News: can you own a monkey in illinois

“Thousands of mill pets are brought into Illinois each year, while thousands of cats and dogs are euthanized, simply because they are homeless. Favorite Answer Yes, Illinois is one of the few states that has absolutely no licensing requirements or bans on any species of primates. The Wildlife and Countryside Act makes it an offence to release a primate into the wild, or allow it to escape free. The practice of keeping primates as pets is extremely controversial, and as of current (2018), there is an extremely limited number of places where they are legal as pets. Today, it's illegal in Maryland, Virginia and the District to keep raccoons as pets. Owning lions and tigers is banned under an Ottawa bylaw. If you say that someone has a finger in every pie, you mean they are involved in a lot of things.

South Dakota will let you keep a bear on your property, but domestic pigs are prohibited. ANSWER: While Illinois law says it's illegal to have a monkey or another primate as a pet, the local owners can own the pet under a clause allowing lawful possession for those who had primates before Jan. 1, 2011. Fur-bearing mammal breeders shall keep a record for 2 years from the date of the acquisition, sale or other disposition of each live fur-bearing mammal or its green hide so raised or propagated, showing the date of such transaction, the name and address of the individual receiving or buying such live fur-bearing mammal or its green hide, and when requested to do so, shall furnish such individual with a certificate of purchase showing the number and kinds of live fur-bearing mammals or green hides so disposed of, the date of the transaction, the name and permit number of the breeder, and the name of the individual receiving, collecting, or buying such live fur-bearing mammals or green hides, and such other information as the Department may require.

KansasLarger exotic animals are banned in Kansas, but some smaller exotics such as porcupines and monkeys are not.

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Ohio. You may obtain more information from the embassy/consulate of the export country in Japan.

IndianaThis state has a permit system for "dangerous exotic animals" but the only primates considered to be such are gorillas, bonobos, and orangutans.

Marmosets. These states have some kind of law or restriction to which those who would like to keep monkeys as pets must adhere.

Animals You Can't Have as Pets in Illinois [LIST] Lion. The annual fee for each fur-bearing mammal breeder permit shall be $25.

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