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The OP2 camper is complete with a comfortable king size bed, plush leatherette seating and an ensuite shower room out the back. Couldn't be happier with it - really looking forward to driving around Aussie with it. When I took my opus, he found issue and fix quickly + countermeasure! I took my opus (2015 model) to fix parking break issue. AMCTG2020-06-04T15:46:09+10:00April 1st, 2019|0 Comments, In 2011, the Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild (AMCTG) was formed to give consumers a reputable seal of approval for Australian made camper trailers. AMCTG Members are so confident in their products, that all of their Camper Trailers that are made with Australian Made Canvas by WCT ( comes with an extended 5 year warranty.

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Incredible storage capacity. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself. Custom made camper trailers, hybrids, accessories, repairs and mods, 12v electrical systems and more As we hand build all of our products in our own facility, we can change our designs and custom build … Looks fabulous. The leading Australian manufacturers and pioneers of the Camper Trailer Industry of Australia have formed a Guild of Members to help guide potential consumers of the pitfalls that can cause your family dreams and ‘trip of a lifetime’ to be ruined ending in disaster. My home away from home.

We’ve been out bush with some of the best to find out exactly what they’re like to camp in, tow, set-up and live with. Let us know about your Camper Trailer experience. Be the first to hear about new products and special deals from OPUS Camper – sign up now for our e-newsletter. An oversupply of Chinese steel is plaguing [...], story London Fire: Melbourne skyscraper fire, caused by shoddy cladding, may have been a warning for London A GOVERNMENT report said thousands of homes could have the cladding that burned so ferociously in London. We highly recommend any potential buyer of a Camper Trailer to read through this website for high quality members of the AMCTG, as well as to read latest articles and news items to fully inform you of how to avoid disappointment from inferior brands. The air beam technology is the same as is used by the US military. Here is the list of Genuine Australian Made camper trailer manufacturers and Guild members. Ease of pulling up and down. Independent Testing to Australian Military Standards proves offshore made Canvas is inferior in a number of aspects including Waterproofness, Weathering, Colour Fastness, and Resistance to UV breakdown, mould and mildew growth. Top quality product! Thanks so much to Stephan and Kristina for all your help. Our folding camper trailers and hybrid caravan are innovative, easy to use, stylish and high in quality. Trailer Tare Weight: 1415kg (1500kg with roof rack) Ball Weight: 155kg ATM: 1990kg Pay Load: 575kg/490kg with rack Camper With: roof rack, LED lights Colour Options Orange Blue Khaki Metallic … Stylish, innovative, rugged, compact, easy to tow, spacious, superbly equipped, versatile, comfortable and fun off-road campers and hybrid caravans. Australians are renowned worldwide for manufacturing extremely durable products, and Camper Trailers are no exception. Space is not a problem with exceptional storage compartments inside and of course the spacious fully inflatable adjoining air annexe. It has durable suspension, with heavy duty coil springs and dual shock absorbers, off-road tyres and a fully galvanised chassis. Our revolutionary range of Air OPUS® camper trailers and hybrid caravans are market leaders in Australia, USA and Europe. A range of luxurious internal features including a king size bed. Selling these things in QLD and couldn't get any easier setting up. Over 150 Inflations at the Brisbane show and was just no worries at all! Copyright © 2014-2019 Opus CamperABN 20 147 825 250PCT Patent Pending GB/2017/050391Australian Patent Pending 2017902549Australian Patents 2013101700, 2015100308, 2017902530Design registration Nos. The people at opus are great! Much appreciated your service after sales. The OP2 has a tare weight of 1415kg (1500kg with roof rack), which means it’s light to tow so it can be towed by most standard SUVs or 4WDs. Australian Design Rule Compliant South African Bureau of Standards Campa USA is Also I had some questions to improve small issues. I took … In 2019 Purple Line were finalists in the Excellence in Caravan & RV Manufacturing Business Award category. I’d like to thank Mr. Jason Dodd at Opus. Set up in under 5 minutes. Australian made suppliers to the Camper Trailer industry: [...], AMCTG2020-06-04T15:46:09+10:00March 30th, 2017|0 Comments, Warning - Despite repeated requests Camel Campers has refused to remove the guild logos on their website as they are not a member. Very well put together, only a few small minor niggles which weren't hard to fix and we're away! One large king size bed, plush leatherette seating, fully-functional external kitchen and a spacious fully inflatable annexe. We manufacture rugged, compact and easy to tow off-road campers and hybrid caravans. Learn more about our air beam durability. We put it to the test…. The refrigerator (optional extra) and pantry are stowed in the front storage box that slides out for easy access. Height inside. The new forward folding Air OPUS® OP2 is made for 4WD adventures and is ready to go, are you?

