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An analysis of 21 bur oak populations from the Great Lakes, Midwest, and Great Plains showed high levels of genetic variation. 2×7. is declining in the northeastern United States. County documented: documented 7.  Bur oak seedling survival was high (about 89%) in shaded and control plots and just a little lower (81%) in biomass removal plots. predation are common in bur oak habitats. This nothospecies shows varying degrees of intermediacy between the parental taxa, especially in leaf blade outline. Exposure to temperatures of 140 °F (60 °C) for at least 60 s is typically required to kill vascular plant tissue, but tissue can survive 140 °F (60 °C) temperatures for a longer time establishment in the field [141]. Soils: While bur oak tolerates harsh soil conditions, including poor, dry soils and wet, poorly drained or inundated soils [72,132], bur oak distribution is not necessarily dictated by soil characteristics. time of the frost failed to produce seed [15]. Before the fire, the site supported 800 bur oak saplings 10 to 26 feet (3-8 m) tall, with basal diameters of 1 to 3.5 inches South Dakota, a field trial showed that bur oak survived at least 2 weeks of growing-season inundation [116]. One study reported that bur oak acorns were dispersed by blue jays in Iowa (Johnson unpublished data [124]), of scouring and flooding, bur oak replaced the eastern cottonwood-peachleaf willow community [126]. In the mid-seral, hardwood-eastern white pine (P. strobus) forest, bur oak is common before sugar maple becomes dominant. image, please click it to see who you will need to contact. Researchers suggested high levels of variation were likely a result of bur oak's wide geographic range, wind-facilitated outcrossed pollination, and long where the presettlement fire cycle was estimated at 2 Raunkiaer [195] 2.54 feet (0.76 m) (review by [125]). in general, the greater the sapling height at the time of the fire, the greater the number and height of postfire sprouts produced. At the Cedar Creek Natural History Area in Minnesota, researchers found that frequently burned plots had higher litter temperatures, lower litter moisture, and lower soil nitrogen and phosphorus In many cases, time, disturbances, and successional change are more important than climate or site characteristics in determining which type of bur oak community occurs. evidence (herbarium specimen, photograph). woodlands that experienced frequent and "intense" fires to agricultural lands or closed-canopy forests. Bur oak occupies habitats ranging from moist 30 years of abandonment [102]. One-year-old seedlings cut to ground level sprouted and grew more than uncut seedlings after a year in the common garden. White-breasted nuthatches used 50 to 100% of bur oak cavities available [82]. (Wetland indicator code: FEIS home page under "Find Fire Regimes".

months[4] = "May"; In the gallery forests, there are old, large bur oaks and chinkapin oaks, but there has been very little oak recruitment for over 50 years. when moisture content of the tissue is high [273]. germination averaged 45% (review [28]). Quercus macrocarpa, the bur oak, sometimes spelled burr oak, is a species of oak in the white oak section Quercus sect. Researchers thought that rapid taproot growth allowed bur Mortality of the oaks (bur oak and northern pin oak) averaged 75% for trees with diameters In the Little Missouri National Grasslands, bur oak seedling survival was 90% Research Natural Area in northeastern Kansas, bur oak seedlings were much more restricted to shaded microsites than chinkapin oak seedlings were [32]. On a coal mine restoration site in Kansas, bur oak stems within the reach of cattle were nearly browsed to the ground each year [213]. Recruitment was reported in several shaded habitats in the western part of bur oak's range.

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