News: city of birmingham salaries 2020

Birmingham Federal Employment Statistics Employees will not get a cost of living raise this year. asked readers to send their questions about Woodfin’s budget and how Birmingham spends its money through a question and answer service called Hearken. endobj <> <>

To learn more about how paygrades are determined and how they affect a federal employee's salary, see how to calculate GS Pay. endobj The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. December 2020 There are approximately 1,805 federal employees on the General Schedule payscale located within Birmingham. File Description PDF Excel CSV Last Updated; Rates of Basic Pay & Locality Rates: N/A: N/A: 01/05/2020: COC - Non Foreign Areas: N/A: N/A: 01/05/2020 Hourly employees in the mayor’s office, on average, make $16.13 per hour. 15 0 obj For more details, learn more about the GS Payscale or use our General Schedule salary calculator. 8 Questions You Should Absolutely Ask An Interviewer, Administrative Assistant salaries - 2 salaries reported, Statistical Analyst salaries - 1 salaries reported, Police Officer salaries - 1 salaries reported, Firefighter salaries - 1 salaries reported, Senior Urban Designer salaries - 1 salaries reported, Skilled Laborer salaries - 1 salaries reported, Senior Maintenance salaries - 1 salaries reported, Correctional Officer salaries - 1 salaries reported, Law Enforcement salaries - 1 salaries reported, Executive Administrative Assistant to the Mayor salaries - 1 salaries reported, Commercial Real Estate salaries - 1 salaries reported, Chief Accountant salaries - 1 salaries reported, Firefighter/EMT salaries - 1 salaries reported, Executive Administrative Assistant salaries - 1 salaries reported, Administrative salaries - 1 salaries reported, Committee Assistant salaries - 1 salaries reported, Executive Assistant salaries - 1 salaries reported, 911 Call Taker salaries - 1 salaries reported, Administrative Analyst salaries - 1 salaries reported, The Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Guide, Assistant District Attorney salaries ($63k). 2 0 obj <> 32.80Butler Hugh                    28.33Butler Tamira N                26.98Byars III Larry G              19.18Cade Deidre J                  13.63Cain Brandon D                 19.18Cain Lavenia L                 19.18Cainion Coleecia S             26.98Caldwell Debra D               20.13Caldwell Timothy               28.33Calhoun Cynthia Y              29.75Calhoun Tiffany L              25.70Callahan John P                36.16Callaway Anthony M             36.16Calvin Derrick C               31.23Camp Joshua M                  28.33Campbell Coyrrie D             18.26Campbell Heather K             28.33Campbell Rashad M              25.70Canino James B                 26.98Cannon Helen                   28.33Canter Tyler A                 25.70Capoccia Alexander J           19.18Cargile Jason W                28.33Cargo Patricia L               17.39Carlisle Devin I               19.18Carlisle Vanessa J             23.31Carrero Brantley N             23.31Carrington III Andrew E        29.75Carter Detrick W               25.70Carter Wytasha L               26.98Castleberry Maxine H           20.13Castleberry JR Hillary L       29.75Cater Timothy W                28.33Cathey Crawford                24.47Chandler Terry J               28.33Cisneros Mark A                24.47Clark Francesca R              26.98Clark Gary Lewis               36.16Clark Nicholas J               25.70Cleveland Thomas C             31.23Cleveland II Cornelius         31.23Cleveland JR Herman E          20.13Cleveland JR Nathaniel         29.75Cliett James W                 32.80Cockrell Cory                  20.13Cockrell Preston P             29.75Cole Barry J                   24.47Cole Bradley A                 25.70Cole Kenneth C                 21.14Cole Lisa S                    15.02Coleman Christopher D          28.33Coleman Clyde M                28.33Coleman Curtis                 36.16Coleman Fredtonio L            19.18Coleman Yolanda R              20.13Coleman IV Alonzo C            25.70Coleman JR Cedric M            19.18Colley-Jackson Robbin A        16.56Collins Michael J              32.80Collins Nicole L               29.75Collins JR Lee H               18.26Colston Teresa W               34.44Conner-Nieves Robert           21.14Cook Angela L                  26.98Cook JR Daniel                 28.33Cooley Jessica