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A similar factory error recently took place with the Shattered Backboard. I have a pair of Jordan 1s, and they are really nice.”, Jane continues, “The Shattered Backboard Jordan 1s are one of the rarest pairs of sneakers ever made, and they were actually made on accident.”. The Italian sneakerhead, who co-owns consignment store Dropout Milan, hit the jackpot when he bought a pair of “Reverse Shattered Backboard” Nike Air Jordan 1s from Foot Locker in Milan. For the Jordan 1 Cactus Jack, the main points are the hidden money pocket and the inverted Swoosh. This is when Nike started to focus on ensuring durability in its running, tennis and basketball footwear.

Shoes definitely shape who I am and are something I really enjoy.”, “I have been obsessed with shoes for the last four years. Another top of the line shoe that would break the bank if you were able to get your hands on it is the Backwards Swoosh Air Jordan 1 ‘Shattered Backboard.’ Originally a simple factory flaw, these shoes’ value has sky-rocketed since then. receiving the newsletter at any time by sending an e-mail to Uno storytelling sospeso tra moda e rap per il nuovo progetto di CoCo, Il rapper napoletano torna con 'Floridiana', Club To Club's avant-pop returns with a digital edition, From November 5 the unprecedented project C0C kicks off, 5 emerging female artists to keep an eye on - #5, Save these names: Lomijoh, Morgan, Maryam, Yendry and Sissi, Richie Hawtin made the soundtrack for the latest Prada show, The return of the Canadian deejay almost ten years after his last album, The digital edition of Barcelona's music festival, On September 18 and 19 the Barcelona music festival inaugurates a new format, both virtual and physical, The collaboration between Travis Scott and McDonald's is now official, The young songwriter narrates her everyday life through images, words and music, How Beyoncé used fashion in "Black is King", The new visual album by Beyoncé is, in its essence, an ode to black beauty, The track anticipates the release on Disney+ of "Black Is King", the visual album focused on Black Culture, The most anticipated sneakers of November, Nike and Yeezy absolute protagonists of a month to be spent at home, The latest gorpcore evolution between sustainability and performance, Unveiled with the campaign “The Birth Of A New Regime”, Gucci is the most sought after brand in the world according to Lyst, The new report on the fashion world in the third quarter of 2020, The new Drake x Nike capsule for “Certified Lover Boy”.

I'm Jason Dossett. Although the shoe is equipped with two logos, the inner one follows the canonical direction but the most evident, the one on the upper sun, is instead facing in the opposite direction to the shoe. Another top of the line shoe that would break the bank if you were able to get your hands on it is the Backwards Swoosh Air Jordan 1 ‘Shattered Backboard.’ Originally a simple factory flaw, these shoes’ value has sky-rocketed since then. The pair, a size US 7, arrived with one very noticeable factory flaw: an upside down Swoosh. With a much more sober colorway than at the "hot lava", on the white part there was for the umpteenth time an inverted black Swoosh. This limited pair of shoes would definitely be one that would want to be kept around for a while. The most recent and famous example is Travis Scott's Air Jordan 1 which, in addition to bringing to light the ''reverse Swoosh'', has also brought to mind all the other models that had already seen this use of the logo. I also like to resell shoes as well as my friend Benn Jane, who got me started with it. In 2018 the revisitation by Slam Jam, store born in Ferrara but now a reference point for Milanese shopping. The backwards (or reverse) Swoosh had previously been used on several Nike designs, but Scott's Air Jordan 1 marked the branding style's debut on the iconic model. Overall, shoes have definitely made their mark on the economy as some of their values are just the same as – if not more than – the price of a college education. La Flame has had a pretty busy year. A silhouette that follows the line of all Kobe's but with two particularities: the strings completely covered by an over-layer and the Nike brand facing the heel. The second edition for the Clippers player, as well as one of the most successful shoes of its entire line, featured a reverse logo on the sole. Soccer Seniors’ Lingering Decision of Extra Eligibility, Get to Know the Newest Panther Tennis Girls, GU Men’s Soccer: Scrimmaging, the Best Way to Get Ready, Growing Number Of International Players on GU Men’s Soccer, Rags to Riches: The Story of Jimmy Butler, University Pathways from a Chinese Perspective­. Canziani hasn't found a buyer for the pricy, factory-flawed kicks yet, but he hopes to sell the shoes at auction, with a percentage of the final bid to be donated to charity. In addition to Air Force 1s and Jordan 4s, the Cactus Jack prince will now touch the Air Jordan 1 and turn it to gold. (WCAG 2.0 AA) as its web accessibility standard or other standards to the extent required by the Americans It’s also been made backwards. This video takes a closer look at Andrea Canziani’s reverse-Swoosh “Reverse Shattered Backboard” Nike Air Jordan 1. I love adventuring, playing sports & games, and just having a good time overall. The aesthetics of Air Max completely changed in 2009 when Steven Smith (now designer for the Yeezy line) created an air-unit that lasted until 2017 with the advent of Vapormax technology. (This isn't an extensive history of every single shoe to ever have a backwards Swoosh, sorry, some of them aren't worth writing about. Since then, Nike has done everything imaginable to the Swoosh.

The GU Papyrus is a Greenville University student media project. This was first shoe to have the Nike swoosh symbol on it.

Jordan Brand and Travis Scott will team up again to bring us the Air Jordan 1 Cactus Jack. After the episode of ''The Last Dance'' in which the figure of Dennis Rodman was faced, analyzing the shoes used by ''The Warm'' throughout his career, Nike Air Darwin came out, as well as the first example of shoe with the logo on the contrary exiting the minds of Beaverton. Senior Writer/Social Media, Sole Collector & Complex Sneakers. The last entered the Nike Family in terms of signature shoes. Dubbed the “Reverse Shattered Backboard” it was priced at around $146,000 USD.

But in addition to the iconic Air Tech Challenge that he wore in multiple models throughout his career, Agassi also saw Air Flare at his feet, with which he won his first US Open in 1994. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. © 2020 Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. He also says they're working on several new sneakers, the next believed to be an Air Force 1 Low rumored to be dropping sometime in November. It is not an official Rodman signature despite wearing it throughout 1994 in his season with the Spurs.

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