, if the word ends with the letter “E”? Jane shot the photos using color film, scanned them into her computer and converted them to black and white. Many photographers shunned the advent of color photography and preferred to continue working in black-and-white. Is that your hair's natural color, or do you dye your hair? L’Italiano ti aspetta! Second, the spelling: Rosa and Rosso have a different pronunciation not just for the final vowel, but because of the double s. In Italian language double consonants are pronounced differently from single consonants. She helpes me to study italian. Do you wish to learn or improve your Italian to speak with your parents or friends? Hello my name is Lucia and I am a native Italian speaker. Ha scelto un colore pastello per il suo vestito; i colori pastello vanno di moda questa primavera. Il suo disegno si è ravvivato quando ha aggiunto il colore. At the stationery store they make color prints directly from your digital camera. Colors that end in -O normally have a feminine form (ending in -A). Federica has been a great teacher - our lessons are mainly for conversation and she is very patient, making corrections when necessary with pronunciation, translations, which words to use, etc.

I am an enthusiastic, dedicated and adaptable teacher.

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