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Write an original additional adventure for Beowulf. Beowulf Projects – Worth 100 Points. Hrothgar, the king of the Danes, is in need of help. The poem should demonstrate a theme from Beowulf. His name, Grendel.

I will look to see that details from the text have been included, so read carefully. The company believes mining and reindeer herding can cooperate and prosper side-by-side and says there is no evidence to suggest that they cannot. Some projects may be completed as an individual assignment, others require a group, and some could be completed either way. Newspaper — Create a newspaper outlining the major events in Beowulf. Some projects may be completed as an individual assignment, others require a group, and some could be completed either way. (A found poem is created from taking works that already exist and reordering to create a new poem.) Your presentation will consist of explaining the process of creating this original site. To access earlier articles, click Advanced Search and set an earlier date range.To search for a term containing the '&' symbol, click Advanced Search and use the 'search headings' and/or 'in first paragraph' options. A script should be given to the teacher on the day of the presentation. Beowulf Board Game – Individual Assignment. Create a found poem from words that appear in the text.

Choose a specific scene from Beowulf to illustrate, paying particular attention to specific details given in your selected passage. ! Include key quotes. The company says is has learnt that the Ministry has advised the committee to reach out to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) to assess whether the company’s proposed activities toward the Kallak Iron Ore project have an impact on the world heritage of Laponia.

Research Anglo-Saxon foods, dining customs, and feasts. Week 3 of Beowulf planning for Year 5s looking at the key features of a newspaper recount before moving on to plan and write. As you read, create an illustrated timeline of events in the poem. Write a poem titled "The Beowulf in Me" or "The Grendel in Me." Battle with Dragon: Beowulf strikes the dragon in the head with his great sword Naegling, but the sword snaps and breaks. Also, you will need to have a list of character names and descriptions included as a “key” for the timeline. Write articles and include appropriate pictures (hand or computer-drawn, cut from magazines or newspapers, or found on the Internet). ä Be prepared to discuss the knowledge used to create your masterpiece when presenting to the class. Develop a talk show segment or interview with Grendel’s mother that discusses her point of view after the loss of her son and reasons why she chose to attack Herot and Beowulf. The film should not exceed five minutes in length. After gathering information, create a representation (drawing, painting, or model) of the Geats’ ship. Take a popular song and re-write the lyrics to create a song about Beowulf and his epic battles. He was the son of Ecgþeow. The company has provided the Ministry with its heritage impact assessment and covering letter sent to Bergsstaten – the mining inspectorate – in April 2017.

He was the son of Ecgþeow. By this time Beowulf has defeated Grendel and his mother, and has ruled the geats for fifty years. Sketch out a storyboard or write a proposal for the movie. ! ¥Ö§çÀ 6 + _rels/.relsPK- ! When presenting to the class, be able to tell us what elements in the poem (provide lines) can be seen in your reconstruction. We offer a variety of subscriptions to our Magazine, Website, PDF Reports and our photo library. Please enter the email address that you used to subscribe on Mining Weekly. When people play the board game, they should learn and understand what transpires in the story; for instance, when players draw cards that direct their next move, the cards instruct them to perform an action that happens in the story. Receive daily sector news alerts. But now we know he’s in a better place. Beowulf highlights that Boliden’s Aitik mine, in Sweden, was established in 1966, some 30 years before Laponia was granted World Heritage status and its operations are closer to Laponia than Kallak would be. Create a floor plan and/or 3-D model of Herot. 1. Moreover, the committee would first need to place a site it is concerned about on its World Heritage in Danger list and attempt to negotiate with the local authorities to remedy the situation and, if remediation fails, the committee then revokes its designation. Check out these websites for ideas and more information:, 12. I will be listening to see that your pronunciation is accurate. Beowulf is the legendary hero and king of the Anglo-Saxon epic poem.

Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Lines should be memorized, and costumes are expected for the actors! Reenact the epic poem using puppets created by the group members. (Or perhaps write about your duality.) You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at Title: Beowulf An Anglo-Saxon Epic Poem, Translated From The Heyne-Socin Text by Lesslie Hall Author: … In addition to major articles, include typical newspaper features like editorials, obituaries, advertisements, and comics. Grendle, a monster who lives at the bottom of a nearby mere, is provoked by the singing and celebrating of Hrothgar's followers. Retell the events in Beowulf as a children's story, including illustrations and binding the finished project in booklet form. World heritage sites may lose their designation if the Unesco World Heritage Committee determines the designated site is not properly managed or protected.

8. "While the news came as a surprise to us, and clearly investors have reacted negatively, we do not believe this matter is a material cause for concern,” says Budge. 14.

Beowulf Timeline – Individual Assignment.

3. This is a terrible monster terrorizing this small population. ! Advertising on is an effective way to build and consolidate a company's profile among clients and prospective clients. Beowulf Comic Book – Individual or Group Assignment (2 members). The people of Herot clam to have seen Beowulf going with no weapons to fight this beast that had already claimed so many lives. Beowulf CEO Kurt Budge says the development of the Kallak project does not even begin to compare to the circumstances in these cases. ¢ ¢ D! Ç Be especially careful about word choice. Video format: the DVD must be playable on Mac, using iMovie or in realplayer format. In addition to the poster, in one half to one page, explain the significance of the scene you’ve illustrated. “ This setting is controlled by cookies and should your cookies be re-set you will then be directed to the regional edition associated with the geographic location of our IP address. Your game should include playing pieces, a clear set of instructions, and some sort of board. In desperation Beowulf pulls a knife from his belt and stabs it deep into the dragon’s flank. C After writing the lyrics, record a music video to go along with your performance! The group must also provide a copy of the script used for the class presentation. A trend in film today is to modernize old stories. The other is the Dresden Elbe Valley World Heritage site, which involved a modern transport bridge being built through the middle of the picturesque city in Germany. All written portions of the project must be typed. Email, Consulting|Innovation|Iron Ore|Mining|PROJECT|transport|Solutions|Environmental|Operations, consulting-company|innovation|iron-ore|mining|project|transport|solutions|environmental|operations, Barloworld Logistics~Hazleton Pumps~Immersive Technologies~Integrated Pump Rental~Pragma~SSG Consulting ~thyssenkrupp, barloworld-logistics-2018-01-10~hazleton-pumps-2017-01-31~immersive-technologies-2019-04-01~integrated-pump-rental-2019-12-09~pragma-2018-12-11-1~ssg-consulting-project-management-2014-05-19~thyssenkrupp-2013-05-28-1, Electra Mining Day 1 on 07 September 2020, Electra Mining Day 2 on 08 September 2020, Electra Mining Day 3 on 09 September 2020, Electra Mining Day 4 on 10 September 2020, Electra Mining Day 5 on 11 September 2020, Electra Mining Day 6 on 17 September 2020, Sign up for our FREE daily email newsletter.

However, lines should be memorized. Create a collage of images and/or quotations from Beowulf that demonstrate the book's theme or message. You must record your rap or perform in class. Old English Rap – Individual Assignment, Research the pronunciation of Old English language and create a rap song of the introduction of Beowulf. He sends Wiglaf to inspect the dragon’s treasure and bring him a portion of it, saying that death will be easier if he sees the hoard that he has liberated. Beowulf was a great king. Reenacting Beowulf’s Battles – Group Assignment (2 members). Compile a scrapbook based on Beowulf.

n İ û T [ ‰ ¼ ô û ÿ > N j x « ¶ ½ Ê é ü Ä Å À Ç > D õíåíáÙáÑáÉÀ¶À¶À¯¥¯á¯¥¯¥¯¥¯á¯›¯á¯ÉÀ¶À•À•À•¶•Àá�á¯á�áÉ hÃ4 6�]� For this project you and a partner will reenact two of Beowulf’s epic battles mentioned in the poem: Beowulf vs. Grendel; Beowulf vs. Grendel’s Mother; and/or Beowulf vs. the Dragon.

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