M               20.13Cooley Kelsey D                26.98Cooley Maurice C               26.98Cooper Annette D               20.13Cooper Casey J                 29.75Corbin Brandon W               36.16Cosby Patrick K                29.75Coulon JR Paul J               26.98Cox Beverly J                  31.23Cox Felicia A                  24.47Cox Sherrie Y                  15.78Craig Joylyn T                 29.75Crawford Douglas R             29.75Crawford Wanda F               32.80Crawford JR Alfonso C          26.98Croom Edwin S                  29.75Crowe Aaron C                  25.70Crumbley Ronald W              36.16Crump Justin L                 21.14Cummings Karyl Y               20.13Cunningham Dexter W            34.44Dailey Cheryl L                23.31Dance Dedrick J                28.33Daniel Artze J                 25.70Daniel III James E             29.75Davenport JR Ronald S          26.98Davidson Staci L               20.13Davis Damarcus L               28.33Davis Deborah A                20.13Davis Derrick J                26.98Davis Donna C                  26.98Davis Javel                    31.23Davis Jerome                   26.98Davis Julian L                 15.02Davis Sharon D.                28.33Davis Twyana G                 24.47Davis III Metz L               29.75Deane Shaun W                  26.98Dennard Shajuana               22.20Denson April M                 29.75Dewitt Barrett G               36.16Dial Barbara J                 26.98Diaz Manuel R                  19.18Diaz JR Manuel R               28.33Dickinson Alonzo G             21.14Dickinson Marquetta R          19.18Dill Gregory K                 20.13Dillard Lorraine               20.13Dixon Christopher J            19.18Dixon Domonique D              20.13Dixon Korey L                  24.47Dodds Demitrus R               20.13Donley Ariana N                18.26Doran David W                  28.33Dorr Jeremy S                  29.75Doss Stephen B                 28.33Dossey Stephen A               19.18Douglas Waymond T              28.33Dowdell Myron D                25.70Drake Daphne R                 20.13Drake Michael W                25.70Dubose J L                     22.20Dudley TaNecia S               18.26Dudley JR William M            28.33Duff Shontrelle D              20.13Duff III Albert L              23.31Duke Jonathan A                24.47Dulion Charles P               28.33Dunklin Glenda                 36.16Dunn Michael B                 26.98Dunning Tyesa L                36.16Eady Roger J                   28.33Easley DeMarco C               20.13Easley Kareem L                31.23Eastis William P               29.75Eatmon JR Kelvin M             18.26Echols David L                 23.31Echols Dedrick J               28.33Edison JR Andrew G             29.75Edmond Ivy M                   23.31Edmond JR Lawrence E           26.98Edwards Ryan L                 28.33Edwards JR Alfonza             20.13Eiland Jacob T                 23.31Ellis II Rodney G              20.13Elmore Nathan R                25.70Emery Ryan M                   28.33Emmitt Valencia R              31.23Endert Carl H                  28.33English Lekeidrick G           31.23Ephraim JR Isaac               29.75Eubanks David J                25.70Evans Jonathan A               29.75Evans II Anthony W             25.70Farr Steve C.                  28.33Farris Sandra D                20.13Faulkner Jacqueline G          18.26Feggins Janard T               29.75Feggins Justin E               20.13Fenison JR Joe L               29.75Fenley Brandon L               19.18Fields Anthony L               29.75Fikes JR Antonio               23.31Finch Christopher D            29.75Finke John C                   28.33Finley Kendra S                25.70Finney William B               21.14Fisher Steven C                28.33Fitzgerald Truman T            28.33Fletcher JR Edward             25.70Floyd Kieron E                 32.80Fluker Alfreda J               26.98Foreman Kevin D                24.47Fortune Twila J                36.16Foster Brandon M               28.33Foster Chrystal R              32.80Foster Frank A                 29.75Foster Jacorey J               31.23Foster Kristy L                25.70Foster Larry D                 26.98Foster Ryan J                  25.70Foster Serena R                20.13Foster Shantara M              21.14Foster Timothy R               18.26Fowler Jeannine E              20.13Foy