The ground clearance better than some 4WDs and it has a serious rear departure angle. The slide-out kitchen means you don’t have to miss a moment of fresh air and provides plenty of space to cook for all the family. Purchasing from a … In 2019 Purple Line were finalists in the Excellence in Caravan & RV Manufacturing Business Award category. This website and AMCTG has been established as a result of poor quality componentry and workmanship in many cheap camper trailers being imported into Australia. The air beams are much stronger than poles, whilst being much less hassle and weight too.

Plus, the exterior lighting means you’ll never have to cook in the dark again. Discover the range today, through one of our local dealers throughout Australia. It incorporates a range of off-road features to ensure it can handle the toughest terrain. Air OPUS® campers are designed to make camping hassle free and comfortable with luxurious internal features, quick set up/pack up and plenty of room for the whole family.

At OPUS®, we pride ourselves on creating products that are both tough and luxurious, so you can handle the toughest Aussie conditions in comfort. Reviews from all the top brands like Jayco, Kimberley Kampers, Cub Campers, Track Trailer…

Easy to tow and sets up in no time with heaps of room. This additional space and the converting sofa means the OP2 can sleep up to 8 people. The Air OPUS® OP2 camper has everything you need hassle free and comfortable camping. Can’t wait to try out our new air tent!!? Genuine Australian Made camper trailer manufacturers and Members of the Guild: Australian made suppliers to the Camper Trailer industry and Members of the Guild: Often the hardest part of any campaign is getting the information out to the people that need it. See how the Air OPUS® camper performs under extreme conditions. 20172065, 201712062, 20174810, 20174811, 20174812, 20174813Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Web Design Melbourne, Subscribe to newsletter & receive brochure, Fully functional slide-out kitchen with sink, Easily accessible pull-out fridge (optional) and pantry, Internal portable toilet & external shower room annexe, Can sleep up to 8 people with inflated annexe, Exterior light, late night cooking is now easy, Durable suspension, with heavy duty coil springs and dual shock absorbers, Articulating poly block hitch for extreme off-road articulation, Tare weighs 1415kg so is light to tow, can be towed by most standard SUVs or 4WDs, Evakool 240W Portable Folding Solar Panel. It is the professional opinions of all our members of AMCTG that the most important part of the Camper Trailer is the Tenting Canvas, and Australian Made Canvas is the only way to guarantee satisfaction. The most important aspect to building a Camper Trailer to cope with the corrugations of Australia’s outback and the rugged environmental conditions is to use the best materials – cheap overseas materials are not the answer, and are in fact the main cause of the problems that are commonly reported on internet blogs and industry magazines, and not to mention, the unfortunate and multiple consumer claims with Dept of Fair Trading.

In 2011, the Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild (AMCTG) was formed to give consumers a reputable seal of approval for Australian made camper trailers.

I’d like to thank Mr. Jason Dodd at Opus. The Air OPUS® OP2 camper has been designed for off-road adventure. Copyright 2012 - 2020 Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild (AMCTG) | All Rights Reserved |, Bartlett Industrial Textile Product Manufacturing, Midland Insurance Brokers Australia Pty Ltd, Camper Trailers: How to Find A Reputable Australian Manufacturer, Safety concerns over fabricated Chinese steel flooding Australian market, Melbourne skyscraper fire used imported cladding from China. Love our opus camper. A very comfortable camper with plenty of features! See what our customers have to say about the OPUS® range.

Packed full of off-road features to ensure our products can handle the toughest terrain. Purchasing from a manufacturer or supplier with the AMCTG seal ensures [...], AMCTG2020-06-04T15:46:09+10:00September 13th, 2017|0 Comments, ABC News Story - link to full story > The Australian steel industry has issued a warning about the safety standards of steel products being imported from overseas. See our 360 interior view of the Air OPUS® OP2. CAMPA USA manufactures all terrain trailers and camping trailers for outdoor enthusiasts and disaster response personnel. Learn more about how our campers perform off road. I consulted his available date and time in advance.

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