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[8] The fiery cross is mentioned once again in the final novel of Dixon's Klan trilogy, The Traitor: A Story of the Fall of the Invisible Empire, when a Grand Dragon tosses a burning cross on a heap of discarded Klan robes and regalia in obedience to the order of the Grand Dragon to dissolve the order.

Here, on this spot made holy ground by the blood of those we hold dearer than life, I raise the ancient symbol of an unconquered race of men—, This scene is accompanied by an unnumbered plate illustration by Arthur I. Keller, captioned "'The fiery cross of old Scotland's hills'", showing two robed, unmasked Klansman, one of whom is holding a lighted cross, over a bound, blindfolded and gagged African-American, while robed and hooded klansmen look on. The first instance of a cross being burned in the United States was on November 25, 1915, ten months after the debut of The Birth of a Nation, when a group led by William J. Simmons burned a cross on top of Stone Mountain, Georgia, inaugurating a revival of the Ku Klux Klan. It is further elaborated that, In olden times when the Chieftain of our people summoned the clan on an errand of life and death, the Fiery Cross, extinguished in sacrificial blood, was sent by swift courier from village to village. Croix-de-Feu (French: [kʁwa də fø], Cross of Fire) was a nationalist French league of the Interwar period. Each clan wears distinct head-dresses and robes. The symbol of the burning cross has also transcended the borders of the United States, as tattoo images of Klansmen standing in front of burning crosses are not uncommon among European and other white supremacists. In Scotland, the fiery cross, known as the Crann Tara, was used as a declaration of war.

In 2003, the Supreme Court of the United States invoked a stage adaptation of Sir Walter Scott's The Lady of the Lake in their Virginia v. Black decision as an example of a display of cross burning that was not intended "to intimidate a person or group of persons" when they struck down as unconstitutional a Virginia statute that included the language "Any such burning of a cross shall be prima facie evidence of an intent to intimidate a person or group of persons" because it presumes the "intent [is] to intimidate. Cross burning dates back to Medieval Europe, when Scottish clansmen would set fire to hillsides as a statement of military defiance or call to action for soldiers ahead of battle. At Timeline, we spread knowledge of the past to help shape a better future. She is cornered at the edge of a cliff and threatens to jump off the cliff unless he stops. Today, membership in the KKK is down to around 5,000 nationwide. The symbol of the burning cross has also transcended the borders of the United States, as tattoo images of Klansmen standing in front of burning crosses are not uncommon among European and other white supremacists. It will send a thrill of inspiration to every clansmen in the hills." ‘Cross burning’ or ‘cross lighting’ was just introduced to the clan during the time of William J. Simmons, second founder of the clan. 1117– c. 1131), who burned crosses in protest at the veneration of crosses. But the origins of the practice were a far cry from the racist rabble rousing espoused by the Klan’s second coming. In 1915, fifteen of them together with Simmons burned a cross at the top of the Stone Mountain on Thanksgiving Night to inaugurate the new Klan. 2 letter words AX 3 letter words GAY - HOT - LIT - RAW - RED 4 letter words Simmons and company, fresh from committing their own act of extrajudicial justice, adopted the flaming cross symbol. I don’t know what that is telling me and I am wondering if it means anything bad.

Dixon, 1907 unnumbered plate between pp.52-3. Also a poem called The Lady of the Lake talks about a burning cross to summon the Scottish clans.It was in Scotland that the 'fiery cross' called Crann Tara was created as a declaration of war. [5] The last other significant use in Scotland itself was in 1745, during the Jacobite rising,[6] and it was subsequently described in the novels and poetry of Sir Walter Scott, particularly The Lady of the Lake of 1810. It is further elaborated that Contact Us:

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