Natasha B                  15.02Franklin Madeline D            31.23Franklin Xavier B              19.18Franks Tyler W                 19.18French James T                 21.14Fuller Randy                   28.33Fulmer Joseph L                21.14Gallahan JR David L            31.23Gamble JR Darius L             18.26Gardiner Timothy M             28.33Garner Johnathan S             24.47Garner Morris D                26.98Garrettson Hugh E              31.23Gauthier Corey                 26.98Gelpin Nicolla                 19.18Genous Dewanda L               22.20George Nicholaus A             25.70Gibbs Erma J                   22.20Gibbs John E                   29.75Gibson Dennis T                29.75Gilchrist Tony                 23.31Gillespie Justin A             24.47Gilliam Cheryl A               29.75Gilliland Taylor D             21.14Givan Warren O                 29.75Glasgow James B                26.98Glenn Cale M                   29.75Godbee JR Melvin W             26.98Godlove Nick G                 28.33Godsey John M                  21.14Gohn Morgan E                  21.14Gonzalez Manuel                26.98Goodwin Mykeel Q               20.13Graeber Michael A              31.23Graham Christopher J           19.18Graham David M                 28.33Gray Rakeyla J                 15.02Gray Stepfarne M               36.16Gray II Derrick L              21.14Grayson Warren R               28.33Green John E                   34.44Green Mark A                   26.98Green Markeeta M               21.14Green Samuel I                 23.31Green Sandra F                 23.31Green Stephon J                20.13Gregg Jeffrey W                28.33Gregory Carolyn E              18.26Grider Rickey J                26.98Griffin Jerry B                24.47Grimes Eric T                  28.33Grimes Mason R                 20.13Guerrero Emanuel               22.20Guinn Catherine A              20.13Gulley Marshall J              31.23Gulley JR William A            22.20Hall Deangelo R                25.70Hall Noel C                    29.75Hall Rhonda M                  23.31Hall Rodney A                  32.80Hall Sharlene B                24.47Hall Tamieka D                 26.98Hall Willie E                  32.80Hall III James F               31.23Hallman Chad H                 31.23Haluska Richard J              29.75Hambright Andre J              29.75Hamby Andra                    26.98Hamilton Nicholas J            19.18Hampton Antonio M              28.33Hampton Sade N                 15.02Harden James L                 25.70Hardrick Miguel A              24.47Harless Ronald H               26.98Harper Bernadine F             26.98Harper Lane A                  25.70Harrington William E           28.33Harris David C                 31.23Harris George D                22.20Harris Jeremy M                26.98Harris Latoya J                20.13Harris Phillip                 28.33Harris JR Herman               36.16Harville Alton D               28.33Hassell Joseph C               25.70Hastings Scott W               28.33Hatcher Janice S               28.33Hatcher Kristopher D           25.70Hatcher Natalya C              18.26Hayes Brittany S               21.14Hayes Charles N                26.98Hays Christopher R             36.16Haywood Rosa J                 23.31Heath Larry                    28.33Henderson Douglas D            28.33Henderson Erik O               25.70Henderson Sharon D             20.13Hendking Hiram M               23.31Hendrix Travis T               29.75Hennessy Megan D               21.14Henry Marchello D              26.98Herndon William B              29.75Herrera Rebeca S               32.80Hicks Brian G                  23.31Hicks Celestine                26.98Hicks Jason R                  24.47Higgins III Henry E            29.75Hill Brandon L                 26.98Hill Brittni A                 15.02Hill Rodriques D               20.13Hill Teresa K                  20.13Holder Brittany R              19.18Holland Christopher L          31.23Holt Josephus D                25.70Holt Marvin M                  28.33Hood Michaela J                19.18Hopkins Derrick L              21.14Horston Jermine D              18.26Hoskins James E                29.75Hovies William J               29.75Howard Justin L                28.33Howard Michael D               29.75Howard Reginald W              34.44Huffman Charles B              23.31Hunt Cedric J                  