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A paramedic with West Midlands Ambulance Service says the crash was the worst incident she could ever dream of attending. She later said: "If i am busy I can't think. Mr Zakkria Khan, who was also a passenger in the Audi S3 vehicle, was the only survivor. It is a massive responsibility.". PC Green said he was aware that Imtiaz Mohammed had previously taken a small amount of cocaine.

Family tribute on behalf of Mohammed Fahsha: "Since the early hours of 17th December 2017, for six families time has stood still and the events of that tragic night have not left us. In all, LAS treated 15 patients at the scene of the crash. At one point, 125 patients are waiting for assistance and the ambulance allocators are forced to prioritise the sickest patients, even if that means bumping others down the queue.

The latest episode of hit BBC One documentary Ambulance featured the crash in Birmingham in living memory as paramedics were faced with the Belgrave Middleway horror crash. We miss Fahsha everyday and have daily reminders of what we as a family have lost.

Naively I thought I would be patching people up and taking them to hospital. "Fahsha was a kind, gentle, outgoing, happy individual and will be remembered by his close family and friends as a man that never went without a smile.

When I look at what other people my age are seeing and experiencing, it’s very different to my job.

I don't want to know anything about their lives. Boris Johnson resists, The Chase contestant reveals behind-the-scenes secrets, Young Jenna Rink actress recreates iconic moment from 13, Does Luke Bracey have a girlfriend? “Following the inquest, it has now been officially recognised that excessive speed was a key factor in this collision so, with the support of our colleagues at West Midlands Police, we are now moving forward with plans to install average speed cameras along this stretch of road as well as looking at what other measures might improve road safety in this location. He was what a brother should be annoying but there when you needed him. Nicola and Maisie, a Mum and daughter crew who work together on a double crewed ambulance, join LAS colleagues on scene to treat the injured and traumatised. A man -who is said to be aged between 45 and 50 - was hit by a car in Maypole.

Councillor Ian Ward, Leader of Birmingham City Council, said: “This was a terrible accident which shocked the city and, given the long and complex nature of the resulting police investigation, it was important that we understood what had contributed to this truly heartbreaking loss of six lives before considering what safety measures could be put in place. He said the fact that driver Kasar Jehangir had smoked cannabis before the accident could have contributed to the manner of his driving. Police Constable Adam Green, a Forensic Collision Investigator, gave evidence. “His memories have left us with the best part of him; which are giving, family, & being there for one another.”. A small amount of cocaine was in his system which the toxicologist believed was consumed within 12 hours previous to the crash. After the accident, thousands of people signed a petition calling for safety measures on that stretch of road.

Sui in the control centre wonders whether there is more she could have done.

As well as the road traffic collision in Orpington, episode 5 also features a raft of other incidents including the birth of a baby delivered at home by crew Debbie and Liam, an 86 year old woman with breathing difficulties, and a 12 year old who suffers a non-serious injury in a very delicate place thanks to a dog jumping up at him! Mohammed Fahsha’s brother said that he was “likeable and outgoing” and that he excelled in cricket and football. 7 / 8 A 999 call for a patient who has been found hanging takes priority on the night shift. If you start thinking you begin to become human. The collision, which initially involved three vehicles and then six more, was described as the worst accident in Birmingham in over 20 years. I feel as a family this is the right time to thank the police especially our two family liaison officers Stuart Allen and Rob Williams who have treated us with the upmost respect and made these last five months more manageable and easier. Kasar Jehangir lost control of the Audi S3 as he was trying to negotiate a bend between Lee Bank Middleway and Belgrave Middleway before crashing into an oncoming taxi. I never felt so far out of my depth. Council leader Ian Ward (Labour, Shard End) said: "Obviously this is a very serious matter, I think it does need some careful and considered scrutiny and it needs a piece of work with a small number of members looking at this in some detail, rather than debated at full council which won't achieve that.". I don't think they are too bothered about how the council does it.".

As a result the 8,717 signatures meant it had to go before the Business Management Committee to decide the next step.

As the series passes the half way mark, it’s gripping audiences up and down the country with over 3.5million viewers on the night in addition to those who watch it on catch up. The family of Tauqeer Hussain said: “Tauqeer will always be remembered for his kindness loyalty and all the silly things he did as part of his personality that made us laugh.

Safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk, Public education, schools and community visits, London Ambulance Service Public and Patients Council, Tragedy of double bus crash in Orpington revealed in latest episode of award winning ‘Ambulance’ documentary. You want to be a robot when dealing with stuff like this. Following a hearing over two days, Coroner Louise Hunt recorded that all six died as a result of a road traffic collision.

A campaign for speed cameras and crash barriers to be installed at the scene of a fatal road collision will be looked at in 'detail', Birmingham City Council's leader has vowed. Birmingham City Council says it will also be looking at what other road safety measures could be put in place. Maisie tends to one of the bus drivers, treating his injuries and comforting him as the enormity of what has just happened starts to sink in. Six lives were lost; no doubt leaving behind thousands of mourners and as a community we should try to learn the harsh realities of the most difficult of lessons.". None of them, he said had been wearing seat belts and that the Audi had struck the central reservation twice, which could have slowed it down. He stepped up when it came to being there putting others needs before his own.

Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. But despite what she faced Tasha's training and courage came to the fore and along with her heroic colleagues the incident was brought under control. But for 21-year-old Tasha, who hadn't faced anything as traumatic as this before, the scene was too much. He said his last memory of that night was being in Haybarnes Road. Rachel and Pete, two London Ambulance Service (LAS) incident response officers, each have around 12 miles to travel to reach the scene in Orpington where they will take control of the ambulance service’s response to the incident, coordinating the many skilled clinicians to ensure each patient gets the right care as soon as possible. More than 26,000 people had backed a petition for safety measures at Belgrave Middleway, Edgbaston, after six people were killed in a three-car crash in the early hours of December 17. A toxicology report was also carried out on taxi driver, Imtiaz Mohammed’s body.

Coroner Louise Hunt described what happened as a “terrible tragedy”.

Relatives of the victims did not attend the meeting. First and foremost, he was an integral member of our family loved by his parents, brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces whom meant the world to him. In the middle of an already busy night shift last year on Halloween, calls start to come in to the Emergency Operations Centre with reports of multiple casualties from distressed passengers on two buses that were involved in a collision with a third vehicle. image caption Police are working to reopen Belgrave and Lee Bank Middleway by Monday morning Three other cars were caught up in the crash and suffered minor damage trying to avoid it. But it turned out she had pneumonia and it was revealed at the end of the programme she had died in hospital three months later. A small amount of cocaine was in his system, which the toxicologist believed was consumed within 12 hours previous to the crash. She said: “The fundamental cause of this collision was driving at excessive speed of between 94 and 100mph through a shallow left hand bend on a road with a 40mph speed limit with defective tyres and was contributed to by driving under the influence of cannabis.”. Birmingham Coroner’s Court heard the taxi then collided with a Toyota Yaris, while six other vehicles were involved in the December 17 tragedy, which happened just after 1am.

When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Episode 5 of BAFTA award winning ‘Ambulance’, broadcasting Wednesday 14 October at 9.00pm on BBC One, catches on camera the heroic efforts of London Ambulance Service crews that race to the scene of a three vehicle crash. Your need-to-know on. He stepped up when it came to being there putting others needs before his own. In all, around 40 London Ambulance Service staff responded to the scene. Our. 20 year olds don’t really find themselves in those situations.”. It's exactly one year since six people were killed in a multi-vehicle crash on the Belgrave Middleway in Birmingham. Fia Tarrant That person’s life is affected by what you decide. "We have said before and maintain that our loved ones had no dignity in their death. Four of the occupants of the Audi were ejected from the vehicle, two from the boot and two via the sun roof, the inquest heard. This morning, Tasha tweeted to say she had layed flowers at the scene.

Documentary series following crews from the London Ambulance Service. Kasar Jehangir lost control of the Audi S3 as he was trying to negotiate a bend between Lee Bank Middleway and Belgrave Middleway. Garrett Emmerson, London Ambulance Service CEO, said: “It is heart-breaking to see such a scene of devastation where so many people have been injured and tragically, a London bus driver lost his life.

image caption Police are working to reopen Belgrave and Lee Bank Middleway by Monday morning Three other cars were caught up in the crash and suffered minor damage trying to avoid it.

Mohammed Fahsha, 30, Kasar Jehangir, 25, and Tauqeer Hussain, 26, who were in the Audi, died at the scene.

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