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Like in the original version, the player with the high card (with Ace being considered High Card) advances to the Head-to-Head Round; in case of a tie (both players got the same value of a card), the process is repeated until a clear winner emerges. ", "Anything more than (insert hand higher than 21), and you'll/you will bust (, and [you'll/you will] lose $1,000/$2,500/$5,000). The new series premiered on Monday, October 14, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. Add the first question. Game Shows Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. ", "Welcome back to Catch 21.

The final round is functionally played the same as before (fresh deck shuffled & cut, playing three hands to 21, etc. Witney, what's going on? (When a contestant answers a multiple-choice question correctly; 2008-2011), "You get 500 points for winning this round, for a total of (insert score). Do you wanna keep the card or pass it?" Catching a 21 in all three hands awarded the top prize of $25,000, for a grand total of $26,000.

", "Let's meet the players, 'cause one of them could leave here with $25,000/$50,000. Each audience member wears a "win" watch. (2019 Revival), "(Alfonso and Witney doing a warm-up dance at the start of the show). $25,000!" Padilla then dealt more cards one by one. (insert last contestant), thanks for playing." You've guaranteed yourself in the Head-to-Head Round, and you get a Power Chip, which will help if you get to play in our Bonus Round." (when a contestant has busted in Round 1), "(insert contestant's name), you've busted, which also means that (with only (insert lowest score),) you're not gonna continue and move on to the next round. But, just for fun, (out of curiosity,) we need to see what you could've won: ($5,000, or possibly) $25,000."

Mikki/Witney, deal the card. - Mikki Padilla/Witney Carson (dealing the cards for each hand), "Now, the object is to Catch 21 exactly, do that in one hand, and you'll win $1,000. ", "Now, being quick and correct is more important than ever. "It's time to play Catch 21. It's all about knowledge, and the luck of the cards." I'm just sending our vibes over to our contestants here. Ties were not allowed: once a player was frozen on that number, the number was his/hers. Along the way, if the contestant saw a card that he/she didn't like, he/she could turn in a Power Chip to throw that card out. $25,000/$50,000!" Was this review helpful to you? But you're not going away/home empty-handed, you still walk away/go home with $1,000 you won earlier." (Season 1-2 only), "Catch 21 once and you'll win $1,000. 2/3/4 power chips.) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

I'm Alfonso Ribeiro. Catch 21 exactly, and you're an instant winner. This FAQ is empty. Each round started with Padilla dealing three cards to the contestants (one for each contestant). (Alfonso checking if an answer is correct on the 2019 Revival), "(ding) That is correct./It is (insert correct answer)." You can run, but you cannot hide, The Beast is always coming after you. Las Vegas, NV (2019 Version). (used in Season 1 only), "We'll be back next time with new players trying to play their cards right. Thanks for watching; (See ya!)" Thank you. (When he chats with the contestants before Round 2 begins on the 2019 Revival), "Now, keep in mind, when this round is over, we're gonna have to say goodbye to the player with the lowest score/the player with the lowest score will be eliminated." Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. (2019 Revival), "You got 100 points, you're in control."

A Power Chip only forces you to see the next card. Looking for some great streaming picks? (2019 Revival), "Until now, you had to play with/work with only one hand, but now, you're gonna play with three. The player who answered it correctly wins control of the first of the following two cards in the deck, which they may keep, giving the second card to their opponent, or pass to their opponent and keep the second card for themselves. The object of the game was to make a blackjack hand total 21 (hence catching 21), or come closer to 21 than the other contestants without going over. We tend to watch the old ones but we don't watch the new ones. WITNEY: I'm doing fantastic. That makes you the winner of this game/round. - Contestant (when he/she keeps the card and freezes with a better hand before 20), "Interesting play." "Welcome to Catch 21(, presented by Kraft Real Mayo).

