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Part 2 - Part 1.

It once reigned in wisdom and light in the Temple of Knowledge, and so many of you will again see it clearly in your minds eye, indeed you will feel it in your heart, amid tears of joy. All attempts failed.

Simultaneously other trusted members of the Atla-Ra worked furiously at hastily and safely gathering data recording crystals, crystalline skulls and engraved historical records for secure placements in Yucatan, Alexandria and Giza.

I greet all of you in the name of my Presence of Love and gratitude. the agency, please change your currency into Australian dollar The most advanced, complex and beautiful of the crystals were here.

It was of Arcturian construct and managed by the Priest Scientist of the Law of One.

Atlantis had numerous power crystals located through out the 5 islands and along specific relay routes of the underground labyrinth system. Yet the primary points of opposition, the genetic slavery and crytsal energy management remained unresolved. These are defined, located and placed with activation dates as follows: And so, we remoind you that in 2008, the Blue Crystal of Wisdom and Knowledge returned to functionality, on the 9-9-9 the Emerald Crystal, the Gold Crystal and the Om Crystal all awoke into active projection. In the process, the state became controlled by an elitist, affluent 'white' race, who gained control of the economy, military powers and island-state government, even though the majority of the populace were of the bronze or red race. By impregnating your cell with the energetic of the... Greetings My Beloved Masters of The Universe! His making it available to me. In their book, "Gnostic Healing: Revealing the Hidden Power of God," authors Tau Malachi and Siobhan Houston suggest meditating and then envisioning Metatron appearing as a "crystalline light-body complete with the seven interior stars and the three channels, and the spiritual sun in the heart." Some of you spoke after Ariel shared... Metatron: I would ask you to relax and allow.

The crystalline structure forms the apparent boundaries and divisions between dimensions, planes and the matter / antimatter flash of consciousness, in parallel and probability.

Dear ones, within the energy of the Arkansas Vortex, lies a crystalline energy like none you have experienced since that Golden Age of Atlantis 20,000 years ago. this extreme difference, was using the healing crystal on my Another of Metatron’s traits is that of an ultra-high vibrational frequency.

He was neither of the Atla-Ra, nor the Golden race. grateful to receive my beautiful healing crystal today. Helps the wearer get in touch with Elven higher selves and their culture. energy field to work, so you could place it safely on a bedside charge of and actuates the sacred geometry patterns of the Universe. Now, the three crystals placed in Arkansas are preprogrammed to a network-grid that axialtonally connects to the remaining five enormous master crystals placed in Brazil, Shasta, Bimini, and the two exquisite wisdom crystals placed under LakeTiticaca. Include payment Paypal). Atlantis, and the eastern coast of Brazil and the western coast of Africa were devastated with subsequent earthquakes.

If a Protection programmed crystal is purchased at the same Some believers say that Metatron is one of only two angels (the other is Archangel Sandalphon) who was first a human being. of all the Angels', Holds the Metatronic The warming of the Earth has been a gradual process, beginning when the first emissions hit the atmosphere in the late 1700s. Many who were trapped in monstrous or sub intelligent androgynous human bodies, still carry that horrendous pain of being imprisoned in physical embodiments that allowed for, no advanced learning, spiritual growth or emotional expression. Archangel Metatron: Global Crystal Activation Details Category: Archangel Metatron Saturday, 18 September 2010 Views: 4892 Tyberron (Earth Keeper) - Archangel Metatron Channel. ‘I am aligned as one with the Creator; I choose conscious awareness of the Creator as my eternal existence and... Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn By allowing the use of sound to come... Greetings beloved beings of light.

He Massive clouds of dust and smoke erupted, hiding the sun.

TO THE RECIPIENT. using Western Union - Worldwide on-line using Credit card or Bank Hypersthene -A crystal found inside of meteorites, speeds up information from spiritual realms, the gemstone of boundless opportunity. It is often said to create peace in the world you simply need to love yourself unconditionally in a humble and grateful... Channelled through Natalie Glasson It is akin to your television changing from the archaic antennae to satellite reception.

And so on the remaining Triple Date Portals, those of the Law of One are called, for this time the Crystals will not be misused, they will not be taken from you by forces of dark greed. NOTE: PAYPAL CHARGES A HIGH TRANSFER FEE The areas of Mongolia and Tibet were also part of this complex, connected by interdimensional ley tunnels. Sodalite Angel – This all new Crystal Current exclusive was a special request from Metatron to properly create this energy tool. The pollution of... Greetings My Beloved Masters of The Universe! lower spiritual bodies.

comprehensive programme downloaded from Archangel Metatron to It is not an item of A great crystalline satellite, referred to as the second moon of Atlantis, floated above in the skies and received, amplified and reflected refined energy back to the crystals for various beneficial purposes. The crystalline satellite was an enormous unmanned sphere of brilliant engineering, approximately five miles in diameter.

*Note: By downloading the e-book, you will be opting-in to receive marketing & discounts from the Black Feather Intuitive – you can opt out at any time!*. BG. Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light and I greet you all within this precise vector of timeless space. As many of you are aware we... Greetings everyone,

They understood the power required to transport them would be lost after the crash, and that urgent expediency was required.

Indeed after a few months of being utilized for the thermal 'death ray' technology the great crystal satellite overloaded, its antigravity cushion weakened and it crashed with the accelerated velocity of a massive comet in a horrific explosion that devastated most of OG and critically weaken the tectonic stability of the Atlantean plate, vaporizing massive sections of substrata. Western Union (WU). The newest addition to the Crystal Current Archangel Line up! He may be bringing your attention to your higher calling, connection or purpose.

Archangel Metatron is the Archangel of Empowerment. Into this year we bring forth the presence of the Creator’s light in... Greetings my beloved masters of the universe. Beloved beacons of light and love on the Earth, I address you from my truth speaking to all aspects of your being.... Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn Fill in amount. Greetings Masters ! Release your thoughts with every exhalation. Since everyone receives Archangelic messages differently, Metatron may make himself known to you in a number of ways. The Atla-Ra remained wary of the motives and sensed deception. Metatron: Invoking the Angel of God's Presence. The hybrid mutants were used to terrorize those who opposed them in Aryan and Og, and one occasion this was futilely attempted in Poseida. Now as we have mentioned earlier, that termed the second moon of Atlantis, was in fact a massive crystalline satellite.

and beautiful healing crystal. Yet the harmony experienced in the Golden Age of Atlantis spiraled downward after the break up into island s in 17,500 BC as the islands grew into separately governed entities, which held to very differing ideologies in the initially chaotic and difficult period of reconstruction immediately after the break up. It is not passion, it is not romance, and it is not sexual. Platinum Crystal of Communication 11-11-11, Gold Crystal of Healing Regeneration 9-9-9, The Crystal of Multidimensional Interface 9-9-9. packaged; such a lovely pouch complete with snow crystals, I have come today to represent the triad comprised of myself, Michael, and Melchizadek.

These were varied according to the purpose of the temple complex.

held the Healing Crystal the pain went. f The genetic engineering was based in Meruvia, on Aryan.

The vast majority of Atla-Ra were of the tall golden race, but there were also members from the bronze, white, LeMurian brown and Cetean races. “Greetings everyone. This is Metatron. any individual that is holding the But for some of you, questions have arisen. The Master Crystals of the Golden Age of Atlantis now are opening the rainbow of dimensional access that accelerates your planetary and personal Ascension.

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