News: becca and garrett break up reddit

Some of Garrett’s views are flat out bad, but surely Becca knew all about his beliefs in the time they’ve been together. She was with her ex for 7 years toxic on & off, then she went on to find Garrett who although isn’t toxic, they don’t value the same things in life. Waiting for your permission to load facebook comments.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If not, I would love to see Becca with Blake. It seems that these two hold very different fundamental views, and I can only imagine the amount of tension between them right now. It’s important now more than ever to lean on each other and just to give out kindness and grace to others out there, because we could all use it with everything going on.". I thought he was somewhere training/taking a course and thought “Well, we learned ob Bachelor GOAT that Ryan and Trista are living in different places because Ryan is training, so maybe Garrett had to be on site for some course he’s taking? I think it’s bad timing and I think it comes across as tone deaf, 49:24 R: But what has he LEARNED? “Not to be cheesy, but I just want to give you a hug right now.”, That is how she was affected by Rachel’s crying. I do…... We’re struggling too right now. The main reason is I think in his mind...and even talking to him before this podcast he’s saying he wants to support his family who are LE and in his mind it’s black and white and that’s it. No one’s saying he’s a fundamentally bad person, but he clearly holds some fucked up views.

BHH now posted selfies taken by Rachel and Becca. I am neither a cheater or a murderer lol. ", She continued, "For anyone out there who has gone through a breakup, you know that it’s never easy. Agreed with this post being a reach and with loving this author. I'm sure she's been bracing herself for that. Their lifestyles don’t mesh anymore. Becca shouldn’t have bothered trying to defending him like this — it would have been better to say “I disagree with his post because it’s distracting from the BLM movement and concerns surrounding police brutality. Becca announced the news at the end of Tuesday’s new "Bachelor Happy Hour" episode. Especially since it’s her (Ex?) Jesus CHRIST. Sooo curious but couldn't find it!

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and you have these ups and these downs, and you just try to take it day by day and to navigate as best you can, which is why it’s taken either of us so long to say anything. I think its from movie called The Snowman about some killer who leaves clues for the detectives? If you have followed us on Instagram for the past couple months, you will have noticed that I spent a lot of time in Minnesota. More posts from the thebachelor community. ", "It wasn’t based solely off of one Instagram post or somebody else’s opinions or comments," Becca said. (Maybe I’m missing something)....but she definitely would have told people- family members, the friends she is ABSOLUTELY not quarantining with and out hot-tub-drinking have none of them spilled the info? "But also, I thought we had a future that would be set in stone. We really, truly did. That snowman looks like me trying to get through 2020. Everyone keeps saying this stuff is a reach and that it means nothing: “I read books like that and I love my boyfriend!” “I never wear my ring anymore” “my fiancé and I always spend a month apart during the summer”. I think I’m going to listen to it as well because wow...I am embarrassed for her? This whole thing makes me more frustrated every time I listen to it or read about it. Because we don’t see it with this statement.

Broken up or not, Becca knows we’re speculating and she’s baiting us. I wanted to recap some of Becca’s defense of Garrett so we could talk about it as a sub: 43:00 B: I don’t know if it ever will end...but I have to try to have faith and fight for what I believe in… in terms of Garrett. And I was like...well damn. I really do hope she find someone who is 100% compatible with her, she’s very sweet and doesn’t deserve what is happening. She will be fine, ultimately and sadly, he probably is fine already. .

If it was a best friend I could maybe understand (big maybe) but even then I think any post should be focused on the friend and not the profession. He is a fucking MAGA white supremacist”. Glad their relationship failed. I just got back from a protest where a mother of a victim of police brutality got up and talked about how police shot her son (who was a minor) 70 times. Garrett is essentially publicly humiliating Becca and damaging her career over and over and over.

I don’t know if I’m making sense. I wish I could upvote this comment a million times. And I’m trying to get him to see the bigger picture...but you’re taking away from this movement that Black people have worked so hard for and that White people are stepping up more...and it’s think of “oh I wanna support ev everyone” is..I’m not saying the support for people is wrong, but like where you place it at times is not-not correct. Thank you for this transcript ! I’m very stubborn so it’s hard for me to see where he is coming from and I wanna address that and-and-and-and I don’t wanna take away from this entire conversation cause it’s so much more than him….but seeing what’s being posted and what’s going on and his side of things is….what is very prevalent throughout our country. I mean I'm single and I've read books like this . Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen have ended their engagement after two years together.

Becca knew, but he also made out like he was open to learning why laughing at stuff like that was shitty, that he didn't really pay much attention before, he was growing and trying to be a more empathetic person. Press J to jump to the feed. Becca said it herself, in this instance, she doesn't align or agree with what Garrett posted. r/thebachelor is a subreddit dedicated to thoughtful discussion about The Bachelor franchise, the lives of contestants, and how Bachelor Nation interacts with and influences the world around us. Although her views do not align with Garrett's, she defended his actions, therefore, enabling him and making herself complicit. The Proposal is a fairly popular book so I feel like this one might be reading into things a little too much (love Jasmine Guillory though). MEME. Exactly. You cannot come back from that. However, it is important for Becca to recognize and realize this because I felt she was trying to rationalize Garrett's statement(s) and actions. Becca Breaks Silence on Garrett's Post During Emotional Chat With Rachel ... “Colton and I have broken up, but have decided to remain a part of each others [sic] lives.

Just saying. Remember when Becca's sister said that Blake would "challenge" her more (and this isn't about Blake)? we all knew he was a front-runner because of it. I don't get why people are rooting for a breakup.

but whoever did must not be a garrett fan

Becca is supposed to be Rachel’s friend and more importantly right now, Rachel’s ally. She said, "All I can ask during this time is to please respect us as humans and to respect our privacy and growth to move on from this and allow us time as individuals to determine what’s best for us and how to navigate this difficult time.

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