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In addition to the Demon Army uniform, both wore smiles as they walked up to Meliodas and patted him on the back. Later, Gowther accompanies his fellow Sins to meet with King Bartra, who informs them of the growing omen of the Holy War set in Camelot, south of Britannia. Using intelligent technology, predictive workflows and a global travel marketplace, weʼre transforming the world of business travel and expense. Believing they were there to discuss their defeat of the Troll Queen (as well as the unintended destruction of the Great Druid Altar), they were instead shocked by the gruesome discovery of Zaratras's body. After finding Elizabeth's wanted poster, he joked if there was a bounty which Hawk took seriously. A month after Meliodas' defeat, the Ten Commandments have Britannia under their thumb. Mera asks Armando what Pelliot meant and Armando tells Mera how he met Pelliot, and the reason he's so loyal to him. Now go.” His tone must have been enough, for they both fled down the hallway without another word. Meliodas and Elizabeth arrive at the lake to find the Demon King waiting for them and as soon as they land, a terrible storm occurs and the Demon King tells Meliodas that the world is outraged because it doesn't need two gods of darkness, but Meliodas himself counters by saying it doesn't need any god at all before he claims that every tragedy that has befallen Britannia is because of his petty rivalry with the Supreme Deity over who is the superior being. Gowther was surprised to see that Meliodas had not aged in ten years.

Gowther decides that Dale, and he should take shelter in a cave in the forest of Ordan. It’s something that has been brought up quite a few times in the plot. Calmadios also lost his place in the group at some point, being replaced by Zeldris.

Later, after the Demon King was forced out of Meliodas by Ban and the others, Cusack and Chandler regain consciousness while the others are celebrating the Demon King's defeat as they notice the Commandments having been forced out of Meliodas and Cusack is horrified to see Zeldris lying on the ground dying. Gowther makes his first true appearance as the easily embarrassed Armando, reluctantly playing along with Pelliot and his gang's role-play of the Seven Deadly Sins.

However, he loses control of Jericho who then assaults Diane but manages to keep Guila from transforming. When a Hybrid Demon appears before them, Guila blasts the beast away while telling everyone she is fine, although Gowther seems unsure. To keep him from killing everyone, Elizabeth agrees to go with him and the two fly off. Three thousand years ago, the Ten Commandments fought for their race against the other four races in the great, ancient Holy War. Gowther thanks Guila for protecting Diane, and goes down to face Dreyfus, which the latter points out Gowther's ability as the most dangerous of the Deadly Sins since it is able to crush minds. Even when he was fighting, there was no ill will or malice in his actions. Meliodas orders Diane to throw him to Liones with Ban deciding to go as well, followed shortly by Gowther, saying he wanted to see the bond between Meliodas and Ban. Gowther stops his blade and tells Slader that he has to end this quickly, but Slader uses Overpower on Gowther, giving him the chance to break his neck.

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