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After the sabotage of Klesco's drillship, he informs Ben on "No North Star" that Pownall Seafood is in serious debt after many hard seasons on top of their mother's medical expenses, these are the real reasons they wanted to work with Klesco Oil. He didn't even know Ryn or what she was when she jumped out in front of his car.

Ben Power is a British dramaturg and playwright.Since 2010 he has been an associate director of the National Theatre.. Ben has known Helen ever since childhood, believing to be a close friend to his family.

She, Ben, Helen, and Ryn spend the first half the season keeping Ryn's colony safe from being discovered.

In 2015 he was appointed deputy artistic director of the National Theatre; the role had not previously existed. Mike Barnes Throughout the first half of Season 2, Ryn begins having dreams and visions of Ben, indicating that her romantic feelings for him are true. In the finale, Ted calls her from their home and he tells her that Ben has been self-experimenting with the same aquatic stem cells, surprising her.

He often collaborates with Rupert Goold and his Headlong company. Beginning in "All In", she begins participating in the U.S Military's research with free will, despite this he still sees it as oppression. He is second Pownall to encounter a mermaid; the first having been his paternal ancestor Charles Pownall. We just had a beach full of dead whales, Mom! Ben Powers, who played Thelma's (BernNadette Stanis) husband Keith Anderson on the final season of the 1970s CBS sitcom Good Times, has died. When mating season was close, Ben allows her to depart to the water to procreate with her people. Furthermore, Ben learns that Helen is his distant cousin. He continues his search for answers all the way until "A Voice in the Dark" where he meets Ben and Ryn again in the midst of Tia's attack on Bristol Cove, rather than choosing to help he berates Ben for putting his trust in her, he perceives all mermaids to be dangerous and that Ryn is polluting his son's mind. The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence: The Constitution of the United States of America, Skateboarding Skills: The Rider's Guide by Ben Powell (2008-05-16), The Big Picture: The Fight for the Future of Movies, Count Basie: Basie Roars Again (Deep Groove) Strait Life - Basie Goes Wess - Softly With Feeling Peace Pipe - Blues Go Away - Stereophonic - Mambo Mist Sixteen Men Swinging - She's Just My Size - You're Not The Kind, John's Wisdom: A Commentary on the Fourth Gospel, Or $0.00 with a HBO trial on Prime Video Channels. He also participated that year in the Bush Theatre's project Sixty Six Books, for which he wrote a piece based on a book of the King James Bible. Ben Powell, Actor: One Question. She has Ben promise that he will dispose of the cells, and then blames Ryn for allowing Ben to experiment with the stem cells. His character and Thelma are wed on the third episode that year, but he injures his leg while walking out of the church, straining their relationship. According to Ben's mother, he has always wanted to save the "damsel in distress". However, they vows to stay together for the rest of their lives with Ryn's ring as a symbol of their beautiful vows. Most Rugged Looking Actor in a Military Helmet. Ben Powell, Writer: One on One with the Great One. Terms of Use | 6:05 PM PDT 4/18/2015 Powers was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. Your Favorite Billion Dollar Marvel and DC Movies? In "The Mermaid Discovery" while leading a tour of the Marine Research Center she meets Ryn in her human form. No cause of death was revealed. However, he later suggests to his father Ted from Ben that Pownall Seafood switches to a eco-friendly method of catching fish. After the climax in "Aftermath", Ben nearly drowns from hearing Ryn's Siren Song, fortunately Ryn swims to him and rescues him. Unlike his ancestor, however, Ben did not become obsessed and turn evil. He is Ben's older brother who attends the Mermaid Days Festival in "The Mermaid Discovery". Ryn sings her Siren Song to Ben for the first time enchanting him, she escapes while Ben went to answer the door. A high quality digital reading experience.

She is able to acquire money from an account with the help of Ted, much to Elaine's discomfort who runs an online DNA test using her coffee cup. He also guest-starred on shows such as Gimme a Break, Flamingo Road, The Greatest American Hero and Laverne & Shirley. In Season 2, she is startled by the Merfolk who are in her apartment. Ben, Maddie, and Ryn take charge of keeping them fed, clothed, and safe. However, after the U.S military acquired some of Ryn's stem cells, they gave them to Elaine and the paralysis in her body is partially eliminated. [4], Since it opened in 2013 he has overseen the National Theatre's temporary space, The Shed. Ben Powell (XII) Music Department Add or change photo on IMDbPro Filmography. ”. But in "Til Death Do Us Part" they both agree to dispose of them. Holy Trinities: Your Favorite Set of Three Acclaimed Films by Acclaimed Directors, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. In addition to stage acting, Powers did stand-up comedy, amazing impressions, and sang standards as well as original music he wrote. In "Mixed Signals", he learns his son's polyamorous relationship with Maddie and Ryn. In "Aftermath", she leads Ben, Maddie, and Ryn to a hallowed grave site where many of her family members were buried. Relatives & Affiliation Ted decides to take a boat out to Carson Sound in the eye of a heavy rainstorm, he falls overboard and sees a mermaid in the water (Tia) only to find that it tries to attack him, Ben dives in and rescues him in time. Unfortunately, Ben informs his mother that David Kyle is no longer in command and that her stem cell treatment has been terminated. He studied English at Cambridge University. Ben first encountered him in "Dead in the Water" when he, Donna, and Katrina attacked the North Star, they were both hostile to each other until "The Arrival" when Ben removes excess fluid from his lungs which allowed him to breath better, their friendship slowly began to form as his colony continued to be looked after Ryn and her human allies. He was 64. Family About Our Ads