29.75Hunt Winston D                 21.14Hunter Shirley J               20.13Hutchins Matthew D             28.33Hutchinson Christopher D       31.23Hutchison Andrew H             31.23Igbineweka Osahenrunmwen S     25.70Ingram Cecil B                 28.33Irby Tevon D                   20.13Irish Matthew A                20.13Irvin JR Gregory L             21.14Ivory Kenneth L                28.33Jackson Benjamin L             28.33Jackson Brenda G               20.13Jackson Coy W                  28.33Jackson Derron C               29.75Jackson Ian R                  19.18Jackson Lori Jaynes L          15.02Jackson Sharlene L             23.31Jackson Shirley A              34.44Jackson Tywanna G              36.16Jackson III Clarence A         19.18Jackson III Sandy              32.80Jackson-Hunter Victoria L      21.14James Darriene D               28.33James Michael T                26.98James Rita                     23.31Jennings Ronald D              28.33Jerigan Sivi L                 26.98Jeter Andrew J                 25.70Johnson Aaron R                25.70Johnson Christopher L          19.18Johnson Ira C                  28.33Johnson Jadarius D             18.26Johnson James E                28.33Johnson Katrina M              36.16Johnson Kiley O                18.26Johnson Kyle S                 28.33Johnson Mark D                 31.23Johnson Marsha A               32.80Johnson Rosilyn R              24.47Johnson Vernon                 28.33Johnson Vincent B              28.33Johnson JR Albert              13.16Jones Andre J                  28.33Jones Andrew K                 22.20Jones Cameron N                18.26Jones Christopher B            24.47Jones Dennis                   26.98Jones Edwin D                  32.80Jones Eric T                   29.75Jones Erskine R                26.98Jones Judith A                 31.23Jones Mark E                   23.31Jones Philip T                 20.13Jones Shannon N                23.31Jones T'Keyah L                15.02Jones Tonitia B                15.02Jones JR Johnny                29.75Jordan Jeremy                  29.75Joseph Christopher M           31.23Judge Justin                   19.18Junious JR Roosevelt           28.33Justice Spencer C              29.75Karmondi Kimball A             28.33Kearns Daniel A                28.33Keith James R                  25.70Kelley Alice F                 20.13Kelley Jermaine A              32.80Kennedy Michael A              32.80Kennedy Ronphael L             36.16Kennedy Therese                28.33Kimble Shawn E                 28.33King Kelvin G                  29.75King Linda J                   34.44Klein Tabitha L                28.33Knight Kenneth R               26.98Knighten Ashley M              25.70Knobloch Anna C                14.31Lacally Gabriel H              26.98Lane Justin L                  28.33Lane Powers B                  25.70Langford Victor W              28.33Lankster Nicholas D            19.18Larkin LaChezra J              18.26Larry JR Vincent E             18.26Lassinger Christopher L        20.13Latham Ebony B                 20.13Latham Jenine                  28.33Lavender Brenda J              19.18Law Monica R                   26.98Lawrence Deondra T             26.98Lawrence Ralph                 24.47Lawrence Raydricus M           25.70Lawrence Shaundrea             25.70Ledbetter Christopher D        20.13Lee Freddy                     28.33Lee-Davis Paris D              28.33Lee-Jones Stacy S              25.70Leek Joshua D                  21.14Lemoine Nicholas C             20.13Leonard M L                    28.33Levert Darrell E               26.98Lewis Charles E                28.33Lewis Darion D                 22.20Lewis Derrick                  28.33Lewis Derrick M                26.98Lewis Erica C                  28.33Lewis Mary E                   32.80Lewis JR Robert E              21.14Linard II Jeffrey E            23.31Lindley Jennifer L             21.14Lisbon Belinda C               25.70Littleton JR James F           26.98Lockett III Earnest            32.80Lofton Erica                   28.33Logan James W                  28.33Long Christopher A             26.98Long Steven W                  31.23Long IV Harry W                24.47Louis Laquinte A               29.75Lovetto JR Sarafino J          32.80Lowe Brandon D                 25.70Lowe Lakenya M                 25.70Lucas Thomas D                 25.70Lucas JR Bobby