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Fortunately the last 25 years have witnessed the development of specialty light to moderate reaching sails that are just the ticket. Regardless, a furled Code Zero on a cable is not designed to be left up full time. There are no rules! For cruising sailors it has always been easier. Remembering an They actually fly better, projecting more of the luff forward and allowing the whole sail to rotate towards the direction of travel. Allowing the tack to spin freely and forcing the head to roll first they make getting an even, tidy roll easier and more reliable. src="

Racing Code Zeros built to this limitation might get a little inside 90 degrees true wind angle, but not any closer. You can make the sail as narrow and genoa-like or as broad and deep as you like. You'll be the first to find out about any Bargain stock that hits our warehouse via Newsletter Code Zero is the go-to sail for reaching applications, in harbour, coastal and off-shore races.It will give you the necessary power to sail your boat when either the Jib and the gennaker are outside their optimal range. The original Whitbread rule required that the “mid-girth” be no less than 70 percent of the foot length.

Code 0 - sailing faster than the wind with a Jeanneau cruiser. For handling, the latest generation of “top down” furling systems help address the problem of getting the whole sail rolled up.

To prevent an “arms race” they imposed a minimum 75 percent girth restriction. The head swivel attaches to the spinnaker halyard. Obviously the roller drum must clear the other genoa’s furler drum. The wider and larger a sail, the more overall camber it needs or it just flaps. CODE-ZERO ONLINE SHOP Nautical Lifestyle Fashion and functional Sailing Clothing.

Subsequent treatment of these sails by various handicap rules made the problem even more difficult.

I am a happy owner of a Sun Fast 31 since some years. On very narrow flat sails a standard “bottom up” system will work. So, naturally, creative minds wondered if it was possible to make an asymmetric spinnaker that could sail upwind, or at least nearly upwind.

Mail:, CODE-ZERO is a nautical fashion lifestyle brand, designed and endorsed by professional sailors. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! The sail challenged the strength of the entire rig. You also lose the expense of the torsional cable, though the more sophisticated custom fiber layout adds to the cost. These usually are fractionally rigged but have spinnaker halyards that are well above the forestay or even masthead. CODE-ZERO Asymmetric is a tight reaching sail. Most of the time they ended up lashed to the deck. Genoa-powered boats don’t get as much benefit since they already have a good sized reaching option.

If the rope twists, the furling system will not work properly. During the 1998-99 Whitbread Race, the term Code Zero was coined to define what was basically an upwind asymmetric spinnaker, its shape and geometry born from the limitations imposed by the class rule. Modern racing cableless sails are even more close winded and have less drag. Combine it with a furler and it’s a very versatile sail that will complement any sail wardrobe. Ease that non-overlapping jib out on a reach, and there is just not that much sail there to power the boat up. “Cable less” code zeros substitute custom fiber layouts (in one-off membrane sails) to take the place of the rope. As we settle into the dog days of summer here on the Chesapeake Bay, wind is an ingredient often in short supply. We search for anything that can get us going. Specially developed furling systems eventually made them more practical, but they were difficult to furl evenly because of their girth. That made the sails difficult to douse and hard to stow. If the system is “free flying” (not attached to a headstay), the quality of the torsional rope is the key. Whitbread rules didn’t allow masthead genoas but permitted masthead asymmetric spinnakers. What makes the Code Zero more useful are advances in furling technology, which can make them easier to handle, and the addition of bow sprits of various lengths that help create more space for the sail.

Although every team had their own version by the end of the race, Paul Cayard and the winning EF Language team first realized the sail’s potential and got the lion’s share of the credit for its development. Racing sailor or cruiser, it’s all about making the girth relative to the angles at which you want to be able to sail. The most upwind capable of the asymmetrics.

They are designed to work with top down furlers. CODE 0/Screecher - Reaching Sails. Ullman Sails can design a code zero either as a furling sail or to launch from a sail bag. Smaller and flatter means closer angles. It can be left up in moderate air, but really needs to be taken down for upwind work or for windy conditions. Often 90 percent of the sail would roll, and the remainder (the top part) would be left hanging. Furling sails require high tension to furl effectively, so if the sail sets on a sprit it must be well supported or very robust.

In addition, traditional nylon spinnaker materials were too elastic to allow the sail to remain flat, and it was necessary to use composites with high-modulus fibers. There were other problems to overcome. Asymmetrics function well at relatively high angles, but could they be pushed further? 612 Third Street, Suite 3CAnnapolis, MD 21403[email protected](410) 216-9309©2020 SpinSheet Publishing Company, CODE ZERO: Light-Air, Close-Reaching Powerhouse Sail. I recommend furling because you can set it up at the dock and easily roll and unroll the sail as the wind velocity and your angle change. &noscript=1"/>.

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