In "Leverage", she acquires a falsified guest ID to attend the gala hosted by Klesco Oil when Ben, Maddie, and Ryn's colony sabotage the drillship, she calls Rick to disconnect the signal from a satellite dish to prevent Ryn's colony from being caught on the live feed. Occupation(s) That's their impact! Powers died April 6 in New Bedford, Mass., his family announced. Ryn attacks Ian and forces his car to plummet into the ocean. As Ben inquires about the truth about their ancestor Charles Pownall, he is rather ambiguous to him telling him only half-truths with some lies.

Ben goes missing and despite Maddie's suggestion to move on, Ryn remains hopeful that Ben is still alive and that he will return. Helen allows Ben and Maddie to look after Ryn, but warns that it is not a matter of trust and that history might repeat herself. Status

Actor Ben Woolf died February 23 at the age of 34. The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that he had been hit by a car's side mirror several days earlier in Hollywood. He is approached with the idea of eco-friendly fishing by Ben, and after running the numbers he decides to change Pownall Seafood's methods, which will result in a 6% increase in profits. He has short brown hair, blue-green eyes, sharp jawline. Soon after learning of Klesco Oil's sonar mapping, many more Merfolk come to land one of which is Levi. She visits Ben at his boathouse expressing Ted's concern about his absence from family gatherings. Ben Powell (XII) Music Department Add or change photo on IMDbPro Filmography. Powers married Julia Harper (1950–2012) on May 4, 1981. He is more focused on the family business bringing invoice reports and doing paperwork. During his academic career, he has attended grad school at the University of Washington earning a degree in marine biology.

In "Leverage" at the gala, he witnesses the well on Klesco's drillship collapse on the live feed. "The Mermaid Discovery" He is last seen in the final moments of ". Ben admits to Ryn that he has been self-experimenting with the stem cells, at first she isn't concerned.

Later, he acquired a job at Bristol Cove's Marine Research Center. "Primal Instincts" is when she, Ryn, and Ben are established as a polyamorous couple and live together. Col Needham's Best Movies of 2017.

“Above all, he was a really nice guy. He is the son of Ted and Elaine Pownall, as well as the brother of Doug Pownall. [2] Powers got his first break in the 1970s with Adrian Hall, director at Trinity Repertory Theater in Providence, Rhode Island, his hometown. They had four daughters: twins Maleah Cameron and Raleah Cameron, Augusta Valeria, and Simone Emerson. Benjamin Gregory "Ben" Pownall is the deuteragonist of Freeform's series, Siren. Alton Adelbert Powers (July 5, 1950 – April 6, 2015), known professionally as Ben Powers, was an American actor. Ben Powell is a writer and director, known for One on One with the Great One (2016), 5 Days (2017) and The Big Score (2017). In "Interview With a Mermaid", Ben and Maddie learn more about Ryn's intelligence and physiology, and how it is in her specie's nature to fight in the water. Ben Powell, Actor: Lady of the Lake. He is the boyfriend of Ryn. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. In the following episode "The Lure", Ben and Maddie stop by with the lure device, she tries to get them to leave, but Ryn exits Helen's apartment after hearing the sound she perceived to be her missing sister. Maddie's relationship with dissipates; however, their relationship with Ryn still remains. Charles Pownall † (great-great-great-great-grandfather)Ted Pownall (father)Elaine Pownall (mother)Doug Pownall (brother)Helen Hawkins (half-second cousin thrice removed) She is Ben's mother, in "The Mermaid Discovery", she attends Bristol Cove's Mermaid Days Festival and watches the statue of her husband's ancestor Charles Pownall be unveiled to the public. Ben is both kind and caring, willing to go out of his way to help anyone in need. He then learns of his wife's hospitalization and the clinical trial that she took, Ted informs Ben about the video footage and wants to help him leave town in the case an investigation ensues from his involvement, Ben refuses as he will not leave his mother Elaine in the condition she is in. At an abandoned cabin, he tries to make peace with his son who is hostile towards his actions.

Gigs at the Playboy clubs in Los Angeles, New York and Boston led to a job in 1977 on the revived version of Laugh-In. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is portrayed by Alex Roe. By this time, the relationship between Ben and Ryn became more intimate and totally drawn into each other. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design. In "Survivor", Elaine was practicing her swim exercise when she decided to give her legs a try, she immediately sunk to the bottom of the pool. Ben rescues Hope from the plane wreckage and is chased by two of Tia's mermaid warriors, his fate is unknown. A descendant of one of Bristol Cove's leading families, Ben is an environmentalist and works as a marine biologist at the Bristol Cove Marine Research Center alongside his ex-girlfriend Maddie Bishop. Ryn accompanies Jerry to a pool party, after the local police shut it down Maddie hides Ryn. TWITTER

Ben has 9 jobs listed on their profile. She tells Ben that she did not know her song could lead someone to their death. Ben shows her the footage captured on the bay cameras and learns that mermaids do exist, from then on they help Ryn find her missing sister Donna while learning more about her kind along the way. He has discovered that the cut on his hand has healed.

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