L               25.70Lucas JR Henry G               28.33Luke David S                   28.33Luke Otis T                    36.16Mack Ronnie D                  26.98Mack Torry                     36.16Madison Cory G                 19.18Majors Devin B                 14.31Malloyd Brittnee C             20.13Malone Roger T                 31.23Marlin Jason S                 29.75Marshall Tameeka L             26.98Martin Christopher A           28.33Martinez Adan                  26.98Martinez Randy M               34.44Mason Anthony J                26.98Mason Donald W                 29.75Mason Jerri R                  28.33Mason Richard M                28.33Matthews Julius O              28.33Mauldin Daniel T               22.20Mauldin Rodarius D             26.98Maxwell Arnita R               20.13Mays Marvin D                  31.23McKinney Aphrodite Y           14.31McKinney JR Randall W          20.13McNeal Zachary S               19.18Mcalpine Arleatha              28.33Mccombs Rogie A                25.70Mcconnell Adam S               29.75Mccord Bernard J               26.98Mccord Timothy S               34.44Mccray Dontrell D              29.75Mccray Lyndon S                28.33Mccray Richelle C              19.18Mcdonald Jacob B               25.70Mcdonald Kimberly A            31.23Mcdowell JR John L             25.70Mckee Terrance L               32.80Mckinstry Alonzo               28.33Mckinstry Theodoric            25.70Mcmillan Chevonne L            26.98Mcneill Bruce W                28.33Meadows Earnest T              29.75Mehringer Mark S               25.70Melendez Dominic T             28.33Miller David B                 36.16Miller David G                 14.31Miller Diandre M               25.70Miller James N                 26.98Miller Jeffery A               26.98Miller Robert                  28.33Minor Anthony D                29.75Mitchell Aric L                21.14Mitchell Damarcus A            25.70Mitchell Terri L               17.39Mitchell JR Tony J             26.98Molette Shakeri M              26.98Montgomery Donnie L            31.23Montgomery Rhonda V            26.98Montgomery Vicki Y             23.31Moore Camellia R               25.70Moore Sonya S                  20.13Moore Stephen J                25.70Moore-Calhoun Jennifer D       28.33Morgan David J                 14.31Morgan Jacob M                 21.14Morris Ken S                   29.75Morris Lachundra D             23.31Morris Timothy J               26.98Morrow Dessie R                20.13Morton Field A                 29.75Moseley Patrick A              25.70Mullen JR Phillip E            31.23Mullins Jacqueline             25.70Murphy Jesse P                 28.33Murry Roxann                   31.23Nabors Brett A                 20.13Neal Marvin A                  28.33Nevett Bernadette              23.31Nevitt Jamarah                 31.23Newfield JR Charles H          32.80Newman Dale E                  28.33Newton Ryan A                  22.20Nicosia Matthew F              36.16Noblitt Sam W                  36.16Nord Craig                     25.70Norfleet Charles               24.47Norman Michael R               20.13Norris Curtis A                19.18Norsworthy Jared H             21.14Norwood Jeffery S              29.75Oddo Jack A                    28.33Oglesby Stephen H              26.98Oglesby JR Dan W               25.70Oldham II Emerson C            31.23Orazine Evan L                 20.13Osborne John K                 28.33Osborne Joshua M               28.33Osborne Zachary S              23.31Owens Adam W                   29.75Owens Kelley K                 15.02Packer Martez L                19.18Palmer Reva L                  34.44Parhm La'quaylin D             29.75Parker James M                 29.75Patterson Jamarious O          18.26Patterson Shanese N            22.20Patterson JR Ralph F           29.75Patton Anita F                 29.75Patton Deric L                 31.23Payne Latrina G                26.98Penn Caleb B                   26.98Perry Jarita N                 17.39Perryman Derrick W             26.98Persichilli Rocky M            21.14Pesnell Robert D               32.80Pettway Jordan B               15.02Phillips M A                   26.98Phillips Roxanne               21.14Pickett Cordero                19.18Pickett JR Michael O           31.23Pinkard Cedarion R             20.13Pinkard Cedric A.

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