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2020 US election live results: Who is winning? In real life, 47-year-old Dusseldorp is married to Winspear, 44, a fellow actor and theatre director, and they have two daughters, Grace, 13, and Maggie, 10. She has a world-weary, faraway look. Producer/Director. Winspear, casually cool in blue and green checked pants and flecked white shirt, seems ready for spring. Adelaide Festival 1998

Kmunnications Productions 2016 “That’s how I was feeling at the end of the series,” she says, glancing at the unearthly woman above the fireplace. Screentime / Nine Network 2012 The couple’s ambition makes one think they might do for the screen and stage in Tasmania what David Walsh and his Museum of Old and New Art did for the visual arts. BAGDAD WEDDING What’s the best thing that’s happened since they moved down? "Ticket sales went berserk just before COVID-19 hit," he said. Dir: Robert Jarman / Tasmania Performs 2011 Role: Salim. Role: Dr Frankenstein.

(Rimes is another example of the Tasmanian cultural exchange, a leading composer and conductor who was born in Fiji and grew up in Hobart before heading off to the US and Europe to forge his musical career.). KING LEAR I’ve been here for more than two hours and Dusseldorp realises she’s forgotten to serve the banana bread. She found a way to cope by resolving that rather than seal herself off, she’d strike up conversations and learn about the world through the eyes of others. 9:00am – 4:00pm daily. Producer and Tasmanian theatre stalwart John X said the size and nature of the show left them with no other choice. “I’ve said no to a lot of stuff, a lot of touring stuff; I haven’t put my hand up for things, I haven’t chased work, I haven’t tried to develop a lot of my own work over the last 12 years because I’ve known that I won’t be able to do it justice, so I would say I would have diminished probably 60 per cent of my professional output.”, Adds Dusseldorp: “But we always talked about that … I was always … ‘I can say no to this.’ ” Winspear makes it clear, “I’m not sad about that because there will always be another job.

Role: Roger. Her paternal grandfather, the Dutch-born Gerardus “Dick” Dusseldorp, was the founder of the company that became construction, development and investment giant Lendlease, a man celebrated for his progressive management style and concern for the rights of employees. Ben Winspear originally hails from Tasmania and has an impressive list of theatre, television and film credits.

People watch with quiet intensity. She only returned in the mid-2000s, rediscovering her love for the place after experiencing the Ten Days on the Island festival, which “gave me confidence that there was enough cultural maturity to move back”. “Mabel’s humiliated that someone snuck through the gate,” Dusseldorp says cheerily and beckons me in.

It offers insider tips, itineraries and to-do lists, profiles some exceptional artists and delivers news and editorial on the arts in Tasmania. PAN "I would love to say we could put on the play, and let the amount of people who are allowed in to come in, but then we can't afford it.

Role: Guest cast. She also performed alongside Cate Blanchett in this year’s ABC television series Stateless, based on the true story of the wrongly detained Australian resident Cornelia Rau and the human rights abuses of the since-closed Baxter immigration detention centre in South Australia. Dir: Michael James Rowland. It appears they do – The Bleeding Tree will now open on November 12 at the Theatre Royal which, being larger than the Studio Theatre, ensures optimal social distancing for larger audiences. Similarly, Tasmanians don’t always take kindly to mainlanders muscling in with big ideas. South America in December and January. He has since supported her on several projects, facilitating meetings and links in the state. This Uncharted Hour for Tas Performs and The Sea Project, The Midlands for Mudlark Theatre Co. and Emerald City and Clarke in Sarajevo for Griffin, where he is the current Artistic Associate. Role: Adam. One assumes things about the way famous actors live, and Dusseldorp is one of Australia’s most recognised and loved. Role: Rene Nordman (lead cast). Role: Son.

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Role: Maciek. Strange Matter Films 2016 Guest appearances include Rosehaven, Rake, House of Hancock, Panic at Rock Island, Crownies, Old School and Black Comedy. MONKEY with Ben Winspear. The couple at Hobart’s Theatre Royal. Winspear and Dusseldorp appear from behind the altar and stand at their lecterns, in the spot usually reserved for the minister. It brings to mind, too, actor Cate Blanchett and her playwright husband Andrew Upton, who, as co-artistic directors of the Sydney Theatre Company, significantly increased its international profile, touring productions globally, aided by Blanchett’s star power. “It always felt like he was whispering to me, ‘You can do anything you can dream of,’ and that wasn’t to do with money and position.

When they met, he told her he would one day return to Tasmania, which he left at age 19.Credit:Adam Gibson, “The fluff and bubble [of theatre] is great to keep people laughing and amused, but we tend towards subjects that are more visceral,” Dusseldorp says. "It was a year to organise and make sure we had some kind of funding sponsorship. The coffee machine screeches into life as Winspear prepares a perfect brew with a fine layer of schiuma.

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