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Once Elizabeth left the office, then join by opening the door to discover Rapture like you've never seen. Elizabeth was not deceived; the man knows the position of Sally. Catch Sally Interact with the windsock to the little girl out, but it resists and then you are attacked by her protector! Go straight to finally reach the small party Cohen. Head back into the main area once more and on the main floor look for another door with a banner above it with ‘Medicine’ in big letters, there should be a Splicer lurking about so knock them out then use Peeping Tom to look inside the room to make sure the coast is clear, there will be two Splicers inside though they should be in separate rooms, take them both down the search through the place, you will find another piece of the coded message as well as the KO Mod for Possession. DTGReviews reminds you that the complete solution of Bioshock Infinite is also available on the site. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 2 is the second part of the story-driven downloadable content (DLC) of BioShock Infinite, and was available starting March 25th, 2014 for $15.00 USD on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows PC, and Mac. To achieve success "Chain Reaction", do not hold the shot too long, because the weapon is another splicer automatically once the first shot. Sae there you find that the restaurant is closed. Opposite the lock on the door is a diary. "Prison Dispatch #8 - Emmett Wynn" ... (main area with Fink Statue) on desk with sea slug. Go ahead and grab that. Beware his drill-grab it uses to bring his level.

Inside, pick up the audio log that contains the code. She collects equipment needed to repair the vandalized device with the reluctant help of Atlas and Suchong. Walk around the back. The area of your fight against the shield in the first episode is completely empty, so mount directly on the shelf reversed then made a complete tour of the room until you reach a wall collapsed. ... Fink says he hid some supplies in his "chamber of panic" near the base of his statue. A cry rang out, return quickly at the windsock. Upstairs, take the opportunity to go see the movie to learn all that is near the fountain. Elizabeth is a map of the proposed facilities and close each output and increase the temperature to remove the child from the central exhaust.

Past a guy. Developer(s) She can hide in air vents that will also give alternate pathways or jump on ornamental lighting sconces to avoid contact or flee. Website So if white simply open the door, red also trigger an alarm, and blue allow you to retrieve the alarm mechanism to make a special tile for the crossbow. Inside on desk.

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