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Abet Guidaben.

“At tsaka I have free time now. Gusto ko ako rin ang maging first option ng team (I would like to attain the status that he was able to reach. With your meaningful insights, help shape the stories that can shape the country. Starting in 2020-21, the franchise returns to classic look. Continue reading “How would Crispa fare in today’s balance-hungry, social media-heavy fandom?”, “How would Crispa fare in today’s balance-hungry, social media-heavy fandom?”. His 18 ppg top scored for the Philippine team that placed 13th in the 1974 World Championships in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

With Papa shooting the lights out from 30 to 35 feet, and Florencio's magical penetrating moves under the basket, Adornado provided a steady presence with his calculated jumpers from medium range as Crispa would win the 1971 MICAA All-Filipino crown at the expense of the San Miguel Braves. But during practice one fateful day, Carvajal fainted. From '75 to '79, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award was being awarded after the first conference (All-Filipino). Adornado was also awarded the very first PBA Most Valuable Player (MVP), an award he would also win in '76. The Philippines is among countries seen at higher risk. “I want to see Mommy and Daddy,” Carvajal muttered in his brother’s Alabang home last Sunday.

Adornado, who began playing hoops at the age of six, was a legend playing for the then Glowing Goldies of University of Santo Tomas under the tutelage of Rogelio Serafico. William "Bogs" Adornado (born May 26, 1951) is a Filipino former basketball player and coach.

He is one of the Philippine Basketball Association's Greatest Players and was inducted to its Hall of Fame in 2005. “I know they’re going to improve because of their attitude. History labels the Crispa Redmanizers as the greatest PBA team of all-time. ", 64 points U/Tex win over San Miguel 126-111 (11/23/80), 54 points U/Tex win over Presto 121-105 (11/80), 50 points U/Tex win over Gilbey's 116-110 (06/10/82), 46 points Crispa vs Royal Tru-Orange (07/07/75), 46 points Shell loss to GTC 106-113 (08/15/85), 43 points U/Tex loss to Tanduay 97-121 (11/15/80), 43 points GTC loss to Winston 163-167 OT (10/25/83), 42 points U/Tex loss to YCO-Tanduay 121-122 (09/01/81), 41 points U/Tex win over Honda 98-96 (10/25/80), 41 points U/Tex win over Honda 96-85 (11/13/80), 41 points U/Tex loss to Toyota 104-110 (11/18/80), 41 points Shell win over NCC 106-104 (09/19/85), 41 points Shell win Over Tanduay 119-116 OT (08/06/85), 5-time Season Scoring Leader: '75 (26.96 ppg), '76 (25.66 ppg), '80 (24.00 ppg), '81 (26.20 ppg), '82 (27.40 ppg), 69 Consecutive Free-throws made 10/14/86 - 08/07/87, "When I played with Bogs at Great Taste, he had already undergone several knee surgeries, so he was somewhat limited with his overall speed and quickness. In 2005, Adornado was part of the twelve initial inductees to the PBA Hall of Fame alongside fellow Crispa players Atoy Co and Philip Cezar, and Toyota stalwarts Jaworski, Francis Arnaiz and Ramon Fernandez together with former PBA Commissioners Leo Prieto, Emerson Coseteng and Atty.

Passable (sila) on having a good attitude.”.

“I will take care of him, no matter what, because I love him and that’s how my parents wanted it,” said Lito, a widower. Lim’s family, including his 17-year-old daughter Jaime, and close friends met with doctors at Medical City that Friday night when he collapsed.

And upon seeing the current roster of the team, the native of Batad, Iloilo admitted seeing a lot of promise in them. So far, so good as the five-time league scoring champion who led the PBA in scoring, free-throws made, two-point field goals, and minutes played in 1981, has been impressed with the attitude of Blackwater’s young core of players. "We’ve noticed our citizens are really being careful now.

With Adornado leading the offensive juggernaut along with luminaries Philip Cezar and Atoy Co, Crispa won the '75 Invitational, preempting a Toyota grand slam in PBA's maiden season.

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