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Over 154/156 degrees and you start losing low-end power BIG time. Batavus M48 cylinder port timing/map mods. C $64.99. 0.065" = 19deg's BTDC to 0.075" 21 degrees BTDC Max. Power band 5,100 to 7,400+ RPMs, peak power at 7,125 RPMs, Power band 4,500 to 7,000+ RPMs, peak power at 6,750 RPMs, Batavus Manuals from Project Moped Manual. The balls won't get wedged into where spring twists together.

Cylinder port tuning to get a power band from 4,500 to 7,000+ RPM's, with peak power at 6,750 RPM's. As the engine hits higher RPMs, the hub will naturally spin with it and the clutch spring will expand as it rotates faster and "flings" outwards. 1973 to 1975 Batavus VA (step thru), VA Deluxe with Laura M48 engine: These early Batavus mopeds had Domino controls. Home > Browse by Moped Brand > BATAVUS.

This page was last edited on 31 January 2017, at 13:00. Remove exhaust system. batavus service manual.

Top sped 37 MPH, Hand made intake for S-25 Encarwi Carb with mods to Carb, 13 mm in out mach reed block. Remove spanner nut cover and spanner nut holding slide and throttle cable. The company invested in a new factory with modern assembly lines, which brought it to the forefront of bike manufacturing. The exhaust port should open after the piston moves 1.005”=25.5mm down from TDC (not top of cylinder) or 104.Deg's ATDC.

Further extensions and developments became necessary and today the company employs about 650. Category. Remove all rust from inside the spring/housing. So a 12.0 mm float to tip size 56 jet WOT jetting at 13.0 mm float to tip needs to be 57.5 to 58to have the same WOT jetting and with a 13.5 mm float to tip chang you need a 58.5 to 59 jet. Exhaust port opens 104 degrees, 25.5mm, or 1.005 inches after TDC. Procedure. Tap the spring with a small hammer where it twists together to help unseat it and untwist it in a large bucket . One steel tube 5/16 inch ID X 7/16 inches long, Clean de-carbonize the exhaust system. Adjust the ratio of ball chain to 7mm bearings to fine tune engagement of clutch.

You adjust top of Float to tip of pin for low speed and jet size for top speed together and replug chop.

Lay the spring on a flat block of wood. Save the last .5mm (0.020 inches) of porting for hand touch-up and polishing. Remove float cover/seat housing (carb top) by unscrewing the two screws. Can run it all day at WOT.

The orange VA on the right has a Domino left control and a Domino wrap around throttle right control. During its most productive years, the company’s 350,000 sq ft (33,000 m2).

Set carb float 12.5mm pin tip to top of float. Sub-Categories. They imported and distributed Batavus mopeds in the UK and Ireland.

At Earls Court, London, in 1976, Batavus showed the seven-model range; six machines were powered by the 48cc Laura engine, with V-belt primary drive and automatic clutch. In 1904, Andries Gaastra opened a shop selling clocks and small farm machinery.

Specification include an electronic tachometer, battery-operated turn signals and heavy-duty suspension front and rear.

The Grand Prix was one of the others. It had an area of 6000 square meters and the workforce had grown to 300. This page was last updated: 04-Nov 03:18. For more recent exchange rates, please use the. Although sales of motorized two-wheelers were increasingly fluctuated, with model and style changes, there was steady growth every year. Hand made intake for SHA 14 /12 with mods to Carb, 14.2 mm in out mach reed block 39.MPH. The top of float should be 12mm to 12.5mm (with an un-worn/new tip) or 12.5 to 13mm below pin tip (with a used/worn tip).

Home > Browse by Moped Brand > BATAVUS > batavus M48 engine parts.

Install a BIG in line fuel filter and new fuel line from the tank to carb.

One steel tube 1/2 inch ID X 1 inch long . View cart for details. SOOOoo, these clutch mods are attempting to reduce the weight of the spring (by replacing the ball bearings inside with something lighter) so that the clutch will engage later (aka higher in RPMs). This model, which has the overall dimensions of a full-sized motorcycle was the biggest machine sold by Batavus. The total spacer’s MAX GAP should be 3/8 inches with the spring installed.

Port width 24.5 mm (0.964 inches), = to 60% of bore. Automotive; Selected category Parts & Accessories. The Batavus Mondial is one of the few Batavus mopeds that didn’t come with a Laura moped engine. When you start this bike, the clutch cable compresses the starter leaf spring(#7), which temporarily connects all these pieces together, but from the opposite side of the clutch plate (compared to the motor running). Use one base gasket. Original Exhaust Pipe & Muffler 1978 Batavus Regency Vintage Moped T795. In 1977, Batavus made more bicycles and mopeds than any other company in the Netherlands. This is just a simpler, reverse version of the bike running.

The clutch plate is tooth-connected to the clutch housing (#71) (all these parts sit within the clutch housing), so that will spin and its V-belt is connected to the pulley (#74) which changes the gearing to your rear wheel. Tap the spring with small hammer where it twists together to seat it. One small computer fan guard /cover. First imports to the UK were in 1973, with the setting up of Harglo by two former BSA/Triumph executives, Wilf Harrison and Peter Glover. The maximum OD is 0.265 inches to 0.245 inches. Four strokes at 7,000 RPM’s = 39+ MPH with the stock carb and reeds.

(not top of cylinder).

batavus M48 body parts (4 Subcategories) batavus M48 Forks.

In 1988, Batavus began to invest in research and development from 1996. The exception was the top-of-the-range Mk 4S, with motorcycle styling and the Sachs four-speed motor. Pre-Owned. Hold the float in one hand and twist the pin at the bottom to adjust the float. In the U.S.A., the Agrati-Garelli Corp., the importer of Batavus bicycles, sponsored an amateur men's and women's team from 1983-1985 which was managed by Constantin Negulescu, a former amateur cyclist from Romania living in the Boston, MA. Taper and deburr the transfer ports. Exhaust Mods Materials Needed. When torquing down the head, do it in four steps: First to 2 ft lbs, then 4 ft lbs, then 6 ft lbs, then 8 ft lbs. Stock 26mm EX with power band modification.

Or mod a Dellorto SHA 14/12 Boar opening at air filter to 16mm and taper down to 13.5mm stop 3mm's from brass tube Jet #54 to #58. Strong better than stock low end power with 25%+ higher top end. The way this centrifugal clutch works is that the crankshaft all the way to the right spins and is rotationally connected to the clutch hub (#21). See.

Leontien van Moorsel won the Tour Feminin twice, riding Batavus bicycles.

(not top of cylinder), Intake / transfer ports duration 117 degrees. Business resumed in 1945 when the war ended and demand for bicycles increased. If fuel flows okay, pull the carb and disassemble in this order: If the reeds and gaskets look okay, dissect fuel system in this order: This mod is for the M48 engine with the 26mm exhaust system.

In the early 1970s, bicycle demand continued to increase, prompting Batavus to expand the factory to 25,000 square meters. batavus M48 engine parts.

Don’t break it! Stock intake modifications: 12.4 mm in 12.2 mm out. By 1954, the company's assorted buildings produced a variety of machines, but in 1956, 52 years after Gasstra opened his shop, a new factory opened in the industrial park in Heerenveen.

Batavus BV is a Dutch bicycle manufacturer, owned by the Accell Group European Cycle conglomerate.

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