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Astute departments pursue and evaluate the recommendations of repair and maintenance personnel (aka Maintenance; Logistics; the Shops; Fleet; or, as historically called in Boston, Massachusetts, the Motor Squad).

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL.

Lengths can vary from 150 feet to 250 feet for the same building depending on where the apparatus has to stop. The resulting 165-inch wheelbase met the criteria for a compact, maneuverable rig. The fire department was not asked to prioritize design criteria.

Jason S. Darley, North American sales manager for W.S. (Photo courtesy of Jim O’Brien.). Roger Kendrick, the founder of Boston Fire Gear is also a Boston Firefighter. We value your privacy. The first record of preconnected attack lines on pumpers in BFD’s 1959 Annual Report describes the mechanical work done on pumpers being converted to single-piece companies. The successful bidder was Greenwood Emergency Vehicles of North Attleboro, Massachusetts, representing E-ONE. Originally assigned to Engine Company 37 in Mission Hill. It states: “This work included changes in pump piping to allow auxiliary suction connections for preconnected 1½-inch attack lines ….” It mentioned some pumpers of remaining two-piece companies were also being piped for preconnects (photos 17 and 18). We use to process your secure SSL credit/debit card payments. A manually operated actuator and gearbox controlled at the pump operator’s panel was specified (photo 3).

Although it was a traditional location, in recent years, it either hasn’t been specified or was piped to the curb side. Special attention was given to safely responding and maneuvering in Boston’s highly congested environment by addressing apparatus size and collision avoidance. Locating them one above the other is efficient use of pump panel real estate. Older pump panel features that had worked well were incorporated into the 2016 design specification to create a user-friendly layout to enhance fireground operations. The center well holds 25 feet of 5-inch soft suction hose.

Depending on primary response areas, some companies use it as a general utility area (photo 8) or for rolled forestry hose (photo 9), high-rise packs, or additional attack line storage (photos 10 and 16).

When adding a removable divider, the area became available for use at the discretion of the company officer. The treadplate bumper has thumped an obstacle or two. A short, compact, highly maneuverable rig may not be as important as the pump, tank, and plumbing configurations for a rural department located in the Texas panhandle.

Before then, hose wagons and some ladder trucks were equipped with chemical tanks and booster hose coiled in baskets. BILL ADAMS is a member of the Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Editorial Advisory Board, a former fire apparatus salesman, and a past chief of the East Rochester (NY) Fire Department. Rather than listing the makes and model numbers of the widgets and design features specified, this article shows some of the reasons they were chosen. The rear discharge has a reducer but no preconnect.

Boston Fire Gear. Some basic reasoning given was a 24-footer will not reach a third floor but can reach a second floor. Based on the FEMA FA-197 guidelines, SOP Center is a reference and resource for Firefighters and EMS professionals so you can improve your processes and perform your responsibilities as effectively and efficiently as possible. Roger Kendrick, the founder of Boston Fire Gear is also a Boston Firefighter. Pump panel labeling was addressed. The right lower arrow shows the low-profile ball-type intake valve with external relief valve and bleeder. According to O’Brien, “It was restored some years ago for use in supplying standpipes only.” Subsequent field testing showed 3-inch could augment water supply from a hydrant and maximize the flow capabilities of portable deluge sets and ground monitors. Each shirt is two-sided, 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, made by Gildan. After the first deliveries, it was discovered that the area above the ladder tunnel was unused. The successful bidder was Greenwood Emergency Vehicles of North Attleboro, Massachusetts, representing E-ONE. 3 Pump panels are less than 40 inches wide with crosslay flooring 66 inches from the ground. O’Brien says, “Attack lines are not preconnected as required lengths vary depending on the order of arrival as the first-, second-, or third-due engine. A length of 3-inch off a hydrant’s 2½-inch port increased the flow to 1,800 gpm (photo 12). It increases the fireground efficiency of portable master streams and ground monitors. 14 A bumper “boxed in” cutout with the 5-inch suction pipe recessed enough to keep the 4-inch Storz fitting protected by the bumper face. Company captains can opt to carry additional hose, and some companies carry 700 to 800 feet of LDH. The left arrow shows the gated suction siamese. 18 Engine 22’s 1948 Mack retrofitted with crosslays preconnected to a 2½-inch left-side discharge installed by the Motor Squad. Foam-capable discharges are specifically lettered “foam.” Yellow arrows indicate the left rear discharge; red arrows indicate discharge number 2. Stretch fabric with elastic binding. You won't find any more comfortable. They were totally discontinued in the 1980s. The right arrow shows the oversized mirror allowing the MPO to see both ends of the bumper.

The ladder tunnel on the right side of the hosebed holds a 20-foot two-section extension ladder, backboards, and pike poles. O’Brien adds, “The requirement for a low hosebed height and short overall apparatus length led to choosing an L-shaped tank. Rubber front cab fenderettes are one inch shorter in width than aluminum and stainless and are more forgiving if scraped. That, combined with narrow streets, can necessitate long stretches for both attack and backup lines. The rear tailboard was also angled to facilitate turning while backing up (photo 8).

Each shirt is two-sided, 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, made by Gildan. A usable 14-inch rear step with angled corners was specified as well as a ¾-inch-width intermediate treadplate step beneath the hosebed to facilitate repacking (photo 8). 1.1.1 Organization. One of its missions was “to research and develop specifications for engine and ladder apparatus.” In turn, the committee makes specification recommendations to the fire commissioner. Mindful of the short wheelbase requirement, the OEM’s engineering expertise and purchaser’s willingness to prioritize and compromise determined the final design of the hosebed, tank, and body.


Adult sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL,  . Black labels mean water in and white means water out. Lettering on suction inlets and their controls, drains, and gauges is white on black labels, including the tank-to-pump control. 7 Engine 50 preconnected a 1¾-inch trash line on its rear discharge. We’ve created a list of phone numbers for you, and a list of all the firehouse locations in the City. Boston specified a Darley PSM split-shaft-driven 1,250-gallon-per-minute (gpm) single-stage pump with an enlarged impeller eye midship mounted. Greenwood and E-ONE have forged a long-standing relationship with the BFD that spans over 30 years. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL.

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