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I hate when people bring people with them to fight!!! It’s been messy for a very long time. People thought 50¢ was broke when he filed bankruptcy but he wasn’t. I just think Eric is a model of restraint, at least as of late, and calling out Master P on national TV could get messy because P isn’t always rational or measured and Eric just doesn’t like messy. He doesn’t respect anyone on the show, well f-ck it. Damon was ordered to stay away from marijuana for 24 hours before each visit to his kids.

Boogie is growing up. Boogie called out Romeo for not answering his calls and it appeared Romeo and Master P didn’t take too kindly to it.

Boogie can’t even stand up to his own Dad.

What can’t be faked is the court documents that show Master P owes millions in unpaid taxes and he’s been in debt since 2003, oh and his assets have been seized as of this year. What does two beautiful young ladies hanging on Romeo has to do with education. Again, js. Have you been hiding under a rock?

Dash let Jay-Z take his company from him so het a reality check KID’S…. The only reason they have an issue with the show is because of the backlash they’ve been rightfully receiving for how badly they treat the rest of the cast.

After 50’s businesses failed and he filed for bankruptcy, he was innovative and found success in other industries like TV. Angela did.

There’s no telling what they talk about, maybe Ang . I finally got a chance to take my lil sister to my first house that I ever bought! This show really changed how I see them. Way to go Boogie!Note: your dad wants you to be like Romeo.Lol. All you people forget the end of the first season when her a-s was suppose to be being stalked. in the mix. He’s so busy with all his other wack projects, that a blessing he is leaving the show. The only fake people are Romeo and Master P. They are dry and fake as f-ck and won’t be missed on the show.

Nobody made comments on his daughter, My only comment Mr. Pete had no buisness speaking for Rome he is a grown a-s man. K. Michelle Drags Tamar Braxton & Makes Some Messy Accusations.

People drag Pepa and Treach all the time on here, especially Pepa. Rachel Roy filed the divorce papers in March 2009 in Manhattan Supreme Court where they had a fierce custody battle. Nobody’s parents are seen on the show more than Master P in they business………keeping up drama, and Dear MasterP Romeo do like Angela,but you in the way with Negative……Let Romeo live his life!!!!!!

Damon Dash and his current girlfriend, Rocky Raquel (Photo: Raquel's Instagram). If they would take this same energy and put it towards something more positive and beneficial.

However, the biological mother of Lucky is not revealed. I don’t think p is scared of Damon,but he’s still looking goofy to me.

Put some respect on his name. It’s the same reason why P was thrown off by Boogie and the most he could do is cut the meeting short with Romeo because Boogie wasn’t going to take their mess. !In my opinion Boogie was the only man in that meeting. Hes putting Romeo up on the business/longevity and not to be used by that corny-a-s show.

While Dame getting arrested for child support. The approach was cowardice and immature. Grow up Master P and teach that b-tch of a son to be a man. P has money and Dame is broke.

F**kn clowns!!!

He talk too much like his son. He was n the offices cursing n yelling at executives which is bad for business. You came looking for trouble…. I’m someone who doesn’t give a f-ck about your hurt feelings. That’s why Master P keeps doing all these interviews apologizing and blaming everything on editing.

Damon Dash is an American actor entrepreneur a music producer that has been in the industry for well over two decades. Net Worth. Tami felt as if Shaunie and Evelyn never really accepted her.

And if P was so rich, he wouldn’t be on GUHH in the first place. “Real Housewives of Potomac” fans are getting multiple feuds this season.

Why did the cousins come.

50 has done what Master P has not been able to do. Besides that, he has a kid named Lucky (born in 2004) from his previous relationship. Master P had no business there.

Master P ain’t the only person who had success.

As Lil Romeo announced he decided to quit “Growing Up Hip Hop” on Thursday’s episode, he clashed with his castmate Boogie Dash. Why is that hard for you to understand?

The show is called grown up HipHop. And what, It’s no secret Hollywood, or acting in big movies in general, pays well. I’m convinced stanning is a mental illness. He is the only one who opened his mouth to address those thugs. Snoop made himself a millionaire.

Treach is a street n-gga.

But what we did see is him stand up to Romeo and Master P. I think some people really think courage can only come from black people from the hood with violent pasts and it’s ignorant as h-ll. They thought all the viewers would be okay with them acting like pretentious a-sholes and dogging out everyone else. These 10 Whopping Homes & Cars Of Celebrities Look Amazing!

And I’m not sure why you people keep posting that fake net worth for Master P. No one who really has a net worth of 300 million dollars files bankruptcy multiple times and has their assets seized by the federal government for unpaid taxes that go all the way back to 2003. Do Not Miss: Katja Herbers Husband, Net Worth, Family, Now. The couple started dating in 2015 and have been sharing the sparkles of romance for four years. Master P suppose to be there with and for his son, Rome needs to grow up and get from under master p coat tail.

It seems that Romeo should go back to his name LIL ROMEO!!

Dame Dash’s Full Net Worth in 2020, Wife & Family Details.

He did not conduct himself as a grown man who is very astute in business.

All Rights Reserved. Why are you guys talking about who has money and who doesn’t. Honestly, Romeo and P are lucky the rest of the cast never brought that up on the show since the Millers love to put everyone else down on a regular basis.

Tell Master P to pay his taxes sis.

The Simmons wear smart. Move along.

Angela and her son, D-mn sure don’t need him in their lives.

Why is Romeo acting like a little girl because s real man would handle his own business but he had to bring his crue to talk to Angela please but back in the day he used to talk to booie stop Romeo be a man and not a Dad’s little boy. @Robbin, you should really think this through more. Master P needs to figure out how to pay those taxes he hasn’t paid.

Who the H*** is Damon!!! @ Stella, umm Romeo and Master P did not create the show. You should tell the whole story. This cool musician originating from The Bronx, New York City has a slim body & oval face type.

You won’t though because it won’t make Master P look like the big bad gangsta you want us to think he is. They don’t have to respect his a-s either. Meanwhile, P and Dame are the only two who have had filed for bankruptcy and have had money problems. Percy’s credibility is shot at this point. Not Master P’s failed rap label and broke No Limit artists. So why sign up!!! No he sure wouldn’t have said that to Damon Percy and Romeo was wrong for coming at boogie and briana sit your wanna be relevant a-s down somewhere Romeo it’s time to let go of your dad’s t-ty son enough is enough.

Talk about your messy (embarrassing) excuses. You saw no one else’s parents incolved. Rev Run raised some kids that can and do run their own businesses, and shy away from drama.If they did come to the meeting I can guarantee you it wouldn’t have been with no broke down ghetto ‘NAWLINS entourage!!! During his divorce proceedings with his ex-wife Rachel Roy, he disclosed that he owed $2 million in back taxes. Girl please you’re going gard for a man who doesn’t pay his child support.

Anyone who claims to be pro-black like the Millers should know how badly for-profit schools hurt black people. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Romeo being close to his dad. “Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman didn’t just depart the show, but she departed... Melody and Martell’s fallout has been nasty. The problem many of us have with Master P is the kind of whack values he instilled in his son Romeo and how they interacted with the cast which has been deplorable. And where was all this stay out of a grown man business when Came and Kappa was all in the kids business.

Third for sure wouldn’t have bought extra ppl like it’s gonna be drama. By WHO the dam stalker. At the end of the day, they were still on GUHH for 5 seasons with the same people y’all are on here trying to make fun of.

He nor Romeo does. They push this pro-black narrative, but a lot of things they make money from actually hurt black people.

Master P is not the smart businessman you think he is.

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