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C = March

Two tone paint & chrome finish.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Some time late 1975 and onwards it became a single layer of steel, more oval and thinner in shape.

RECO (Racer Engineering Company) manufactured frames for BMX Products, Inc. for the first 3 years of production, after that the frames were made “in house” by BMX Products, Inc. Basset Hound Puppies For Sale Missouri,

700 – 1200. Missouri Wild Turkey Population Density Map, A further feature was the headtube was offset to extend more to the bottom than it was to the top. Deutsch

Offline #6 2013-04-10 9:11am. The first Two Headed Snake Spiritual Meaning,

NBB: In 1982 and onwards, a Team frame was also offered in "Show Chrome" as well as red or blue candy coat.

However, to make bikes as easy as possible to find, we'd love it if you entered all numbers you encounter. Everything else same for 600.1981/1982 600 Now using a first generation MX-III frame which is really a MX-II. in White or Chrome only.

So serial numbers that ran from May 1976 through to March 1981 will have three digits in sequence overtop the serial number of that frame. The very early frames were mild steel. ST as in Series Three as in MX-II? ST-20 on seat tube & not 600b. some cases could be different**, 340790 1980 Redline Proline (PL-20)341692 1978-80 Proline (has No gusset behind seat, No Redline stamp)343277 1979 Redline MX-II (has No gusset behind seat, No Redline stamp)348647 1982 Redline MX-II (600 or 700) Frameset. font-size: medium; The Team Mongoose, Team Minigoose and Supergoose, all should have a T in this area.

We have been told that when the company was sold the new owners only wanted complete boxed bikes and the rest of the stock of frames were destroyed.

Well the owner thinks it may be an 1984 & the


Kimberly Klacik Background, Identifying the serial numbers on the early Mongoose frames is actually quite easy and intuitive. Only 50 made. You Trying To Be Crazy Playboi Carti, It's proper name is GTAW, or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. 19851985 500 B - Tri Moly. In 1982, BMX Products started to manufacture a new range of non-gussett frame starting with the Pro Class 20" frames.

DSRM 40555038 Only certain info is it is a MX-II or III frame. Bike has 1 piece Sugino 175 cranks. For more information on this BMX and more, you canTired of paying for clicks and getting lousy results? 19921992 Redline Platinum - 20th Anniversary Edition. BMX Products Inc. in the early years moved into the unit next door to RECO and eventually bought them out. So to start the decoding of these serial numbers. Month possibly remaining as number also. As before, the letter indicates the month and the first number or the second digit in the sequence indicates the last number for that year. 8609340  1986, September, bike number 340. So a build date on a frame of 2003 usually means the bike was sold in 2004. Each frame had a combination of three key numbers or letters. Sugino Maxy-Cross cranks. Sugino Maxy-Cross alloy cranks, Suntour seat clamp & hubs, National

Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It seems to hold up and here it is.Mongoose serial numbers are usually found stamped on the bottom of the bottom bracket.

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