Use them wisely." I'm Alfonso Ribeiro. I'm Alfonso Ribeiro. He/she could either keep the card and add its value to his/her hand or pass it to one of his/her opponents in an attempt to bust that player. Funny man John Michael Higgins is the host of this fill-in-the-blank guessing game on The Game Show Network. The second 21 adds another $2,500, for a total of $5,000. The player with the best hand won the game, $1,000, one more Power Chip, and the right to play for $25,000.

However, the city and police department have changed dramatically in the decade he's been ... See full summary ». We shuffled and cut the cards before the show, and now it's time to deal."

You'll get a Power Chip for each round you've won, plus one more for winning the game." (if deciding whether the controlling player keeps the card or pass it to their opponents), "I'm gonna pass it to (insert one of the opponents)." You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Host: All right, let's play Catch 21." (when a contestant wins the game), "You just won $1,000 and you've won the Special Prize." Now, (insert two remaining players), you've made it this far, but only one of you gets to move on to our final round, and a chance to play for $25,000/$50,000.

(2019 Revival), "Remember, a Power Chip is not a Stop Chip.

They can keep you alive in our game. (when a contestant wins the game and gets a 21 exactly), "When we come back, (insert winning contestant) is gonna try to win $25,000/$50,000. Use the HTML below. All right, Witney, deal the cards." (when an answer is incorrect on the 2019 Revival), "(buzzer) Time." On each card, the winning contestant had to place that card on a hand. All three players still play the first two rounds, so the same player can win both rounds and both Power Chips. (Seasons 2-4), "Now, control of the cards is more important than ever. The player with a correct guess also won the right to see another card dealt by Padilla. "(Insert name), congratulations. So, listen carefully to your first question. 0 of 1 people found this review helpful. ", "Looking for a/an (insert card), for an instant 21 (and the Special Prize). (2008-2011), "The winner wins $1,000, and moves on to our Final Round."

When a player exceeded 12, liked his/her hand total, and was in control, he/she could "freeze" (the player also had that option after getting the question right). An ace was always high. It is a Power Chip. - Contestant (when passing the card to the opponents), "I'm gonna keep/take it." Questions are no longer multiple-choice; just general tr… ", "It's a/an (insert card)." (Whenever a contestant wins the round). ALFONSO: All right. Witney, what's going on? I'm just sending our vibes over to our … We've got a new deck that's been shuffled and cut [backstage], so, we'll start you/things off by dealing you one card for each hand. Don't go anywhere. Contestants: Yes! You can only stop after you have played a card. They allow to change a card if you don't like it." The winner of this round takes home $1,000, and more importantly, will get to play for $25,000." (2019 Revival), "Welcome back to Catch 21. (2008-2011), "When we come back, (insert the other two contestants) will get another chance to go to our Head-to-Head Round to determine who will go on to play for $25,000. Finally, there is no longer a bonus of any kind for the first 21 of the day. Are you guys ready? Doing it twice awarded $5,000, for a total of $6,000 cash. WITNEY: And I'm Witney Carson.

Each Power Chip allows you to get rid of a card you don't like and draw a new one, so use them wisely." "Let's meet the players, 'cause one of them could leave here with $25,000/$50,000." If at any time the contestant busted on any hand, the bonus money was lost, but the $1,000 (and the prize if it was won) from the main game was(/were) not at risk. Thank you so much for playing." We've got (insert contestant in the lead) in first place with (insert leading score) and (insert contestant in second place) in second place with (insert second place score). Starting in Season 2, two Power Chips were awarded in this round; one for winning the round and an additional one (two for celebrity episodes) for winning the overall game. Each column was given one card to start. View production, box office, & company info. Like The Price is Right, Merv Griffin's Crosswords, and a few others, Catch 21 continues to use the old production company name after the founder's death. ", "Anything more than (insert hand higher than 21), and he/she can bust (insert opponent) out. (when a contestant answers the multiple-choice question correctly or after the contestant keeps the better card before 20, he/she has the option to freeze), "There are no ties in Catch 21.

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