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I'm little bit skeptic from the last opinion, how about you? The history of archaeology is as fascinating as its most famous finds, with a long list of heroes whose achievements unearthed incredible secrets. The best movies and TV shows, plus weekly new releases. As a fictional romantic tragedy, I'd give this one star. Start your free trial today. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. She takes him to Preston B. Whitmore, an old friend of his Grandfathers. It offers a backstage footage, production ... See full summary ». Pick your movies, watch when you want, return, and repeat. But the main actor disappears and everything ... See full summary ». Directed by Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise.

Melancholic and mysterious, the film urgently and elegantly addresses the perils of illegal migration. When she meets the help-seeking priestess Teela she offers her assistance and provides a motley troupe. The members of the Torchwood Institute, a secret organization founded by the British Crown, fight to protect the Earth from extraterrestrial and supernatural threats. Comment Report abuse. (2013–2015). Widely known for his banned queer erotica film Flaming Creatures, Smith was an innovator and firebrand who influenced artists such as Andy Warhol and John Waters. Was this review helpful to you?

"Atlantis" is not a perfect movie, but still one of Disney's greatest, even I doubt that this film ever will get "Disney classic" reputation. With Michael J. Alternate Genre: Documentaries, German Documentaries, German TV Shows, TV Programmes. When King Uther dies and Britain faces chaos, Merlin presents an unknown named Arthur as the new king by birthright, as the late king's son, against the ambitious desires of his half-sister, Morgan. Title: It has adventure, drama, great acting, good special effects, and it gives a good generic picture of that ancient Greek civilization. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Browse from thousands of movies and shows. This movie has not been rated by the MPAA.

16 of 24 people found this review helpful. The King is being manipulated by an evil sorcerer who is bent on using a natural resource of Atlantis to take over the world. It's daring and exotic. When a young Inuit hunter needlessly kills a bear, he is magically changed into a bear himself as punishment with a talkative cub being his only guide to changing back. Helpful. But does the Atlantis crew have a lust for discovery, or something else? After dressing the women up with the "BBC version" of the Minoan dress code, the religious details are carefully filtered and chosen for the viewer in order to create a presentable version of that society. The only difference is that this movie is set in outer space with alien worlds and other galactic wonders. Written by I didn't have any expectations for this film, but after watching it, I don't quite understand why this film got so bad reviews. Egypt, Mexico, Troy and event there's scientist that found Atlantis located in some of my country, Indonesia - Sundaland. Minos' health continues to fade as the tyrannical Pasiphae's scheming reaches its zenith. of Seasons : 1 Not Streaming . Far from home, Jason washes up on the shores of the ancient and mysterious city of Atlantis. The "real" clothes the Minoan women actually wore, were connected to the worship of the "Mother Goddess" at that ancient matrilineal society. A Greek Fisherman brings an Atlantean Princess back to her homeland which is the mythical city of Atlantis. Was this review helpful to you? A thriving civilisation wiped off the face of the earth by a devastating natural disaster, but this story has roots in the real world. The comic book-inspired animation it's suitable for the film and set's a departure from the usual Disney-style. She takes him to Preston B. Whitmore, an old friend of his Grandfathers. After the mysterious murder of his father, a son's search for answers begins a momentous fight against tyranny. TV Shows. With Mark Addy, Jack Donnelly, Robert Emms, Aiysha Hart. A young adventurer named Milo Thatch joins an intrepid group of explorers to find the mysterious lost continent of Atlantis. Keep your movies as long as you want with no due dates. But he needs someone to fund a voyage. (SPOILERS) The characters of this film are also very likable, but unfortunately there isn't enough screen time to get to know everybody, so some characters are left behind (SPOILERS).The score of James Newton Howard is absolutely great. Milo and Kida reunite with their friends to investigate strange occurances around the world that seem to have links to the secrets of Atlantis.

Even this film it's a PG-rated action-feature, it's also suitable for kids, in my opinion (parents who mean the opposite, don't kill me for writing this, he he).The story is a little predictable, but it doesn't ruin the movie. 24 of 32 people found this review helpful. Audio: German Year: 2009 No. Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. View production, box office, & company info. IMDb: 6.7/10 . Set on the streets of 17th-century Paris, "The Musketeers" gives a contemporary take on the classic story about a group of highly trained soldiers and bodyguards assigned to protect King and country.

Looking for something to watch? Atlantis - (2013) - Netflix. An unceasingly kind Italian peasant and his family are blatantly exploited by a tobacco baroness. Henriette, French-Vietnamese director, turns Dangerous Liaisons by Laclos, assisted by her son Mike. Directed by George Pal. To be honest I think the writers have really done a great job of making it such a light entertainment show, with touches of Mythology brought in for you to talk about.I personally will be watching vividly and hoping the series runs for a few series. He knows that Atlantis was real, and he can get there if he has the mysterious Shephards journal, which can guide him to Atlantis. Overview; Details; In this entrancing documentary on performance artist, photographer and underground filmmaker Jack Smith, photographs and rare clips of Smith's performances and films punctuate interviews with artists, critics, friends and foes to create an engaging portrait of the artist. 9 out of 10 for taking me into a new world, and wonder what adventures Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules will get up to next. The wounded Pasyphae casts a spell, bringing to life an army of dead soldiers who become a ravaging zombie army, turning those whom they bite, including Dion, into the same. British agent Bulldog Drummond is assigned to stop a master criminal who uses beautiful women to do his killings. Now that the ... As Medea escapes Jason takes the wounded Ariadne back to Atlantis, where Orpheus swears that he will retrieve Eurydice from Hades. . His employer thinks he's dotty, and refuses to fund any crazy idea. In a popular suburb of Dakar, workers on the construction site of a futuristic tower, without pay for months, decide to leave the country by the ocean for a better future.

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