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Managers are able to set, track and approve a variety of employee goals—from quantitative goals like quotas to qualitative ones like assertiveness—and see who’s exceeding expectations.

If you could change something about your job, what would that be?

Mentoring opportunities consist of managers guiding employees with one-on-one coaching sessions but also peer-to-peer mentoring from a coworker.

To see the system in action, schedule a demo today. Federal contractors can track, manage and report on Good Faith Recruiting efforts, certifications and federal forms with Arcoro’s modular HR software.

Good recruiting practices, company culture and benefits may get employees through the door but compensation encourages them to keep returning. Target your job postings. Your new employees want to feel physically safe while on the job. Use employee referrals. On the pro side, employees know that if the company succeeds, they’ll be rewarded, motivating them to do their best work. Some employees leave based on factors out of your control, like a move or a change in their personal lives, but others leave due to decreased job satisfaction. Implementing this type of compensation program includes identifying and tracking milestones while clearly communicating requirements to employees. Include new employees whenever the team gets together.

Mentor your employees. Managers have one-click access to all goals, tasks, evaluation forms, employee competencies and more through the Arcoro dashboard.

mentoring has been shown to increase retention rates for minorities and women, Micromanaging projects may lead your employees to think you don’t trust them to do their job, increasing their dissatisfaction, What is Talent Acquisition: Attract Top Talent With This Process, Employee Retention: How to Have the Perfect Stay Interview, Employee Benefits Administration: 5 Steps to Successful Employee Benefits Management, How Upskilling Your Workforce Benefits Your Organization, Two-week long vacations with a couple of hours of work each day, Working early before the kids go to school, Taking a break during the day and finishing up at night, Give personal tech time breaks so they can remain connected with family, Allow employees to work together to self-schedule or switch shifts, Encourage managers to lead by example by prioritizing family obligations and taking PTO. While retention bonuses aren’t as common as a one-time bonus, some companies are finding them successful at retaining critical personnel. The amount each employee receives is typically based on a percentage of his or her salary, so managers reap most of the benefits. Gather key employee and human resources data in one accessible, cloud-based space, with privileged access for both management and employees. See who is aligned for tomorrow’s leadership with robust reporting for compliance, real-time monitoring and time-saving automation. Our software modules, like our ATS, Onboarding, Compensation Management, Performance Management and Learning Management, simplify your HR processes so your employees can work more efficiently, allowing you to focus on big picture items that will allow your company to reach its goals. There are many different ways to compensate employees for a job well done.

Help your new employees feel safe. Some companies offer bonuses to those employees who stay with the company for a certain length of time. Pay attention to what you say in your posting by including detailed job descriptions that not only list the position’s responsibilities and qualifications but also examples of your company culture like flexible schedules and unique benefits. What is your organization doing to retain employees? While retention bonuses aren’t as common as a one-time bonus, some companies are finding them successful at retaining critical personnel. Encourage current employees to invite the new employee to lunch or break together.

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